Sheek Louch conducted by James Johnson  

Sheek Louch Interview

October 2005

MVRemix: Now you just put out the new album, "Redemption," with Ruff Ryders... How's everything going with that?

Sheek Louch: Ruff Ryders is like basically my first family man. I laid all my parts down for that, and of course I'm in total support of Ruff Ryders. I recently did 106 & Park the other day with them.

MVRemix: Right, I saw that, and it looked good to see you, Jada, and X together.

Sheek Louch: Yeah, no doubt man, but I'm grindin', and my focus is D-Block as well. Working so hard. Even as my album drops, I'm already working on the next one.

MVRemix: I saw that you were plugging the new album on 106!

Sheek Louch: Right man, I had to let them know what was going down!

MVRemix: Everyone knows that its been a long time since everybody really got together as a collective and put out an album when it comes down to Ruff Ryders, so what was the motivation behind you guys doing it at this point in time?

Sheek Louch: Ruff Ryders really needed to make some noise right now. It's a changing game, and there are so many new groups and labels, such as D-Block. Everybody always asks if we're all still cool with Ruff Ryders, and I'm just like yeah! We are, but D-Block is me, Kiss, and Styles' joint! That's our grind right now!

"It's like I always say, you win the lottery and you're happy at first. But that ain't the number at the end of the day once they take most of it away. So it's just a metaphor for me.

Sheek Louch LOX interview

MVRemix: So what's going on with D-Block right now? How has the label been doing since we last spoke?

Sheek Louch: Everything is great man, I got my album which is coming soon. It's called "After Taxes". I got a D-Block compilation coming out for Christmas, and it's called "No Security". We finally got our young gun coming out, J-Hood. He's been really loyal man. His album is called "Tales From The Hood", and it'll be out in February.

MVRemix: You really got your schedule together.

Sheek Louch: Yeah, we got it down, and how we plan to piggy back off of each other.

MVRemix: Where did "After Taxes" come from as the title?

Sheek Louch: It's like I always say, you win the lottery and you're happy at first. But that ain't the number at the end of the day once they take most of it away. So it's just a metaphor for me. After all that funny stuff gets taken away, this is the real deal, Sheek Louch!

MVRemix: What direction did you move in for this new album, and how is it different from the last?

Sheek Louch: The first one, I just wanted you to feel me. I didn't really go for the big producers at all because I wanted to really give you lyrics. So now, I stepped it up lyrically, mentally, production-wise, and my whole outlook. I got Red Spyda, Alchemist, Havoc, Devine, Vinny Idol, Rockwilder, DJ Twinz, Buckwild...

MVRemix: What about yourself? Did you do any production of your own?

Sheek Louch: I tried man! I really tried to sit down in the booth, but I'm learning...

MVRemix: What about as far as guest appearances?

Sheek Louch: I got my boys Ghostface Killah and Raekwon on there, Lil Scrappy, Carl Thomas, Redman...

MVRemix: Now you know I'm wondering how you got down with Scrappy...

Sheek Louch: Man, it's the south! That's my boy! He came to the studio one night, and Lil Jon is my homie, so he got on the track that night! He'll call just to say what's up.

MVRemix: What other promo are you doing? Any shows?

Sheek Louch: Yeah, I just got back from Paris, Germany, London... I start my promo run soon, and I'll be all over.

MVRemix: What's the deal with you coming to Cleveland man?

Sheek Louch: Man, I need to get out there! Book a show baby.

MVRemix: Whatever man, you shiesting us [laughing]

Sheek Louch: Naw man, get me out there! [laughing] I did a show there man, and it was crazy! Beautiful...

MVRemix: The city has a lot of love for you...

Sheek Louch: Hell yeah...

MVRemix: So what else is going down man? I know you mentioned the compilation for D-Block earlier...

Sheek Louch: Yeah, this compilation is going to be sick. It ain't just me, Kiss, and Styles. We got a bunch of different stuff for y'all!

MVRemix: So are songs complete?

Sheek Louch: We still working. A few are done, but we're still working, since it's coming out around Christmas...

MVRemix: So what will make you compilation different from the average?

Sheek Louch: The difference is that me, Kiss, and Styles won't be on every song. It will be a real compilation of good music.

MVRemix: Any other shows coming up on TV?

Sheek Louch: We'll see man. I'm actually in the office now working out the itinerary.

MVRemix: What about your website? When will it be updated to reflect the new album?

Sheek Louch: We got D-Block Online and you can check that out.

MVRemix: Any final comments?

Sheek Louch: Man, everybody check for Sheek Louch, "After Taxes". I stepped it up lyrically, and it's a lot of hot music on there. I'm coming soon!

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