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Session - conducted by Hugo Lunny  


February 2005

What's always inspiring is when an artist perseveres; QN5 is notorious for people of that mentality, artists who truly enjoy making music. For the past six years, Session has put himself out there - doing tracks for compilations, mixtape freestyles and participating in groups preparing for his solo debut. 2005 appears to be the year that Session will finally drop his debut Spicasso.

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MVRemix: What made you choose the moniker "Session"?

Session: Hmmm... my original name was "WildLyfe." But it just so happens my man's was tryin to come up with a group with the same name. So I just dropped it and just named myself Session. I don't even remember how I came up with the name but it really don't mean shit. Shit ain't no corny acronym or nothin'. That shit don't mean nothin, it just sounds cool, fuck it.

MVRemix: I remember a while back in 2000 when there was a lot of drama between Ant-One and yourself, which also spawned some comments about Apathy. What sparked the drama and how do things stand with yourself and the Demigodz? I heard you're actually working with Celph on Spicasso?

Session: I just got Ant One's phone number and home address from an acquantance. I'm just waiting for an excuse and then it's time to go pay him a house visit with some goons. I don't know about Apathy. We have mutual friends so shit stays civil - that's that. Celph is fam and he showed me love by volunteering to produce a joint for me. The Celph joint prolly won't make my album though, I'll leak it though.

MVRemix: What's your relationship like now with PMD and the Hit Squad?

Session: Me and Parrish mad cool, everything is love. The Hitsquad is a whole bunch of different guys from when I was there with Agallah and Rob Jackson. I was only in there for a short minute.

MVRemix: How did you first get down with QN5?

Session: I was already workin with QN5 on that Extended Famm project. I was always askin Tonedeff for beats for my shit and he kept lacing me with some fire shit. He actually asked me like 3 times previously to get down with QN5, but I was tryin' to do some major label shit, mad naive thinking I could just walk up to a label and get a deal off skills alone. Ha! I smartened up and got up with Tone officially because we make some great fuckin' music together and because me and everyone in QN5 is fam.

MVRemix: You've been spreading your material around nicely, doing mixtape joints with a lot of artists who are being heralded as the next to blow (Stat Quo, Grafh etc.). How do/did these joints arise?

Session: These joints arise because me and my peoples back home in CT have something they want, and we want a verse. That's that. No money - favour for a favour. That's all I can really say. Shouts to DJ KG over at Hot 93.7FM and Pharcity. Them the niggas that are really helpin me out with that. And I got way more tracks with people that I aint leak yet.

MVRemix: Do you have any non-musical creative aspirations?

Session: Life inspires me fam. I experience shit and I come up with ideas based off that experience. You'll find Spicasso is laced with a lot of personal joints. A lot of real life shit, and that don't fuckin' mean I'm selling drugs on every single fuckin' song. Haha.

MVRemix: What's the current situation between yourself and DJ Honda?

Session: There is no relationship with me and him. I see him, I say whattup, I keep it moving. I met him through Parrish. Me and Parrish did a joint over one of his beats, that's really about it.

MVRemix: Tell me about "Spicasso."

Session: Spicasso is the Illmatic of 2005. That's what I'm tryin' to make that shit. Some really classic shit. People will probably respond to that with skepticism, but niggas will know what's what when I start dropping them joints. Like I said before, it's a highly personal album, a lot of crazy original concepts, and if you know about QN5, you'll know the production is top notch. Hardly any appearances on it though. I know I just said I done songs with mad people, but I'll do a song with anybody! But not just anybody making my album, feel me? Those is for mixtapes and shit. Get those extra fans and shit.

MVRemix: Everyone has a certain selection of music they revert back to every now and again to relax or reflect. What material do you revert back to every once in a while?

Session: Hmmm... "Live On Live Long" by CNN is like one of my favorite joints ever. Same with Nas' "I Gave You Power." Smooth The Hustler's shit was so fire to me. Big Pun's first album, Snoop's first etc.

MVRemix: Which movie impacted you the most?

Session: Kids, 'cause that shit is fuckin' real. I'm not really affected by movies like that though.

MVRemix: What are the current standings with E-F@mm?

Session: Aight, I'm not recording anymore joints with them as "Extended Famm" its all love obviously, 'cause we still recording joints. They understood, everything is cool. This is the first time this information has been made public, but hey, you asked and I aint gonna lie. Fuck it - now everyone knows.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight"?

Session: Nah, I got no hate for no one. Besides, in "Fight Club" cats fought fair, I don't. I ain't that big of a dude.

MVRemix: Aside from "Spicasso," are there any other projects you're attached to?

Session: Hmmm, I'm workin on making a bigger presence made on the next asterisk CD. Makin a lot more songs for that. I'm workin with Pharcity on they album and they helpin' me with my mixtape. I'm already working on an EP after Spicasso called The Freshmore. I'm on my fuckin' grind. Just recording mad shit for no reason. Haha

MVRemix: Any last words to fans or potential fans that are going to be reading this?

Session: If you heard about me, check my shit out. If you a fan, please stick with me. I've stalled in dropping new material because I want everything to be perfect and all my pieces in place. If you never heard of me - I'll make sure you will. So beat me to it and check some shit out. And also I don't like to talk about shit that isn't 100%. But if I could this interview would be twice as long. So Hugo you gonna have holla at me in three more months. Haha, shouts to QN5 and Pharcity. One.

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"Life inspires me fam. I experience shit and I come up with ideas based off that experience. You'll find Spicasso is laced with a lot of personal joints. A lot of real life shit, and that don't fuckin' mean I'm selling drugs on every single fuckin' song. Haha."