Slim Thug conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Slim Thug: Already Platinum?

October 2004

Holding down the Houston scene in Texas for the past six years, Slim Thug is far from new to rap. His Boss Hogg Outlawz clique and Chopped and Screwed mixtapes have earned him enough money to live lavishly far before signing with a major. On December 7th, Slim Thug will release "Already Platinum" on Geffen/Star Trak with guests including Scarface, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and more.

These are the transcripts of an interview conducted with Slim Thug by Hugo Lunny on October 27th, 2004.

MVRemix: How did you start making mixtapes in school, what brought that about?

Slim Thug: It was like a little party they'd throw in their neighbourhood with all the high school's out here in Houston on the north side. We used to go out there every week and just party and do that type of thing. I used to be in there just playin' with it. Freestylin' and all that type of stuff - gettin' the crowd crunk or whatever, kind of representing my neighbourhood and school. Stuff like that. And when my DJ heard that, he started doing mixtapes and I started doing them with him. That was a wrap after that. Slim Thug Interview

MVRemix: I've always somewhat understood tattoo's and piercings, but I've never really understood the teeth jewelry. What's the reasoning behind the diamonds in your mouth?

Slim Thug: The diamonds... It's just a style down here in Texas. There's a lot of people doin' it doin' it. Everybody got their grill. I guess it's a down south thing. First it was the gold teeth, then it was the little diamonds and now it's just the big diamonds. It's just the culture down here, it's just what people do.

MVRemix: You're obviously a very determined and successful entrepreneur. Who or what helped mould your work ethic?

Slim Thug: Just seein' a lot of other rappers do it. People like Scarface and Snoop Dogg. Seein' people come up like Lil' Jay on Rap-A-Lot records, seein' how they came. Especially with Lil' Jay, seein' how he livin' out here. When this dude come around, he got Bentley Phantom's and every other car you can name. I wanted to live like that, so if I was being owned, I'd be cuttin' myself short on some cheques. You know what I'm sayin'? In Houston, there's a lot of independent records goin' on. A lot of rappers is doin' it and it worked. It was a common thing out here and I just wanted to be the youngest dude who's holding his own company down and I didn't want to be just an artist. That would be makin' my cheques shorter, so I just wanted to do all the work myself.

MVRemix: There are already bootlegs of "Already Platinum" floating around the internet. Apart from ethically speaking, why would you advise fans to purchase the retail version of your album over others?

Slim Thug: 'cause the bootleg version, first of all wasn't the whole album. It had a few songs on there, I ain't gon' lie, that's off of the album. But at the same time a lot of the record is just songs that were recorded. They just put them together. Not to mention, I'm gonna put at least ten more new songs on that record. They don't have the record with me and Snoop. They don't have the record with me and Scarface. They just got a few records I had did by myself.

MVRemix: How was it working with a major in your creative process? Did you have anyone to answer to?

Slim Thug: Well over at Geffen and Star Trak, they really let me carry on my little legacy. They let me carry on doin' what I was doin' and basically just plug in to what I was doin'. Since I was successful on my own, they kind of gave me the call. I could do whatever I want to do with a lot of stuff. I really haven't ran into no situations where we really bumped heads and couldn't sit down to just talk about it. You sayin' as far as the studio work too?

MVRemix: Yeah...

Slim Thug: In the studio with Pharell, it's the same thing with him. We sit down and kind of pick ideas from each other on work. When it comes down to it, we always seem to agree on it. You've got some songs where he'll have a hook and he'll be singing it in a certain different way. I'll just give it that Texas touch and do enough to it to where I feel comfortable.

MVRemix: What inspired the "Change Clothes" remix (featuring Jay-Z) and how did that come about?

Slim Thug: It was just a record that Pharell brought to my attention. He brought it up like "Hey, lets do it like this... We gon' put it together." He gave me the track and it was a wrap. I heard the track and Jay on it? It was a wrap.

MVRemix: There were suggestions that remarks using "50" references on "Change Clothes" were aimed at 50 Cent. Is there any truth to that or just rumour?

Slim Thug: It's hearsay. Nah, nah, me and 50 Cent cool. Matter of fact, I was kickin' it with 50 Cent in New York about a week ago. But, nah, I definitely look up to 50 Cent and Jay-Z. People who do work. But that's not true, no dissin'.

MVRemix: With the title "Already Platinum," you seem very confident. What inspires your confidence seeing as Lil' Flip (who also had a huge hit with "Game Over") moved just under platinum but was propelled over because it's a double CD? What makes you so confident that "Already Platinum" will be?

Slim Thug: When it's sayin' "Already Platinum," it ain't really sayin' I'ma sell a million records. It's just sayin' a million records been sold independently and underground. I been holdin' shit down for years before the major came about and I'm far from bein' a new artist. Basically what I'm sayin' is that I'm livin' that "Already Platinum" lifestyle down here in Texas. That's what it's about.

MVRemix: Will you be bringing the Boss Hogg Outlawz to a major label or will you keep that side of your business endeavours independent?

Slim Thug: I'ma still keep independent work comin' out each year. I have a group called "Boyz N Blue" and a "Screwed and Chopped" version of my album that I'ma put out independent. There's a lot of stuff they allow me to do and that was part of the negotiation from the signing. It wasn't like I was just sayin' "Hey, please sign me!" When we came together and I sat down with Interscope/Geffen, I had stuff that I had to make sure they was gonna let me do as far as my independent work. They had to allow me to do my independent work for me to even do this.

MVRemix: From what I've heard through the bootleg, the album doesn't have as thick of a Houston funk feel, but more of a Neptunes-esque sound. Which is good. But, will the actual album be the same or mix in both?

Slim Thug: It'll be both. The Neptunes songs, that's what they got a majority of. A few Neptunes songs and one or two from Jazze (Pha). But the final one is gonna be well rounded. I got something with Face (Scarface), which he produced. I also have one I did with Snoop and I've also got some more local producers on my record like Mr. Smith Malik, they had a few of them on the bootleg is gonna be on the record except for "3 Kings." Me and him got songs that's way harder than that.

MVRemix: Have fun with this one - A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight"?

Slim Thug: If I could fight any celebrity?

MVRemix: Yeah...

Slim Thug: [Slim Thug chuckles] I don't know who I'd fight with. I ain't got problems with nobody. You know? Shit. Let me think...

MVRemix: I've heard everyone from Arnie to Gary Coleman to George Bush.

Slim Thug: Yeah, Bush. That's who I want to fight. Bush.

MVRemix: Outside of Hip Hop, which artists are you feeling?

Slim Thug: Let me see. There's a lot of different artists - I listen to everything. As far as Rock & Roll, I like Linkin' Park or something like that.

MVRemix: Are there any guest appearances or collaborations we've got to look forward to from you?

Slim Thug: Nah, nah, I ain't really been doin' a lot of that. I've been stayin' to myself on a lot of things. But as far as my door is open, I'll probably be doin' somethin' with T.I. on his record. That's about it though. It's always cool to do a lot of records with different artists. I'm cool with it, I just ain't been doin' it lately. I been focusing on my project.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Slim Thug: Yes, if y'all heard the bootleg, y'all ain't heard the whole motherfucker. Let me tell you somethin' so you know we ain't gonna be on no bullshit. Make sure you pick up the record when it come out, it's gonna be crazy and that's it.

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