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Scram Jones - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Scram Jones


MVRemix: Tell us about the new album "Loose Cannons".

Scram Jones: Basically, its a self produced mixtape with 26 songs. I produced all the tracks and I chose a variety of artists that I have been working and a variety of the beats I have been working on. There is something for everyone on there, underground, mainstream, West Coast, down South, big names, no names, it has everything. I also have a variety of beats, some that people would think are commercial, and then I got underground beats as well. But overall, it shows the variety that I can do, whether it be through the beats, the scratching or the rapping. The album is just showing the big picture and who I am working with and what I have done.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Big Daddy Records for this album? Did you come to them and say, "Yo, I got this mixtape"?

Scram Jones: I had the idea for a long time, and originally I was just going to do it myself. Because I already started to do it by myself, as I post it up on my website and got a couple of orders. But when stuff started coming out, and people were interested in doing stuff with me, I said I got this "Loose Cannons Mixtape", do you want to get on there and help me push it out? At first nobody was really interested in it, but I really wasn't proactive in shopping it, I thought I was going to do it myself. But I got a lot of people in the industry that are trying to help me, so it just went down.

MVRemix: Overall, what do you want to accomplish with this album?

Scram Jones: I just want to show people what I am doing, and put everything on one CD to let people see the big picture. It is definitely just the beginning, because I just look at it as a mixtape. I try and do quality and quantity, because a lot of people say make it shorter and make it an album, but I said na, because I have so much music right now, why not give everyone as much as I can give them. So there are 26 songs, and I have the quantity but I feel it also has quality because there is such a variety on there.

MVRemix: Tell us about your group High Society.

Scram Jones: Basically, High Society is a click of unsigned rappers that I roll with. Jack Venom, Marvelous, a group called Contraband and my man Shan. We have a lot of variety though. My man Venom is a bi-lingual rapper who is about to go crazy with the Spanish thing in a second. He is sick with rapping and signing in Spanish, so with the Latin and reggae movement going on, I really think he is going to blast off. My man Marvelous, his album is done and I basically produced ninety percent of it. I think he is incredible as well, because he is on some grown man shit. He is a lot older and has been through mad shit, so he looks at everything in a mature way, but he's real poetic. I definitely want people to hear his music and not get thrown off by his name, because his name has been his downfall. People think he is on some flashy shit, but he is far from that.

MVRemix: Did you hear about that new sample law they just recently passed, where you can't even chop up obscure samples anymore without having to pay for it?

Scram Jones: Yeah, I vaguely heard something about that. They are really trying to cut down on the samples nowadays.

MVRemix: Do you think that could have an affect on your music in the future?

Scram Jones: Yeah, I think so on the business side. I look at it like, some of the music is made not to get paid off of, but to get hot. You can't eat off of everything you make, but I still wanna get heard. So all my sample joints, I'm still gonna try and get them heard, and if I don't eat off of it like I should, so be it, I'll still make the keyboard ones. But at the same time it's still gonna get heard, so its not gonna stop me.

MVRemix: What artists have you recently sold beats to, or which ones are going to work with?

Scram Jones: I just did something with Nore for his album, which features Beanie Sigel. I got something on Freeway's album, I got something on Mariah Carey's album, which also features Nore. Those are the concrete ones, because a lot of people have my stuff but I have to play the waiting game and see what happens.

MVRemix: After this album, what is next for you?

Scram Jones: I'm doing the mixtapes monthly, so I got something dropping next week that is hosted by my man Grafh, which has a bunch of my new stuff on it. I'm definitely going to drop an album, but I have to find the right situation first. And besides that I'm just gonna keep trying to get these beats off and keep my name out there in the streets.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Scram Jones: You can check out I am going to be updating that in the next couple of weeks, and just check for me. Beast Music is the production company and High Society is the click. Loose Cannons, October 5th.

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"I just want to show people what I am doing, and put everything on one CD to let people see the big picture. It is definitely just the beginning, because I just look at it as a mixtape."