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Ron Contour - conducted by Terri-Ann Thomas  

Ron Contour Interview

May 2010

MVRemix: Tell us about the video. Was it your idea to do a ďHarry and? the HendersonsĒ kind of ending?

Ron Contour: We kind of freestyled the video, to tell you the truth. The video producer, Stuey, thatís his method, basically he doesnít write a treatment, he doesnít write a storyboard, he basically has some props available [and] it sort of just develops throughout the day. He had a costume available for the Sasquatch, but as far as the story line, it sort of just fell into place, you know? Ran into a couple people, picked them up and let the cameras roll [and] had some fun with it.

MVRemix: Is that how you go about all of your videos?

Ron Contour: I havenít done many videos, Iíve done like three total, so itís still sort of a new thing to me. Iím not even really that comfortable in front of [the] camera. In case youíre curious, thatís why I wear artificial mustaches, no the mustaches arenít real.

MVRemix: Yeah, I was going to say that next. I like the mustache in the video, is that here to stay?

Ron Contour: Until I start to become more comfortable, you know what I mean? I think the mustache will stay; people seem to like it. Maybe Iíll grow an actual real mustache. If you look at the album [cover] thatís a real mustache that took like a year to grow, Iím not very hairy.

MVRemix: So since youíre not very comfortable in front of the camera, does that mean weíre not going to be seeing any more videos from you for a while?

Ron Contour: Oh no, you definitely will. I actually just filmed two more videos. I mean, I realize itís something that has to be done, because with the way the music industry is nowadays, visuals are very important. Itís more important than anything. Word-of-mouth, thatís the old model, but now with multi-media and [the] Internet, you have to have the videos. You have to have something to show people, to bring them a sense of what youíre trying to create.

MVRemix: What are the two other videos you just filmed?

Ron Contour: One of them is a video from the album, The Beach, which I put out last summer. That video is called, Radiant. The other video is like a homemade style video and itís called, Curb Cadillac, which is talking about skateboards. ĎCause Iím probably the only rapper that really skateboards. Skateboarding is good for you, skateboarding and smoking.

MVRemix: Are you one of those artists that like to have a video for every song on the album?

Ron Contour: I wish I could, but you know, budgets only go so far. Then, directors are kind of hard to narrow down too. Directors are artists basically, so theyíre just has flaky as us musicians. [You think] weíre terrible man, the directors are just as bad.

MVRemix: You can videotape yourself though.

Ron Contour: Yeah, and the Curb Cadillac video, that was me taping myself. It doesnít really look that professional when you [do it yourself], you need a professional, you know? I think content is important no matter what, but I would rather have some nicer looking videos.

MVRemix: Whatís the most important thing you want people to know about this album?

Ron Contour: That itís short. I want people to know that itís short and if they want more, then Iíll make some more. That was actually a criticism, I heard a lot of people like, ďWoah, itís only a half hour.Ē What do you expect, when everybody is so stupid and their attention spans are so short? If I was to make it an hour or whatever, everybody would be like, ďOh, itís too long, heís not rapping about anything but food.Ē Well you know what? I like food! To tell you the truth, if I didnít eat food, Iíd probably die. Iím gonna rap about food whether people have a problem with it or not. I like food, I like all kind of food, you know? I donít care, thatís my content, you know? Everything else is just done, the whole selling coke in your raps and all that, you know what Iím saying? Trying to be so hard, itís done. So Iím gonna rap about food, thatís what I like.

MVRemix: Yeah, and it goes back to you not caring about what people think.

Ron Contour: I canít care. This world man, itís such a bunch of zombies, itís hard to break through sometimes. We live in a society where people- like what weíre doing right now, weíre actually talking on the telephone, thatís like taboo now, youíre not suppose to talk, youíre only suppose to text. What kinda world is it where people only text? Itís like, weíre being controlled [and] itís like one big experiment. They just want us to text and just want us to tweet, so then can keep tabs on us [and] see what weíre up to. [To] keep everybody quiet so that thereís no chance of being antagonists or going against any new change, or whatever. I donít believe that, I think that people should communicate, to a degree.

MVRemix: So, do you want to use your music to change how the world is?

Ron Contour: No, Iím just reporting what Iím seeing, I guess. Reporting what Iím eating, rather [laughs]. Music is a powerful tool, but Iíd rather keep politics out of the music itself. Thatís why I do interviews, cause now itís my time, I could actually speak clearly about my intentions or my beliefs or disbeliefs or whatever, but like in music I just want it to be pleasurable. Life should be enjoyed; I donít want to be paranoid. People should talk more, texting this or texting that, updating their twitter to say theyíre on the toilet, I mean, címon.

MVRemix: Do you have a twitter?

Ron Contour: Yeah, @RON_CONTOUR.

MVRemix: Going back to the album, whatís your favourite song on the album?

Ron Contour: I would have to say, ďWondrousĒ thatís my favourite right now [sings song], Yeah that one. The rhymes are springy, just something about it. Itís me, so I can take pride in the songs and I can remember what was going through my head when I made them or where I wrote them. They werenít all wrote in the studio, sometimes I was out on my skateboard or I was walking along a country road, or whatever. I always keep a pen and pad with me just in case. Some people keep a handheld recorder, Iím analog; I keep a pad and pen.

Ron Contour Interview Continued

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