SANG conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Another Disappointed Fan

February 2005

SANG is a Louisville, Kentucky rapper who has already shown strong entrepreneurial flair.

Having started Black Trump Recordings in 2003, he's finally gearing up to release his debut "Say Hi 2 The Bad Guy" which drops March 8th. The album includes "All Eyez On Me '05," a diss track aimed at 50 Cent. To find out more about this up-coming emcee/documentarian read on.

MVRemix: Tell me about your background; you were one of 32 children fathered by a pimp?

Sang: It was wild man, but actually I was strugglin' man. So pops came up with an idea to make some quick money to feed the kids and it ended up being a big thing; it ended up being an enterprise. So a nigga was just raised around that. I'd see a lot of real shit goin' on with pops - how to maintain hoes... But at the same time, that's how I got the ambition that I've got - seein' him make somethin' out of of nothin'. I just kind of took that to a level where using the same token, but making it be a positive thing. I'm really just doin' it for the kids now, but it was a good and bad thing. There was a lot of hands on training, so I take pride in that.

MVRemix: Why the moniker SANG?

Sang: Really man, it ain't my rappin' name. Moms gave me that name. When I started rappin' I wasn't like "Ah, I'm gonna just come up and get myself a name." I loved it, it worked and that's how everybody know me by and that's why I've been reppin' it.

MVRemix: What's the situation with Black Trump Recordings?

Sang: Black Trump we put together like two years ago. We're workin' on gettin' it crackin'. It actually started with me doing a movie called "Deep In The Game" with MC Breed and Leroy McMath, so I took that money and put it into a record label. So I got a few cats man, I had to field it to some real and fake dudes. I got me a strong team man and we've just started it jumping off for real. I'm taking my time, I just had to sit back and research the game to see what people was wantin'. Black Trump man really is just me look for a Black Trump - to be just as big as Def Jam or anything else. We're really ready for war with it.

MVRemix: How did you get involved in "Deep In The Game" (DVD movie)?

Sang: It's another one of them things about ambition. Somebody told me I couldn't do it. Somebody told me I couldn't write a movie. Somebody told me I couldn't direct it. Somebody said that a movie wouldn't jump in Louisville, Kentucky I wouldn't be able to get with it. I'm one of those cats where if you say I can't, I say I can. That just made me want to work real hard at it. It took me about six months to get the script together... took a lot of pieces out of my life, things I've seen and still made it well worth. But it wasn't the same thing you're used to seeing. I actually started out with a few cats from the Bay Area on it (Rappin 4tay) shootin' on 35(mm) but then we got short of funds and bumped it up to digital and then ended up finishing it up that way. We finished it out digitally, but independently.

MVRemix: Which movie impacted you the most?

Sang: I got to go with "Scarface" man. I've got to ride with that. I could really relate with the story of it. Wasn't no good guys in it; everybody was bad. But there was one bad guy that stood out more than anybody. I love that.

MVRemix: What made you choose now as the time to try your hand musically?

Sang: I really don't feel its been time, I mean, really just put everything in god and I just pray that everything works and everything's been working. As far as the time, right now is perfect 'cause there's a lot of watered down rappers out there. We got a lot of entertainers not artists. We got a lot of people portraying the streets and you can tell it ain't the way they really are. You know what I'm sayin'? Like the G-Unit for one thing, out there portraying it like "We the streets," and they not the streets. Really it's just time for the truth to come back. It's time for the era of Pac and Biggie to come back.

MVRemix: In your press release, the headline was "Bad Guy Attacks 50 Cent." So, what's the situation with yourself and 50 Cent?

Sang: Really man, I'm coming from the land of a disappointed fan. For sure there's more than me out there that's feelin' the way I feel. I'm willing to say it, I'm willing to put it out there and back it up 100%. When 2Pac died and Biggie died, that left a void. Music is something that changes your life, it's like you've got a bad day and there's certain songs on Pac's album that make you feel good. So we lookin' for that to come back. This cat, when he came in the game he was dissin' Ja Rule and this and that but at the same time, when he get his foot in the door - we come to find out he's like Ja Rule, but worse. He's singing on hooks, he's doing the same thing but he's stickin' his chest out like he's the streets and I mean that's what's not happenin'. We just really gon' bring that back. Really, I'm a disappointed fan first, and an artist second. Just look at it that way. The music will speak for itself.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the Jay-Z/Game rivalry?

Sang: Beef is always good! But to realize, to compare who's beefin' - that's impossible. First of all Jay-Z's seasoned. The Game is part of a camp that's all cosmetic. Jay-Z's a proven artist, these cats is just phony to me.

MVRemix: Tell me about "Independentz Day: Tha Beat Iz In Tha Streetz."

Sang: "Independentz Day" is something I've been working on. Me and a few guys knocked our heads together and right now, as you cans see, independents is really taking over to the point where that's how everybody gotta start eatin' now. A lot of people got enough knowledge on the industry that they know 15 or 30 cent off an album ain't gonna feed your family. Now everybody's seein' a way to eat. So what we gon' do is put together a documentary on a lot of majors that went independent, a lot of independents that went major and give exactly they view on the game. Give they logics, they trials and tribulations and what they went through. We're workin' with Tha Outlawz, they independent now. We got TQ who left Cash Money, we got an interview with him. There's a lot of cats man. We gonna take it from the streets all the way to the offices.. entertainment lawyers. Really, it's gonna be kind of a guidline to where you just put it in your VCR or your DVD player and see how it really works. Some people think it's what they want, but you really don't know. You can straighten things in your own head from seein' other peoples' situations and make that decision for yourself.

MVRemix: When is that coming out? When is that likely to be released?

Sang: We're shootin' March 8th, we're shootin' around 50's date to keep it real hot that way people can go out. We're gonna start from the streets man, that way we can put the project out and let it grow its own legs. So we shoot from March 8th, most definitely.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Sang: Anybody. It don't make a difference. I ain't gon' turn nothin' down but my collar.

MVRemix: Specifically, what's going on with your music?

Sang: The music is real huge. When you hear it you're gonna know that the truth is back. The streets is in. My life - the struggle in it - the material is real. You gon' feel it.

MVRemix: What else are you working on apart from the documentary and your album?

Sang: Right now man we're working on a little comedy called "The Big Pepperoni," I'm actually finishing the script on that. At the same time, I've still got a few artists that I'ma put out. I've got my hands on street things I'm tryin' to work on and focus on. Really, this release date "Say Hi To The Bad Guy," March 8th - gettin' the people in the streets to understand that we need change in Hip Hop and lettin' people know. Quit fallin' for anything - just 'cause somebody got a real nigga uniform don't mean it is what it is.

MVRemix: Any last words to fans or potential fans that are going to be reading this?

Sang: If you wanna hear the truth, you a customer.

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