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Rick Ross - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Rick Ross: Docking

April 2006

The Miami scene has always had it's controversial and sometimes larger than life figures. 2 Live Crew and Luke brought forth the strong sexual image of the city and helped forge a place for artists from the region. Trick Daddy and Slip N Slide later helped paint a slightly different picture, and now, finally getting his dues, Rick Ross intends to show you the side of Miami which the movie Scarface helped showcase.

After getting things going for almost twelve years, Rick Ross finally caught Jay-Z's ears and through a joined venture between Slip N Slide and Def Jam, will release his mainstream debut, "Port of Miami" later this year.

Oddly enough, we were advised to steer clear of asking about Young Jeezy or anything related to him... Hmmm...

MVRemix: What's your first memory of Hip Hop in Miami?

Rick Ross: Luke Skywalker... [singing] "Heeeeyyy!!! We want some pussy!"

MVRemix: Describe your situation when you started rapping twelve years ago. What sort of things would happen in your daily routine?

Rick Ross: Twelve years ago I was in high school... Nah, before high school. Yeah, high school. Really man that's when I was just picking up my pen and pad and really started flirting with the writing of records. I was young when I started writing these rhymes but I was really trying to start writing a chorus twelve years ago. I was really just gettin' up and goin' to school or whatever. Doin' what I had to do, know what I mean? Back then I was smokin' and sellin' weed at the car wash. So I was a young cat then.

MVRemix: How have you seen the Miami scene grow over that period?

Rick Ross: Well you know, I've watched it go from Luke and the 2 Live Crew to... I've watched Slip N Slide grow, the blossoming of Cool & Dre, DJ Khaled, the Rick Ross' - there's a lot of different things goin' on, so that's healthy for the game.

MVRemix: Tell me about "Port Of Miami."

Rick Ross: The album?

MVRemix: Yeah.

Rick Ross: Well yeah, that's my debut album - I've been workin' on it my whole life hustling the first single. So it's only right that for twelve years, now I'm finally here that I came out with the "Hustlin" record. But I've got a lot of powerful, powerful records, and big records that I testified on.

MVRemix: How complete is the album?

Rick Ross: It's about 80% finished. I'm in the studio doing the last things I need to do to it. In the next couple of weeks it's gonna be wrapped up, it's gonna be a classic. Got a lot of huge records; great production, precise features... You can expect Jay-Z on the project, you know.

MVRemix: How did the Jay-Z collaboration come about?

Rick Ross: I ain't gon' even talk about that shit. I just want everybody out there to know that it's gonna be legendary.

MVRemix: How often are you actually in the studio?

Rick Ross: Right now I'm just kind of kickin' off a promo tour. So right now I'm tryin' to get in there three or four times a week. But before the promo tour, I was in the studio everyday. Yeah.

MVRemix: There have been rumours that something is going on between you and T.I. - is there any truth to that?

Rick Ross: I just bumped into him at Spring Bling and we talked. I'm finna hop on the remix to the new record he got out. So he's showin' me some love, so you know if it was somethin', it ain't nothin' now.

MVRemix: If you used one of your older tracks to define to new listeners what Rick Ross sounds like, aside from the current single, which would you give people?

Rick Ross: They most definitely could go to; I got a slew of freestyles, a slew of records that's right there. I got numerous mixtapes out, I got a mixtape out with DJ Khaled right now titled "MI-YA-YO." I got a mixtape out with DJ Kronik titled "Hustler Music." You can go to for some of my mixtapes. You know there's a lot of different outlets that you can go to and that's how we really puttin' them in the streets everywhere. So...

MVRemix: Tell me about the projects you have on the go. Anything aside from the album?

Rick Ross: Okay well right now I've got a documentary on production and it's entitled "M-I-YA-YO: The Cocaine Capital." It's a top ten countdown of the ten biggest hustlers in the history of Miami. It's gonna be groundbreaking, letting people know what went down that the other parts of the country ain't know nothin' about. It's directed by Antwan Smith, you'll see it later this year. We gon' put that out, it's gonna be a blessing, it's gonna be gangsta. We just twerking right now.

MVRemix: Do you feel people have an inaccurate view of Miami?

Rick Ross: Well I'm not gon' call it an inaccurate view of Miami 'cause the view that they've got is the view that they've seen, so you can't call it inaccurate. But, times change. Now when you first thought of Miami you thought about the relaxation and all that. Luke made such an impact on the rest of the world in his music and his style of music; in the dancing and the girls, and a lot of the times, that's the first thing that come to mind. But you know, we representin' that other side, that street side. You know what I mean? We don't really dance.

MVRemix: What do you think about Luke's retirement?

Rick Ross: I just did a record for his new album a year ago, I don't know if it's gonna come out but you know, I know he motivated me, being an entrepreneur at a young age; having his own label when maybe Russell Simmons even wasn't. So I salute him as a business man and I wish him the best, whatever he's doing.

MVRemix: What does the word "hustler" mean to you?

Rick Ross: Making something out of nothin' - turnin' a mixtape into a multi-million dollar biddin' war.

MVRemix: Do you ever find yourself procrastinating?

Rick Ross: All the time.

MVRemix: What do you do to get yourself out of that rut?

Rick Ross: I smoke me a blunt and go to the studio.

MVRemix: And that's what you do to relax or that gets you going?

Rick Ross: I can't relax. I haven't slept in fourteen years and I'm still not tired.

MVRemix: What's the one tip every hustler must know?

Rick Ross: That this game is built on... One thing that I'd say is guard the relationships that you develop. Hustlers understand that a real hustler gotta have a relationship. Hustlin' is based on relationships, 'cause when you hustlin', you doin' some real risky shit. You gotta have a relationship with whoever you hustlin' with and it's the same thing with this music business.

MVRemix: What's a funny mis-conception people have of you?

Rick Ross: I don't know, I really haven't heard any misconceptions. Like I said man, I've been down for a long time and if you do your homework and do your research, you can follow back to the first mixtapes I dropped and you'll know it's real like that. Rick Ross.

MVRemix: Which movies have had the most influence on yourself?

Rick Ross: One of my favourites of course is "Boyz N Tha Hood," I love that movie.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Rick Ross: I don't know man, 'cause I don't fight man. I use rifles. But... If I had to shoot anybody as a joke and it was a celebrity... I don't know. Maybe President Bush. I'd shoot him in the head just as a fuckin' joke.

MVRemix: What's something about Rick Ross that people might not expect?

Rick Ross: Real humble dude man, real humble dude.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Rick Ross: Just I'm in the streets right now, I'm in every trap, every corner, every fuckin' crevase of the world. I'm comin' - I won't take no for an answer. I'm connecting with all the real niggaz across the world. All the pretty girls comin' to my shows, showin' me love; it's all good. This is how we doin' it. Go get that debut album when it drop, "Port of Miami" - it will be a classic. That's all I gotta say pimp.

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"Hustlin' is based on relationships, 'cause when you hustlin', you doin' some real risky shit. You gotta have a relationship with whoever you hustlin' with and it's the same thing with this music business."