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Shareefa - conducted by Dale Coachman  


August 2006

The first soul woman signed to Disturbing the Peace/Def Jam, this Newark, New Jersey native introduces her special realness on her debut disc "Point of No Return." Recruiting studio vets Chucky Thompson, Salaam Remi (How Good Love Feels), Rodney Jerkins and newcomers the Justice League (Butterfly), the mature voiced twenty-three year old Shareefa has created something special.

MVRemix: What is your infatuation with the Color Purple and reenacting those scenes?

Shareefa: Come on man, that movie was up for 13 Oscars and they didn't get not one. That was a hell of a movie that was a classic movie, to this day, the play is huge and Celie I used to like Celie.

MVRemix: You're a songwriter can you remember the first song you ever wrote?

Shareefa: Remember that Bilal song "Soul Sista" I took the beat from that because that beat was so hot and it was right after the 9/11 thing and I wrote an American song with me, my mom, and a couple of other people.

MVRemix: What is the theme of the album, I heard you wrote all the songs on the album?

Shareefa: I wrote 95% of the album, Rodney Jerkins wrote 2 songs on the album, and I got some producers from Tampa, Fl who wrote another song on the album, so you know I'm a songwriter so I'm open to anything if the song is hot and it fits me I'm rollin with it.

MVRemix: Have you written any songs for anyone else?

Shareefa: No just focusing on myself right now but I'm gonna branch off into that but right now for the past two years its been about getting this project done.

MVRemix: What was it like working with Teddy Riley and what's the biggest you learned or took away from him?

Shareefa: Let me tell you this story, I was down here and I was so hungry to get a deal and he played me three records and I was like wow he is a legend to me a living legend and it was so crazy to be around him. I heard this demo and I was like I'm gonna learn these songs, and Deborah Cox had demoed the songs up and they were amazing to me so I was like I'm gonna get in here and do these songs. So I was like alright I'm ready and he was like go in there and Junior is going to record you and I was like Junior!!! So I was pissed so to make a long story short I left just being ignorant and not understanding. So I what I started doing was creeping into his sessions and watching how he worked with other artists and I taught myself because he taught me the hard way and he was like there isn't always going to be a producer there so if you are really an artist you gotta be able to do it on your own as well.

MVRemix: What's it like to have your album compared to that of Mary J's. What's the 411 and Faith Evans Faith?

Shareefa: An honor because those are some classic albums and you can put those in today and those will take you back into a zone like 95-96. It's classic music and that's what I want to put out to where you go back and you are buying two albums at a time one for your car one for your house, like where the hell is my second disk to Life After Death, I want to take it back there where every song is personal where you are getting all of me, and trust me if you don't get who Shareefa is by the first single you will get me by the 15th track. . . the picture is painted very well.

MVRemix: What went through your head when you got that call that Luda wanted to meet you?

Shareefa: Somebody called me and was like Jeff Dixon wanted to get at me and we met up in New York in Harlem and I was like I want to tell you everything about me because I'm not your average R&B singer and ever since then me and Jeff have always been cool. The next day I met Ludacris and Shaka backstage at TRL and it was on from there and here we are three years later album done, mixtape out, video is done. I'm just excited man, its hard work but its crazy, like its fun when its something that you like to do and you see different things, especially things you thought you would never see in a million years, like I be trippin on the plane going to LA like damn we in LA, Miami, wherever we go its just a blessing.

MVRemix: In one of your songs you put out you are not a blue eyed Barbie doll, what image do you want to send out to people?

Shareefa: I don't believe in images when you put an image on a person that's not the person that's an image. So when that person suddenly goes left and you catch this person smoking a Newport you like, oh I didn't know this about that person. So I don't believe in images I believe in being myself, being humble, and just staying focused and letting you know who Shareefa is from jump so their ain't no surprises it just me.

MVRemix: Who were your inspirations growing up to want to pursue music?

Shareefa: Lauryn Hill Mis-education, Queen Latifah I want to meet Queen Latifah, is doing big things, Mary J. Blige, Donnie Hathaway.

MVRemix: Besides your album what other albums are you listening to right now?

Shareefa: Ludacris, Shawnna, Bobby, Field Mob, Keisha Cole album, India Aire.

MVRemix: Do you see any comparisons between you and Keisha Cole?

Shareefa: Yeah you see comparisons in anybody I could see comparisons in someone else's grandmother, so yeah I do?

MVRemix: What do you want to let the people know?

Shareefa: Go get the album its coming in September, Luda's coming soon, Bobby and go pick up Field Mob. When you got reefa in your system you can't go wrong!!

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"I don't believe in images, when you put an image on a person that's not the person, that's an image."