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Sharissa - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Sharissa: Properly Quoted

August 2005

In 2002, Sharissa released "No Half Steppin" on Motown. The album did well, but failed to meet the expectations many had for the numbers it would sell.

2005, however, is looking to be Sharissa's year. Signed now to Virgin Records, and with a hit single featuring R. Kelly ("In Love With A Thug), Sharissa is riding high. She recently performed for the inmates at Rikers Island, through a very creative and interesting new promotional tour.

This September, Sharissa's scheduled to release her sophmore LP "Every Beat of My Heart" featuring the likes or R. Kelly, Millie Jackson, Game, Wyclef Jean and more.

MVRemix: You're now on Virgin when the last time I interviewed you, you were on Motown. Why the move?

Sharissa: I needed to grow beyond Motown, I wanted to sell some records.

MVRemix: Also, when I last interviewed you in 2002, we spoke about R. Kelly's allegations, and you said "I wouldn't put it past him"

Sharissa: [emphatic laughter] I did?

MVRemix: You did, I've got you quoted.

[Sharissa continues chuckling]

MVRemix: How did you two end up meeting after that? And how did your relationship develop?

Sharissa: Wow. Ooh Lord. You know what? I recorded the record "In Love With A Thug" and it was sent to him and I only met him when I shot the video. We worked pretty well, I guess he didn't hear that quote. Whoa. That's shocking. I didn't even know those allegations was going on back then...

MVRemix: Yeah, it was back in 2002 that I asked you.

Sharissa: Oh, really?

MVRemix: You were saying "I wouldn't put it past him" and, "Only god's gonna judge that ass if it was him."

Sharissa: Oh yeah, I wouldn't put it past anyone. Maybe we should clear that up. [chuckles]

MVRemix: Tell me about "Every Beat Of My Heart."

Sharissa: It is actually every beat of my heart. Every song that I've written for this album is a true story and it's about my life and where I've been since the Motown record "No Half Steppin'." Since 2002 I guess I should say.

MVRemix: Could you tell me about guests or producers on the record?

Sharissa: Some features are Millie Jackson, Wyclef Jean, The Game, R. Kelly and Tank.

MVRemix: What sort of love related subjects do you discuss?

Sharissa: I talk about the fact of unconditional love. I talk about a cheating man. I talk about all that I want out of a relationship or man. I talk about the hardships of being in love and I just talk about the love for myself, also.

MVRemix: How does "Every Beat Of My Heat" compare to "No Half Steppin"?

Sharissa: I believe there's no comparison. I believe that "No Half Steppin" was a step and now "Every Beat Of My Heart" is the next step. I just keep growing up. Growing and growing.

MVRemix: Three years on, is there anything you'd have done differently with the previous album or what are you most proud of with it?

Sharissa: I wrote this album. The first album I didn't do much writing, I believe I wrote like three songs.

MVRemix: Were you intimidated performing at Rikers Island? What was that experience like?

Sharissa: I was a little nervous when I was driving across that bridge, but once I got inside the staff made me feel comfortable. And once I got in front of the inmates, they made me feel comfortable too. I actually felt safer than anything else.

MVRemix: I've read that you're meant to do more promotional shows in prisons to promote the album. Who conceived that idea and what's going on with that route?

Sharissa: It was actually an idea of Leolte Blacknor at Virgin. We're just gonna keep on going. My mom works at a correctional facility in South Carolina and I said I'm going there.

MVRemix: How did you meet up with Game?

Sharissa: Game is actually managed by the guy that owns my production company.

MVRemix: Aside from the album, have you been working on any guest appearances, compilations or things along those lines?

Sharissa: You know no, not really, I haven't.

MVRemix: Do you have any last words to your fans that will be reading this?

Sharissa: Yeah, they should really check out "Every Beat Of My Heart," they should check it out... Listen to it.

MVRemix: Thanks a lot for the interview Sharissa,

Sharissa: Thank you darling, watch out with that quote! You hear me! [chuckles]

MVRemix: Oh no, we publish interviews with the questions and answers - exactly what's said on both ends. They're not edited.

Sharissa: Okay, thank you.

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"I believe there's no comparison. I believe that "No Half Steppin" was a step and now "Every Beat Of My Heart" is the next step. I just keep growing up. Growing and growing."