RA The Rugged Man conducted by Hugo Lunny  

RA The Rugged Man

November 2004

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on Copywrite leaving Eastern Conference? And are you still cool with Cage and Mighty Mi?

Rugged Man: Me and Cage never had a relationship. We did that one thing for Milo (Mighty Mi), that record/video. And Milo, me and Milo never liked each other. I said it to Milo, "You know we ain't cool. But write me a cheque and you get to use my name on your shit." So that's what that was about. I don't like Milo as a person. I think he's a little weasel and I threatened him many a time. Copywrite leaving Eastern Conference... did somebody have a better offer for him? Then go take it. Milo don't like to give people money. Milo is very cheap. So if Copywrite can find a better situation, go take it 'cause Milo ain't gonna give you what you deserve. He was a very spoiled little kid who was rich his whole life, whose family gave him what he needed to do anything. Milo had his little time where he made a couple dollars here or there. So now that it's over for him, he's really hurting.

Copywrite, I don't know how true this is... But rumour has it that he might be Jay-Z first rapper out when Jay-Z make his new label. It's nothin' in stone yet, but I know that they're interacting and leads are being sent his way. A good situation might happen for the dude. Fingers crossed, you don't wanna jinx shit. So what do you wanna do? Be Jay-Z first artist or be with Milo who won't give you no money. Haha.

MVRemix: Do you and Copywrite have any sort of a relationship?

Rugged Man: I'm cool with Copy. Me and Copy never really had a relationship except for when he used to hang around Cage and when I did that video I kinda seen him around. I never heard him rap or nothin' but I see "Oh, he a rapper too." Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn't think so. People up here at my label are putting out a mixtape with him and Copy calls up here a lot. So me and Copy been on the phone a couple times back and forth and he seemed like a good guy.

MVRemix: What's the reasoning behind the title of your album ("Die Rugged Man, Die") and can you give me a bit of information as to what's gonna be on there?

Rugged Man: "Die Rugged Man Die" was just funny. Come on, try! That shit is just funny. I mean in my day the whole world wanted my ass dead. Well, not the whole world, my whole world - the people around me that was in my circle. I was a very hated man for a lot of years and that's starting to come to an end to a degree. It's weird not being hated, but it's startin' to happen. Motherfuckers wanted me dead. Motherfuckers wanted to shoot me up. Motherfuckers wanted me to fail. Motherfuckers wanted anybody associated with me not to be successful and they just wanted the worst for me. They was glad to see me going through bad times. People hated my ass for a lot of reasons for a lot of years. So, "Die Rugged Man, Die" boom my ass, shoot me up, and you can't kill me motherfuckers. Heh. I made it through all this shit. I made it through this fuckin' war and motherfuckers ain't kill me yet. So I'm doin' good.

MVRemix: I was told by a friend of mine in New York that you've been getting some airplay on Hot 97 with Kay Slay. How did you manage to hook that up?

Rugged Man: Well, my music is dope. It's comptetitive, it's real shit. This is the first song I'm actually puttin' out. All the other records I never put out. I never had anybody behind me and now the label is behind me and we're gonna get a lot more spins from Kay Slay on this record. It's a real record with a little bit of backing behind it. I wish we had a couple more dollars behind it but we got a real good team this time. The other times I had competitive music better than most people's shit. I just never had a team.

MVRemix: Now you were talking about before getting into rap, you were very much into Horror movies. Do you remember the first movie you saw?

Rugged Man: First movie I ever saw? [ponders] No, I don't remember the first movie I ever saw. I been watching movies ever since I was a kid man. First Horror movie I saw? I grew up on "Basket Case," that was my favourite movie as a kid. Those Siamese twins that end up fuckin' a girl at the end...

MVRemix: What about favourite Kubrick film?

Rugged Man: That depends what year it is. His movies are all so different. Right now, my favourite movie is I guess "The Killing." I could watch "The Killing" any day of the week and watch it over and over. But two years ago it would've been "Lolita" and fifteen years ago it would've been "Clockwork [Orange]." Twenty years ago, when I was a kid it would've been "[The] Shining." Kubrick films are timeless. You watch the fuck out of one and move onto the next one. Then you go back to that one a couple years later and they don't get tired 'cause Kubrick was smarter than us. So there's so much shit in his films that you might not catch the first time. But the more you watch them, you're like "Wow," the film gets better every time you watch it. Kubrick is one of the only filmmakers, out of all the filmmakers that are hyped so much Kubrick actually deserved a lot of the hype... Kubrick and Felini. Out of those guys, those guys deserved everything that was said good about them.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Rugged Man: [ponders] Charlize Theron with some mud, naked. Give her a couple shots to the pussy. I like Charlize Theron, she's beautiful. If I could beat up any celebrity...

MVRemix: Yeah... Or a fun fight...

Rugged Man: I'd rather beat 'em up. [ponders] Wait, gimme a sec on this. There's so many people [of which] I hate their guts like Madonna or Ben Affleck. But everybody wants to beat up Ben Affleck because he's such a pussy. Beat up Ben Affleck's faggot ass, don't like Ben Affleck. The Ashton Kutcher guy... Damn, why can't I think of no rappers... I mean celebrities. Yeah, it'd be a double team; Ben Affleck & Madonna vs Me. I'd kick both their asses. Madonna might give me some disease if I get her blood on me.

MVRemix: Do you have any guest appearances aside from the album planned?

Rugged Man: Oh yeah, I'ma do a lot this year. We're workin' on a actual EP. Comin' out ten or eleven months after this drops with a bunch of rappers. I don't wanna say no names incase they fall down but there's gonna be some good things. I could tell you about artists I'd like to do songs with.

MVRemix: Yeah, that'd be good...

Rugged Man: I'd like to do a song with R. Kelly. A song with R. Kelly and Usher. Fuck people's heads up with it.

MVRemix: You heard about the stuff with Jay-Z and R. Kelly?

Rugged Man: Yeah, yeah. Jay-Z's people beat R. Kelly in the face. That's the money. R. Kelly's a dope artist though. He's a dope songwriter and producer. But yeah, yeah, they're not getting along too much and Jay-Z banned him from the tour and shit.

MVRemix: Do you have any non-musical writing aspirations?

Rugged Man: I got a book deal man. I'm writin' a book on boxin'. Yeah, yeah, and I've been able to work with a lot of boxers on a lot of shit. Like Bernard Hopkins, there was a fight with Glitchko and Danny Williams from the UK. You know that dude who knocked out Tyson? I'm helpin' them out. Gettin' them some press and all that stuff while they're in New York.

MVRemix: Do you have any last words to your fans/potential fans that are gonna be reading this?

Rugged Man: Yeah man. If you want legitimate Hip Hop music; real lyrics, real flows, real vocals, big bassy voice - sound like a real fuckin man, no bitch ass rapper. Real records. Everything on my album is the gods made truth. Every lyric, you can quote me on, it's the truth. If you want all of that buy the record 'cause Hip Hop's in a sorry state right now and I'm tryin' to bring it back to that '88 era. That G Rap, Daddy Kane, Slick Rick era. When Hip Hop wasn't diluted by mainstream. I'm tryin' to bring it back to that era. Just make my music and not have to cater to pop music. Motherfuckers don't do that no more 'cause they're so concerned about selling to homosexuals.

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