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Saigon - conducted by DJ Hyphen  

Saigon: Sunday Night Sound Session

August 2006

These are the transcripts of an interview with Saigon on DJ Hyphen & J. Moore's "Sunday Night Sound Session" on Seattle's KUBE 93.3 FM. For more info. on DJ Hyphen click here, originally aired August 2006.

MVRemix: Right off the bat man, the question that everyone wants to know is what's the status of "The Greatest Story Never Told"?

Saigon: We workin' on it, it's almost finished man. Like my work is done over there, we just gettin' features done... Wrappin' it up. It should be wrapped up by the end of August, you know, turn it in and hopefully Atlantic give us a good deed 'cause people been waitin'. I got a joint with my man Trey Songz that I'm about to put out, a joint called "Blood Stains." So that's the first record off the album that I'm plannin' out; it should be hot man. We'll see how the people stick to it, 'cause it's real different. You know what I mean?

MVRemix: Do you have a final tracklisting set on it already?

Saigon: Oh yeah, yeah, I got all the songs readied. I got songs that can't get cleared, but for the most part I've got all the songs and the tracklisting and all that.

MVRemix: How long have you been working on the material, specifically for the album? I know you've been doing mixtapes for the past five years, maybe even longer than that...

Saigon: A lot of people... I only put out three mixtapes really. I put out "The Yardfather 1," "The Yardfather 2" and the "Gangsta Grillz" was a compilation of the best songs off them mixtapes and I had there three or four new songs. So a lot of people say I just put out mixtapes, but I put out three mixtapes in five years. You know what I mean?

MVRemix: But you've been staying on the grind

Saigon: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, no doubt. Because I make the music... I try to make the music that sticks to careers, that timeless shit not that if you hear it two times you don't wanna hear it no more.

MVRemix: Speaking of timeless, I make my formal request, that even though it's the first joint I heard from you, "Say Yes" should be on the album. Give me a bonus track... Somethin'!

Saigon: [chuckles] I like that record too, "Say Yes" was one of my joints. That's the first song I recorded in a real studio.

MVRemix: Really? And it turned out like that. That's crazy.

Saigon: Yeah, that's kind of crazy.

MVRemix: Word. So are any of the mixtape tracks gonna make the final album or is it all gonna be stuff we haven't heard yet?

Saigon: All new man, all new. If any one was to make it, it'd probably be like "True Story" or "Letter P," 'cause those are like two of my favourite mixtape joints. I even like "Out There," "Out There" was cool. But so far, no, so far it's all new stuff.

MVRemix: Once you made the buzz through the couple "Yardfather" mixtapes and everything, what made you finally accept to go to a major? 'Cause I know you had deals sitting on the table for a minute.

Saigon: It was pretty much when Just Blaze came, and Hip Hop, who's an A&R, who I had a lot of respect for... Once they came and was like, "We wanna fuck with you, we wanna do a deal with you." It was like, you don't say no to that - the opportunity to work with Just Blaze who's one of the best producers of all time. Especially for that East Coast gritty, grimey sound. There's not too many producers you can go to and get that quality sound forged man. To have these dudes interested in me and trying to take my career to the next level, I thought about it and they told me I'd have creative control over my album and I would pretty much be able to do what I wanted to do... To get your music out there, you pretty much have to deal with a major to some extent. 'Cause they own everything. They own distribution companies, so you've got to deal with them to some extent. You know the internet is cool, it'll get you certain places, but it ain't gonna get you to a mainstream level. It'll get you on an internet level, but to go really where everybody gonna know your name, you gotta deal with the majors.

MVRemix: So did you have any previous relationship with Just Blaze or was it he was just really feeling you and wanted to work with you?

Saigon: Nah, I didn't even know Just until my man Sickamore, who's a mixtape DJ, when Just wanted to start his company, he just asked Sickamore like, "Yo, who's the hot new dude? I wanna put out a deal," and Sickamore said, "Hands down, it's Saigon." All of us was out there, but the proof is in the pudding.

MVRemix: You guys definitely make great joints together, was there ever maybe a joint that you heard maybe while he was making it, or maybe on a beat tape, or maybe even later heard with another artist that you really wanted to jump on - like after you heard it "Argh, that beat would have been perfect for me"?

Saigon: Oh yeah, all the time, all the time. But he's in high demand, phone ringin' all the time. If I could've kept every beat that I heard him make for other artists, I'd be in great shape. But I've actually gotta say, he definitely gave me the best beats that I've heard him give in a long, long time.

MVRemix: And he's overseeing the whole project?

Saigon: Yeah, he's the executive producer so he even picks other producers beats really.

MVRemix: So who else have you got on there?

Saigon: We got Red Spyda, Alchemist, I'm hoping Al is gonna make the album. I wanted to do something really hard withWe did a hot joint, but I kind of want something kind of harder.

MVRemix: You guys have had a couple classic joints already, that "Stocking Cap" joint and "Say Yes"

Saigon: Yeah... Even that joint "Eat" was hot. But I'm tryin' to convince him to come through with one of those hard bangers. We did some joints for the album, but I don't know if either one gonna make the album so far. I got Buckwild, he did a crazy joint for me and Scram Jones.

MVRemix: Speaking of Just Blaze tracks and actually speaking of tracks that may or may not make the album. What's the status of the current one? I know everyone was buzzing about "Don't Do That" but I guess it was done in conjunction with the Entourage show. What's the story behind that track?

Saigon: "Don't Do That" is not on my album. Entourage wanted a song for the fifth episode of the season, a simple track, so I pretty much made that specifically for Entourage. Me and Just were in the studio, knocked that out 1, 2, 3, they liked it and they used it and ran with it. So you know, that was just for Entourage type thing. They have an Entourage soundtrack, so we might just throw that on there.

>> continued...

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"I try to make the music that sticks to careers, that timeless shit not that if you hear it two times you don't wanna hear it no more."