Slim Thug conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Slim Thug: Already...?

October 2005

After seeing Slim Thug everywhere, it appeared that the world was embracing him on top of the following he'd solidified in the south. Labelling himself as "Like A Boss" and stating that even though his album was named "Already Platinum," it didn't necessarily refer to sales - just the lifestyle... We all were thinking his aim was to be cocky after selling over a million.

Unfortunately, in the four months that the album has been out, it seems it may only reach gold. I spoke with Slim Thug about this situation and what he was doing next. Our older interviews are here and here.

MVRemix: How many songs in total would you say were recorded for "Already Platinum"?

Slim Thug: Shit, I don't know, probably about sixty to seventy songs. I did songs before I signed, I did songs that was on the bootleg and I had to do some more. So... about sixty.

MVRemix: There were tracks rumoured with Scarface and Ludacris - what happened with those?

Slim Thug: The one with Ludacris, there was a time limit and he was in Africa so we could never get with him, and then the one with Scarface - the dude who had the beat didn't send it to him on time and then by the time he had got it, it took him too long to do it. It was a time thing, I couldn't wait. So we had to move on...

MVRemix: Do you think you'll collaborate with those two again?

Slim Thug: Yeah, I wanna work with those two cats or whatever. So yeah, hopefully. Slim Thug Interview

MVRemix: How do you feel about the sales the album received?

Slim Thug: It's like the whole been fucked up. It's like a lot of shit happened. I ain't mad about the sales; going gold or whatever. The whole thing about it is there was so much shit that went down. The album got bootlegged, it got pushed back and we didn't have a single out when the album came out. We still really just workin' with the "I Ain't Heard Of That" shit, we still ain't had another video come out yet. So you know what I'm sayin'? It's like the whole business of it is fucked up. It ain't my fault, basically, so I ain't really trippin' I was just ready to get past that one. There's a lot of shit that ain't right. I learned a lot of shit, so I ain't mad about that. I'm cool, I'm ready to work on my next.

MVRemix: Is there a video being readied for "Diamonds"?

Slim Thug: "Diamonds" the remix - with Young Jeezy. We shootin' that on the 24th, we puttin' that out. My album been out since July and we just now gettin' another video shot? You know what I'm sayin'?

MVRemix: So you don't feel the label gave the album a hard enough push?

Slim Thug: I mean... It ain't really... Yeah, that's what it is, it's they ain't really gettin' it. They don't understand shit about the south, and I put it in they hands. I put it in they hands and... I ain't mad at them... It's it was my fault for not goin' again and doin' what the fuck I been doin' and writin' my own shit. I had felt like motherfuckers at Star Trak and Geffen had plans together and they was gonna do it they way, and they knew how everything was gonna go... It didn't go like that. So this next album - I'm gonna go in there and do it how I wanna do it and I ain't wanna hear nothin' else. That's what it is and I'ma just be on they ass. It's a lot of shit.. I ain't blamin' nobody, there's a lot I didn't do that I should've did. That's where I'm at with it.

MVRemix: You've been mentioning the next album, do you have any plans or titles for that?

Slim Thug: Nah, not really. I ain't really got into it, I ain't really got into my solo album but I have been messin' with the Boyz N Blue album, that's what we tryin' to put out first. We workin' on that album, that's my clique. So we have been workin' on that and everything we gon' do. We got a few dudes on our team as far as production and shit; out of Houston, some new cats. We just really gettin' our company together, gettin' the Boss Hogg brand straight. We just really tryin' to set up and get everything organized.

MVRemix: What's going on with regards to a label for the Boyz N Blue?

Slim Thug: We got that - Boss Hogg Outlawz is a label and Boyz N Blue is a clique, it's a group; me, Killa Kyleon, PJ, Sir Daily and C Ward.

MVRemix: What about solo ventures from the other members

Slim Thug: Yeah, Killa Kyleon. Right after they want me to do my album at the beginnin' of the year, he comin' right after that. Killa Kyleon is the one man, he's the most lyrical out of all of us. This is what he do, he rap for real. Me and the other dudes, they focus on rap a lot but me personally I'm not a dude who live in the studio. I don't sit in the studio and write raps, I write when it's time - when I hear a beat I love I go in the studio once in a while. But I ain't in the studio on a daily basis. These cats, they all still hungry, they ain't got everything and they in the studio everyday. I think this Boyz N Blue album is gonna show the world what it is and this Killa Kyleon album, he got so many that's fire. I'm just waitin' on him to do his thing.

MVRemix: How did you become affiliated with SwishaHouse?

Slim Thug: Swishahouse wasn't really nothin', we and a couple more cats who ain't really doin' nothin' no more, were the ones who really started it. Me, him and [Michael] Watts came up with the Swishahouse name and there wasn't really nothin'. Watts was doin' mixtapes, yeah, but it was DJ Michael Watts, it wasn't Swishahouse and when we got it in and started rapping, 'cause he ain't really have rappers until then, that's when it really started.

MVRemix: Both you, Lil' Flip and Z-Ro were on Bun-B's "Draped Up" remix. What's the situation currently between the two of you?

Slim Thug: I ain't got no problems with nobody man. Everybody that's been sayin' what's goin' on or whatever been shit over directed to me and motherfuckers fuck with me. When Bun B call me for somethin', it's done. I don't give a fuck who on there and I never will give a fuck. I ain't never gonna be the one to say "I ain't gonna be on there," 'cause fuck it, I'ma shine. Niggas gonna shine, they gotta shine harder than me or whatever. Whatever call me for and ask me for, it's done. 'Cause whenever I call him and ask him for somethin' it was done. So I ain't give a fuck who on the song. I ain't trippin' with them niggas though. People try and make that shit real big - that Flip/Z-Ro shit, that shit ain't nothin' to me. That's other people who got a problem with me, I'm good.

MVRemix: What about with regards to ESG? He recently released a heated diss towards you...

Slim Thug: ESG, same thing with him man. Niggas catchin' that pussy because I'm gettin' paid. Regardless of whether I sell a motherfuckin' million, I said it on the first song on my album "Sell a hundred thousand or a mill / Niggas ain't got what I got" off of one album, or just point blank period. I ain't whining, I ain't cryin' 'cause I got my business right before I was signed. Everytime I drop a album, they gotta pay me like I went platinum. Fuck it, whatever they wanna do I'm cool. I'ma get paid regardless, sellin' or not. If the label do they job right, it don't matter 'cause I'ma still get paid regardless and if they drop me, there's a million more motherfuckers that wanna fuck with me anyway. I can't lose, that's how I set myself up from day one. Any position I'm in, I'm not gonna lose.

MVRemix: What are your passions aside from music?

Slim Thug: I like cars, I'm a car fanatic - I got like eight cars. I like fixin' up cars and just, you know like that type of shit. I don't do a lot of other shit like play Playstation or play sports or nothin' like that. I like watchin' Basketball, but as far as shit I just love, it's pretty much all about music, it's all I've got time for right now.

MVRemix: What's the biggest mis-conception you think people have of Slim Thug?

Slim Thug: A lot of people think that I think I'm too much or... I don't know, that's probably what is. They think I'm some nigga who really just all about just 'cause I got a Rolls Royce I think I'm better than people or whatever. Or shit... I don't know. You need to ask around and find out what people think about me 'cause I don't really know, I don't give a damn either.

MVRemix: Any last words??

Slim Thug: Boyz N Blue comin' soon, thanks to all those who are already supportin' me. "Already Platinum" in stores, all those that been supportin' me, much love and stay down.

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