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Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan) - conducted by Phayde  


April 2006

MVRemix: What is, or was, the worst trend in hip-hop?

Raekwon: I canít even really answer that. I think the worst trend in hip-hop is when everybody started biting off the fuckiní Wu. They stole our sound, started weariní jewellery, making up aliases, biting our formula on how to hustle. But, you know, weíre leaders, so, you gotta do some type of leader shit.

MVRemix: Whatís the difference between Raekwon and Corey Woods?

Raekwon: Corey Woods is just a political gentleman. Raekwon is a rapper, an iced-on, motherfuckiní entrepreneur gangsta with the ego of six Chinese live niggas from Tokyo, Japan. Like one of those niggas in Black Rain. When you sit down and disrespect me you gotta chop your own finger off to get my love back.

MVRemix: I donít know much about your personal life, and you may not want toó

Raekwon: Nah, my personal life is mellow, you know what I mean? Iím a family man.

MVRemix: Married? Children?

Raekwon: Yes. Definitely have a family.

MVRemix: How many children?

Raekwon: Two. Two lovely babies. And all I do is basically try spend a lot of time with them and my lady, be close to home, stay around my mom, make sure sheís alright. You know, everything ainít always consist of rap. Been trying to do some of the other things that I havenít really got a chance to do the way I want to, and thatís spend time with family. Thatís important.

MVRemix: How old are the children?

Raekwon: Ten and three. Ten year old daughter, three year old son. You need all of that, huh? [Laughs]

MVRemix: What pisses you off?

Raekwon: Fake people, you know what I mean? Phony people and people that donít open their eyes to authenticity when they get the chance to. You know, itís just so important that artists stay motivated. You have to stay wanting to climb this wall. The game is just so funny, because, like, if youíre not the most popular one on the radio, people tend to forget about you real quick. Like I said, you know, I make these albums for the people that live with the legacy that we done already did. I canít try to open up anybodyís eyes that donít want to be open. Itís like, your moms might be stuck on the old school music because thatís her era. So I tend to work for my era of individuals, you know. From like, say, 22 to 35 [year olds]. These are the ones that grew up in the era that we did. Theyíre the ones that really knew about it. Thatís what we care about.

MVRemix: What makes you happy?

Raekwon: Just seeing everybody around me. Just knowing everything is being operated the way itís supposed to.

MVRemix: Tell me something that no one knows about Raekwon.

Raekwon: Iím a teddy bear on one side.

MVRemix: Thatís not gangsta.

Raekwon: I know. [Laughs.] But that is gangsta. You know why it ainít gangsta to you, ícause you never seen a real nigga be a little bit cool on another side, and thatís important. Itís about having balance. I think that when people meet me, they realize that I move according to how a grown man is supposed to move. It ainít all about being a rapper. I really move with the times. I am a true icon. I have been around many different forms of people who became successful off the logic that we presented, because you can tell how people treat you. Itís like, we hold a flame to that. And I feel good that we stayiní ahead in a situation where niggas know that. They might not know how to tell you, [but] you know about it already.

MVRemix: If hip-hop was a woman, what would she look like?

Raekwon: She would probably be a tall, big bitch with big feet or something. A pretty bitch with big feet. I donít know. Maybe too much cellulite on her ass because of the bullshit [in hip-hop].

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"I move according to how a grown man is supposed to move. It ainít all about being a rapper. I really move with the times. I am a true icon."