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Sixtoo - conducted by Andreas  



These are the transcripts of an interview with Sixtoo. The interview was conducted by Andreas, late '99.

MVRemix: Who are The Sebutones for people that don't know you guys?

Sixtoo: Sebutones are the combined force of fire and water. Two men, to ideas two trains of thought impendency. Basically it goes like this...its a little voidable of inner turmoil between the buck65 and myself (sixtoo)...the new record is a fist fight between Buck's Libido and my Ego.

MVRemix: How did you and Buck65 meet?

Sixtoo: Buck had the highest profile in Halifax, so when I moved here I figured I better battle him first. I took him out, and the rest is history. Straight served his ass.

MVRemix: You released the first Psoriasis album back in 96; this must be very rare…

Sixtoo: Yeah, we made like 50 copies. I was actually completed around late 95...but we were too broke to make the 50 copies that got released. That's when four ways to rock was still owned and operated by us...when we were still a tad innocent in terms of what we wanted to do as a creative force, and before we really had to face the idea of other people making money off our music. Off other people selling our music. And just like...the little things. We still did it all ourselves. We were a self sufficient little hole in the earth where you can put little ideas in and get big dreams out.

MVRemix: What inspired and influenced you in the early days?

Sixtoo: I think we both inspired each other to just push the envelope a little more, to work on making hip hop evolve in a straight line instead of its infinite variations. Basically the stagnancy of post 95 is what motivated us.

MVRemix: And now?

Sixtoo: It's the same shit, but there is a bigger mirror to look ourselves in at the end of the day. A little more accountability. Its interesting when you are under the microscope. You have to react nicely to whatever stimuli they introduce into your environment. We go to Montreal to play with Swollen Members tomorrow.

MVRemix: How were the reactions on the 50/50-album? I heard it has been repressed 3 or 4 times.

Sixtoo: Well, basically we are broke as hell. If we were normal people we would just press 1000 and be done with it, sell 'em all, move on to something else... but instead we have to do them in smaller runs to accommodate demand. It sucks. But we just got new management, they are helping with all the business shit, cause we don't handle the business very well. The music is all consuming for both of us.

MVRemix: Compared to the older albums, how have you guys developed?

Sixtoo: We were both battle cats at different stages. When we started getting bitter we got morphed into artfag hip hop. So I guess we have developed out of battle rapping into "conceptual" hip hop. Its all the same shit tho really. I mean, I still get on stage and do the little ego-posturing thing. Its the same, but different. We are not geniuses or anything. We have developed in a straight line. B-Boy to Graf to DJ to MC...Straight line. We still dig at flea markets and raid college radio stations.

MVRemix: Do you feel like the older material represents what you do now?

Sixtoo: Not at all...what we are building now reflects a bigger picture for our music as well as taking on a responsibility to the listener. Back then we were only concerned with ourselves.

MVRemix: You (6.2) and Buck have released 6 solo albums each (if I'm correct), you are both important elements of the staff @, plus that you both has made numerous appearances on various projects since like '94. Where does the creativity come from?

Sixtoo: It's actually like way more than that but we exercise strict control over what we want being "out". I have over 20 releases that are in my discography, Sebutones put out mad shit, and both of us have actually been releasing stuff since 1990. Those in Halifax have the dubs to prove it. but umm...The creativity comes from some severe discontentment deep rooted within Buck65 and myself. We are both very prolific and manically depressed (and inspired) people. Some times I wish I put 11 years into painting instead of this shit, I think It would be much more self rewarding, and that the discography would mean more. Doze has the right idea. Shepherd Fairey, Giant...those guys are the artistic equivalent of what we are doing. My homeboy Thesis from OPS. All those cats know about sebutones are. Im almost ready to close the book and blow out the candle.

MVRemix: How has the Internet affected the distribution of your music?

Sixtoo: I don't think it really has that much, except in the capacity of availability. I mean, ATAK and Foolblown carry our stuff, but generally its still quite hard to get, just due to the numbers that we produce. The actual kids online probably help as much as they hurt (basically cause everyone in cyberspace is a defender or destroyer)..and they are always looking for something else...I'd say we have about 4 months left being "cool" with the online crowd. They are already starting to dis. We don't move fast enough. P-minus is my motherfucking man though. I love that guy. He is a surf dood.

MVRemix: With the Internet "revolution" people all over the world has been able to get in touch with you guys, almost everyone can buy your music. This is positive, but do you feel like technology sometimes could become a threat to mankind?

Sixtoo: Technology is a threat to creative thought. Creative Thought is the nature of mankind. No doubt about it. You master your machine so it can limit you. I know I'm much happier sitting on my ass eating good food and writing than when I'm sitting behind a computer for 17 hours a day trying to make shit happen for myself. There is so much petty politics online. I just get on to check my email now...fuck all that other bullshit. I wish I learned to Promote raves instead of making websites. Scrilla Killas those cats are.

