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Scar - conducted by James Johnson  


October 2005

MVRemix: How did you first hook up with Big Boi & Purple Ribbon?

Scar: Really, it all goes back to a year ago. Me and my manager, Antonio Reid Jr., we sat down and we had my demo that me, myself, and I, created with my man Nate Wonder. Heís a talented producer that soon everybody is going to get to know. We did a lot of brainstorming, trying to figure out who would really get my direction. After a few minutes, I said Aquemini, because theyíre not scared to do something different and be themselves and do groundbreaking music. Thatís what I feel that my music is. We called up to the offices and asked for Regina Davenport who is actually the A&R over my project. My producer and I went in and I performed three songs. She was blown away, and it just started from that.

MVRemix: So have you started the album yet?

Scar: Iím 85 percent into the album. Itís called ďScarred for LifeĒ. Iím a songwriter as well, so Iím also working with other artists.

MVRemix: Where exactly does the name Scar come from? It seems a little harsh for an r&b artist?

Scar: Right, it goes back to í96. I had a car accident. And ended up getting hit by an 18-wheeler and trapped in a ditch. I ended up losing my brother and my cousin. I was the only one to survive. I broke both of my legs, my ribs. I had lacerations all over, and I have a significant scar on my chin and my arm. I really wanted to flip scars to a beautiful thing to where scars are internal and external. Of course, everybody can see mine, but everybodyís scar has a story to it. So thatís what I want it flipped into. Scar is a big thing.

MVRemix: What kind of topics are you covering on the album, and how is that blending in with what everyone else offers, being that they are rappers?

Scar: Well, being that everyone else is rapping, itís a beautiful thing. Being on Purple Ribbon, itís really an honor to work with Big Boi. As everyone knows, heís a living legend, and to be affiliated with Killer Mike, Bubba Sparxxx, Konkrete, as well as Sleepy Brown, is a huge thing. Itís really not a weight on my shoulders. Itís like, OK, the world is going to be like who is this little guy coming out of Mississippi that makes a difference to where Big Boi believes in him. What makes me different, is like, every guitar has itís own tone. I have a different tone. Subject wise, itís more of an energy type of thing. Itís not a hyper soul, itís more of an energetic soulful type of sound. You get a little blues, country, R&B, a little bit of what everybody tries to label neo-soul (which Iím not), Itís some Gospel, and a little bit of Rock. Itís a fusion of everything Iíve been exposed to. One big masterpiece.

MVRemix: Who all have you worked with for the album?

Scar: Really, itís been me and my producer Nate Wonder. The first single is titled ďYou Got MeĒ, which features Big Boi. Itís featured on the compilation which comes out on Virgin in September. Other than that, I also have a song I did with Cee-lo on the compilation. Production wise, itís been Nate Wonder, and songwriting, the only other person I worked with was Pooh Bear, who did a lot of stuff for Usher. Heís also featured on Chrome, which is Killer Mikeís first cd.

MVRemix: Did you make it onto the mixtape that they just released?

Scar: Actually I am, Iím also featured on a song called ďChose MeĒ, which is with Killer Mike.

MVRemix: Were you doing cds or anything underground before this?

Scar: I really wasnít doing anything but cultivating my style and writing for other artists, submitting demos. Iíve been very blessed in the game so far..

MVRemix: So when do you look for your album to hit stores?

Scar: Weíre shooting for the top of the first quarter. The main focus is the compilation and my first single. So hopefully, when people go crazy, which I hope they will, that will determine how soon we get the album out, which is ďScarred For LifeĒ.

MVRemix: When will you start doing shows?

Scar: Iíve actually been doing shows for about a year. I took a six-month hiatus to cultivate on the album. The next thing I will be doing is performing on the Vibe Muic Festival.

MVRemix: So youíre telling me youíve been doing shows and ainít hit Cleveland yet?

Scar: (laughs) Well itís really been getting my grassroots down here first. Iím looking forward to coming to Cleveland though. Believe me, youíll be the first to know!

MVRemix: Is there anything else going on with you that we should know about?

Scar: Iím just focused on the album, the compilation, the artist Jonelle Monay, and the Management team which is myself, Scar Smith, Antonio Reid Jr., Curtis Mayfield Jr., and George Rodriguez.

MVRemix: Any kind of final comments?

Scar: Nothing besides look out for the single, ďYou Got MeĒ, and the video will be coming. It should be end of June, or top of JulyÖ..

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"I had a car accident. And ended up getting hit by an 18-wheeler and trapped in a ditch. I ended up losing my brother and my cousin."