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R.A. The Rugged Man - conducted by Bill "Low-Key" Heinzelman  

Just Don't Give A F**k

February 2005

We all know R.A. The Rugged Man as that crazy white guy who just doesn't give a fuck. But beyond the crazed persona is a man who has been a student of Hip Hop for years. R.A. is not your average emcee with no understanding of the Hip Hop culture. Low-Key and R.A. kicked it and talked some real Hip Hop for the fans. This is how interviews should be, just some real people talking about some music.

MVRemix: I would just like to speak on the recent passing of ODB for a second. What was your reaction when you heard ODB passed?

R.A.: It was crazy! Any time anybody passes away, its fucked up. But he was such a wild motherfucker! He just lived that life…robbing houses, making noise, being rowdy, he lived that life. And I think he lived a very good life. And when its your time, its your time. But he got his shine, he did his thing, and a lot of people love him. That's the way it was written by God and ODB was the man while he was here.

MVRemix: What do you think about the media's coverage of his death? Cause it seems that even the Hip Hop media doesn't even care. They gave him a little coverage, but now its like old news.

R.A.: You know what, if something negative comes up out of this, like if he gets tested positive for drugs or something, then the coverage will probably be more. But when its something like, he fell asleep and died, the mainstream media doesn't feel like that is a interesting enough story. They want to hear about somebody getting shot and killed, and then they will say, 'Because of rap violence, this person is dead'. It reads better to the mainstream bullshit writer. Whether he is famous or not, dying in your sleep is not a good story to these fuckers. And that is the bottom line.

MVRemix: Now let's talk about your album. So have you been pleased with how the album has been received so far?

R.A.: I don't give a shit what people say about my music. It has been getting a good response, but I make music for me and the people who understand my shit. And if that is only two people or a hundred thousand, its whatever. As long as I am happy with my music. But yeah it has gotten a good response. Now everybody is acting like I am a good rapper all of the sudden, so its all good. But whether they say I am the worst or the best, none of it affects me. Half of these motherfuckers who write don’t know shit anyway. So if a wack writer is saying I suck or I'm great, what difference does it make. Once in a while you get a writer who knows what they are talking about in Hip Hop, but there are so few out there that it really doesn't matter.

MVRemix: A lot of fans have been waiting along time for this album, so does it feel good to finally provide them with an album?

R.A.: I don't know (laughter). If I wanted to provide them with an album so bad I could have done it a bunch of times. I think the fans cared more about the persona. Waiting for someone to put out a record, or not putting out a record. What the fuck is wrong with him? Where the fuck is he? Who is he? I think that is the more interesting thing about me than the album itself. Cause everybody is putting out records, so who gives a fuck. There are a million records a year. But if they go buy the fucking thing, enjoy it and put some money in my pocket, than good, we did our job.

Oh, and I apologize, I didn't know we were doing this interview today, so I am taking a fucking dump right now.

MVRemix: [Laughter]

R.A.: That is probably more information than you need, right? But right before I do an interview I go on the toilet, handle my business, and come out with washed hands. Then I'm straight. But right now I'm kind of wiping my shit off. So we can continue this interview, but I just wanted to let you know in case I sound kind of lazy.

MVRemix: [Laughter] It's all good man. (Editors Note: For the record, R.A. was joking….or at least we hope haha)


MVRemix: On "Lessons" you state that you have seen a lot of emcees steal your style. Which emcees do you think have jacked your shit?

R.A.: Well, I will let the public decide that. If they do their research and look at the records I did each year, then they look at other peoples records a couple of years later, they will be able to figure it out themselves. If the young kids wanna play a little game, and do some fact checking, then they will be able to find out a lot of names. But name calling just sounds like you are whining. So I let the public decide, because are too too many to name.

MVRemix: You're a big boxing fan right?

R.A.: Yeah, I'm a good fight fan.

MVRemix: What do you think about the deterioration of the heavy weight division, cause right now its fucking boring?

R.A.: Well, an exciting fighter that people don't like is this dude Chris Byrd. They don't like him because he is too technical. He is a "Sweet-Pee", Pernell Whitaker type, but with no power. Well, Pernell didn't have too much power, but Byrd is in the heavyweight division and people want power. They want Mike Tyson type of stuff. But the heavyweight division could be more interesting if everybody fought each other. If Klitko fought Byrd again and Ruiz fought Byrd, then the winner of that fought this and that. So its interesting, but this is not one of its better eras. But I don't think its deteriorating, I just think a new dude needs to step in. This happens every time. After Mike Tyson went to prison, Hollyfied was light in the ass at the time and you had Bowe, and everyone complained. They were waiting for Tyson. And back in the day after Joe Lewis, they had Jersey Joe, and nobody was excited about him until Marciano came about. After Marciano, there was Floyd Paterson, after Dempsey they hated Gene Tunny, it always happens. Throughout the history of boxing when there is not one big superstar everybody says the division sucks. But it always happens, it will get better.

MVRemix: Should Roy Jones retire for good?

R.A.: Yeah, he should, no question. He is over with! I hate doing after the fact, but after the second Tarver fight, I said get out Roy. Get out of there. I told everybody he was done then. Roy was inhuman, and to get knocked the fuck out with one punch? Just get out the game! You are 35 years old, your heart isn't in it anymore. Why keep boxing and making yourself look stupid? I didn't think he would loose the second fight, with him getting knocked out cold. But he needs to retire. He ain't gonna come back and if he does he's out of his mind. He used to never get touched, and now he is getting knocked out cold. Roy was never even hurt in the ring…ever! Now Glen Johnson is knocking him out cold. And Johnson has been beat by mediocre boxers, plus he's not even a knockout artist.

MVRemix: Is anybody fucking with Bernard Hopkins right now?

R.A.: Well, I think the only thing fucking with Bernard Hopkins is gonna be his age. It hasn't yet, but it will. He is 40 years old in January, so I can see it happening. But I think he is the greatest fighter of our era. I'm blessed because I have a relationship with him, I know the dude. Its not a close relationship, but I have had the privilege of being around him a few times and doing a couple photo shoots with him. I ate Sushi with him, even though I don't eat Sushi, but he is a great champion. He is a great success story, from the streets to the jailhouse to the championship of the world. He turned his life around. And the only thing that will KO Hopkins is age. Eventually it catches up to everybody, and he is a freak of nature because it hasn't caught up to him yet.

>> continued...

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