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People Under The Stairs - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

People Under The Stairs: Stepfathers

March 2006

Thes One and Double K have been in the rap scene for quite some time now. Deeply rooted in L.A.'s underground scene which boasts the likes of J5, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends and many more, the duo create an old school feel making many mistake their music for something of yesteryear. However, that's only a compliment as the laid back quality has even the angriest faces turn into a smooth smirk.

People Under The Stairs will be releasing their follow up to Or "Stay Tuned..." on April 18th. The album, entitled "Stepfather" features guest appearances from George Clinton, Monty Stark (Stark Reality) and Kat of Crown City Rockers. The album also includes a bonus documentary-style DVD that includes show footage and a short film.

MVRemix: What was the epiphany that dawned on you to be strict upon yourself and force yourself to hustle, wake up early and work at your dream?

Thes-One: Probably just the feeling of getting to a point in my life where suddenly everyone else was doing their job, and this was my job but I didn't treat it like a job. I'd seen a lot of cats fall by the way side because they not necessarily treating it like a job. So I was like, "If this is my job - I've got to get up, lay things down in the studio, get on my hustle or whatever."

MVRemix: What's the biggest mis-conception of People Under The Stairs?

Double K: [chuckles] That we're old school rappers and we make old school Hip Hop.

MVRemix: Kind of branching off of that - how do you put yourself in that sort of creative mind frame that is reminiscent of "old school" rap?

Double K: I stay listening down to good music really, not watered down stuff. I know me and Chris, we listen to a lot of old school Jazz and funk and stuff like that. So it's definitely keeping it on that level.

MVRemix: Describe a day in your life when you were recording ten years ago.

Thes-One: Ten years ago - that would have been 1996? [chuckling] Typical day? Well lets see man, it was wake up, listen to some Hip Hop... Listen to some more Hip Hop... Call the homie, see what he's up to.

Double K: Sample some records... Have something on loop for two days at a time. [chuckles]

Thes-One: Yeah we were way Hip Hopped out the game. We would eat, sleep and drink Hip Hop and big fans of it. We were out buying records - new records, old records, we were just doing it. Double K:

MVRemix: And comparing that to today, what do you do today?

Thes-One: Ah man, [laughs] it's kind of a big difference.

Double K: Yeah, it's a little more calm. I know neither one of us wake up now and throw on some Hip Hop. We have some breakfast - some toast... We let the day inspire us now. We're gettin' a little older.

MVRemix: What I've noticed is the L.A. underground scene is arguably one of the world's strongest with independent groups managing to sell more than other areas within their own city alone, why do you think this is?

Double K: I know it was strong... Really strong back in the day, about ten years ago as we were talkin' about. Right now I can't really say. I just think everybody was out here doing their own thing and it was different sounding. It was anybody else that was so called underground was coming out with an album. You'd got Jurassic 5, which you know those are the five emcee's with the harmonies. You got Ugly Duckling and us... Everybody was just coming out with something different. It wasn't Timberland-hoodie - "it's snowing outside" rap. It wasn't too scary.

MVRemix: You're also talking about some of your favourite gangsta rappers on the album - how do you feel about gangsta rap these days?

Double K: It's about as L.A. as a crowded freeway man, that's L.A. It's a reality out here, there's a lot of people that live in that. It's more than just music.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with George Clinton?

Double K: Through a good friend of mine. I'm a real fan of P-Funk and just that whole movement of the 70's. I have a friend who was touring with those guys back in the day. Me begging and talkin' about George all the time... Hooked it up man, it was something real special - now everybody can hear it.

MVRemix: Tell me about the short film that's coupled with the album.

Thes-One: [chuckles] Basically... we just like to have fun. One year when we went on tour, we had a video camera and we decided to just shoot a movie as we went. We didn't really have a script and we just pulled people into it. That movie disappeared for a bunch of years and then when we came around to doing this DVD somehow it came out of nowhere - we found the tapes for it and we were like, "Man, we should put this on there.

MVRemix: And how do you feel it turned out?

Thes-One: Um...

Double K: Awesome!

Thes-One: For us it's about as awesome as one movie can be. But I wouldn't want someone to expect anything less than like an Academy Award winning thing, 'cause that's what it is.

MVRemix: What do you think about Three 6 Mafia winning the best original song Oscar?

Double K: Ah man, I think it's pretty cool. But at the same time there's big, big movie directors and actors out there that have never gotten an Oscar. If you know who DJ Paul and Juicy J are, those dudes man... I'm sure there's a lot of people who went back to their music and really regret giving those guys an Oscar. But it's cool man, it's cool... Two dudes like that, why not? Shit... Thes-One: I think it's pretty awesome that a dude named Crunchy Black can [both begin to laugh] get an Oscar in America. Double K: Word.

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