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Samix - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Lost & Found With Samix

May 2005

MVRemix: How is recording songs from a great distance different than having an emcee with you in person?

Samix: “When they are there in person, you get direct feedback allowing you to change the beat accordingly. You also have a say in the vocals, different takes, effects, and adlibs. It is kind of nice to not have the emcee there in person as well, especially if the emcee is very nitpicky and over your shoulder saying, ‘Put this here and put this there’. You have a little more freedom with the beat when the emcee far away. Josh was very good at giving me freedom with the beats, which is especially evident by allowing a third of ‘Midriff Music’ to be instrumental pieces.

MVRemix: What equipment do you use?

Samix: Record Player for samples, CDJ800’s if I need to mix anything or scratch some samples. Cool Edit Pro for recording. Fruityloops for the beats.

MVRemix: Which instruments are your favorites?

Samix: Upright bass is my favorite. I really like percussion instruments like vibes and marimbas.

MVRemix: How do you making a living before or outside music?

Samix: I work for the IT department for a hospital down here in So Cal. It takes a lot of time and energy away from music but the pay is good. So, I can put it towards music.

MVRemix: Word association. I am going to say the name of a person or group and you say the first word or phrase that comes into your head. Okay?

Samix: Sure thing.

MVRemix: Atmosphere.

Samix: Creative.

MVRemix: Jay-Z.

Samix: Amazing.

MVRemix: Fat Joe.

Samix: Rather have Big Pun back.

MVRemix: Dead Prez.

Samix: Hype.

MVRemix: Pigeon John.

Samix: Not a fan.

MVRemix: The Stone Roses.

Samix: Never heard of them.

MVRemix: Manny Fresh.

Samix: Repetitive.

MVRemix: The Rza.

Samix: Innovator.

MVRemix: Kutmasta Kurt.

Samix: Hit and miss.

MVRemix: Common.

Samix: Hard. Then soft, then hard again.

MVRemix: George Bush.

Samix: Incompetent.

MVRemix: What emcees would you like to produce for in the future?

Samix: Mr. Lif, Motion Man, Black Sheep, and Nice & Smooth, for sentimental value. I could name my favorite emcees too. Gza, Mos Def, Big Pun, Zion I, and Nas. They are out of reach in one way or another. Then again look, at what 9th wonder did. Zion I.

MVRemix: As a producer, who are your biggest influences?

Samix: DJ Premier, DJ Shadow, Rjd2, Daft Punk, Hybrid, and Quantic.

MVRemix: What song made you fall in love with hip-hop?

Samix: Black Sheep’s ‘Black With N.V.’ Simple but hot beat. Amazing lyrics and wordplay. There are multiple meanings with social commentary. It is probably in my top 3 songs of all time. I could listen to it all day.

MVRemix: Where were you on the September 11th terrorist attack? How did you deal with it and how do you think it has affected hip-hop?

Samix: I was driving to my summer job, heard about it on The Howard Stern Show, and thought it was a joke. It was very surreal to me. I thought I was watching a movie. I think it is like any other huge event. When it comes to hip-hop, it provides more material for expression and conversation. Hip-hop will take the issues and topics which have been buried over the years and bring them to the forefront.

MVRemix: What has been in your CD player or on your turntable recently?

Samix: The new Daft Punk, although it’s garbage compared to their second album. Nice & Smooth’s first album, Coley Cole’s 12" b-side ‘Eternal Curse’, and a Nina Simone ‘Best Of’ collection which I put together.

MVRemix: What is the major misconception people have of you?

Samix: Because I am quiet, people think that I must not have any opinions on things or that I must be scary or unapproachable. They turn my quietness into something bad and think, ‘Ahh, he does not say much. Watch out for him.’ I am very shy and it takes time for me to come out of my shell. I'm not one for busting in a room saying, ‘Look at me. Listen to me! I am the best! Rah rah rah!’

MVRemix: What is in the future for Samix? Remixes? Albums? Collaborations?

Samix: I’m working on Sayre’s next album. I’m hoping to do a project with Avie of LFG but he is very hard to keep track of. Hopefully, I'll get to do something with Zion I or Mr. Lif and continue my relationship with Josh Martinez and Camobear Records. I should have a track on the upcoming Chicharones album as well. I really should do my own solo album but I am my worst critic. I never feel anything I do is good enough. I can always hear the smallest things that should have been fixed and it drives me nuts. There is a brewing idea of remixing Coley Cole’s album ‘Goldplated Straitjackets’. I'll try to get in on that if it goes through.

MVRemix: Any last words for the people reading this?

Samix: I hope you enjoy what I come up with. I appreciate people taking the time and money to hear my beats, especially considering the sea of options out there in record stores. Check out to hear other projects I have produced and the projects LFG has come up with. Also, check out ‘Goldplated Straitjackets’ by Coley Cole. It just received 4 stars in URB magazine. Thanks for the time, Todd.

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"Black Sheep’s ‘Black With N.V.’ Simple but hot beat. Amazing lyrics and wordplay. There are multiple meanings with social commentary. It is probably in my top 3 songs of all time. I could listen to it all day."