MVRemix: On "Lacking Precipitation" or "Simulated Snow" you despise the humans of today, it's almost the same topic as Alias "Divine Disappointment" although he writes in the perspective of God. How do you feel about the future, mankind wise and music wise?

Sixtoo: I think humanity is the most beautiful and destructive thing throughout history. We build civilizations and art so we can destroy it. Its human nature to oppress ourselves, and I think that's the common perspective to this whole goth-hop movement. I feel that we are killing ourselves both artistically and spiritually, and my shit definitely reflects that. But at the same time...I think what we are doing is fresh...which makes us a target for destruction in the future. We are fucked...all of us are damned.

MVRemix: A song that has been circulating for a while in mp3-format is Buck's "The Centaur", what exactly is the meaning of this song?

Sixtoo: I think its about his big cock, isn't it?

MVRemix: Buck65 and you are also working on new solo material. The Man Overboard LP compared to his Vertex LP, how does Buck's new shit sound?

Sixtoo: Bucky sounds old. He is an old man. He had a lot of personal trauma to deal with during this record. His mom passed away. It killed a big part of him, I think. He met an incredible spirit, that spirit took a lot away from him, and gave him a lot of new ideas as well. I mean, Vertex is more conceptual. Conceptually I think Vertex a better record, but emotionally Man Overboard is the killer. Theres one song on it that will make people cry. It brought tears to my eyes when he recorded the vocals at my crib. I think it is going to do real well. If it doesn't there is something very wrong with people.

MVRemix: And your new album, what does it sound like?

Sixtoo: It just sounds like me spitting some spiritual bullshit. I'm pretty weird right now. I just flushed a year of my life down the toilet with the triple-bypass project. I'm kinda bitter. I had to go to welfare today. I hate the welfare people. I got 13 bucks to do me until the 1st. 7 days left in the month...not good. My studio is a vampire. It has sucked up every bit of money and emotion that I had left. But its fucking killer sounding now. fools aren't gonna believe the difference.

MVRemix: Your music is always on the edge to spoken word and such art forms. Sole described the music as "…the reinvention of Sugar Hill..", even though you're not doing the same thing as Sole, do you agree?

Sixtoo: We do poetry. I rock with a Jazz band every Thursday. People need to diversify. No, Sole is wrong. Tell him I said so. I think maybe we are building on the foundation that sugar hill had started, but I mean...its two different spaces in time, so even if the spirit is intact its not the same motives. I hope what we are doing is a little more universal, but maybe its the exact same thing. Maybe its the reinvention. Maybe it's the imitation of sugar hill in 1999. There's like 40 days left.

MVRemix: I read an review of the Anticon LP where they pretty much said that you guys are just trying to be innovative, and don't really care of how the music sounds. How does criticism like this feel? I mean, everybody gives you high "grades", everybody says, "this is some really innovative shit", but how many really understands what you are trying to say? Do you feel like you're over people's heads sometimes? I myself (being from Sweden and not understanding every word in the lines) can sometimes feel like I don't comprehend the meaning of every song, just like very few people would understand me if I wrote personal poetry… Know what I mean?


Sixtoo: Hip hoppers are fickle. And sometimes I do feel like I'm over peoples heads...but not in a way that I feel superior to anyone. Look at how all these motherfuckers are dissing CoFlow now. These are the same people that put CoFlow in the position they are in. It's fucked. No other community in music sets up martyrs for movements to destroy them. I wont be a sacrificial lamb for anyone. I wont allow myself to get big enough to become a target like that. I still like CoFlow.

Sixtoo: As for the music itself, I think even though sometimes it sounds "weird" or "deep" its still open to interpretation, so there is still room for the listener to take away some reflection of their personal experience. So its not like the words are just for me. Everyone can take away something, even if it's just a vision of someone beating themselves up.

MVRemix: OK, new album, new songs. Are you satisfied with the outcome of this LP?

Sixtoo: Well, if the beats are any indication of what is to come our on this project, its definitely gonna be a leviathan. I'm looking forward to the reaction, but we are taking our time to get it out and mixed properly and all that. No shorts on this one. Like I said. My studio is sounding really good these days.

MVRemix: Do you have a future strategy for things you want to achieve withyour music? Where do we see Buck65, Sixtoo and The Sebutones in 15 years?

Sixtoo: Today I have to go get welfare straightened out, tomorrow Ill figure out the marketing plan, but Ill keep you posted :). I actually have a vision of one super group consisting of Paul the Apostle, Collapsyllables, Sebutones, Sole, Alias, Dose, Jel, Sixtoo, Shapeshifters, Freestyle Fellowship, OD, the Legends, RSE, CVE, Dibbs and about 30 other doods that I can think of. The song would be about the end of the world and would have Bill Bouroughs saying "kill kill kill" between every verse. Maybe we could get get Wesley Williams down with the program...or Tom Waits perhaps. Tricky on the remix. The future of the future sound.

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