Slim Thug conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Slim Thug: In No Hurry

March 2005

After having several months worth of delays, it looks as if the heavily bootlegged "Already Platinum" (which was bootlegged off of a bootleg so it's nowhere near the final product) will be released in May through Star Trak/Geffen.

Speaking with Slim Thug is always a curious situation. This emcee has a dominating appearance and financial stature, but amidst motherf*cker this, motherf*cker that, comes off as polite and friendly. Maybe it's the tone he uses during interviews?

"Already Platinum," Slim's major label debut will feature production from Lil' Jon, Jazze Pha, The Neptunes, Scott Storch and more as well as guest appearances by Jay-Z, T.I., Bun B and Snoop Dogg. For more information, read our first interview.

MVRemix: What's your first memory of Hip Hop?

Slim Thug: Eazy-E!

MVRemix: With which track would that be?

Slim Thug: Eazy's motherfuckin' um... I don't know which one it was. Whatever the first single was. Eazy-E had a big impact on me he was about the first dude I really was just like, "Damn! I love that nigga's music." The first tape I had was his that I listened to.

MVRemix: Nice. Did you get much into N.W.A. as a result?

Slim Thug: Yeah! I followed them through their whole shit. Eazy-E was the first dude I heard and I follow him all the way to this day. From N.W.A. to Snoop to Dre. Everything Dre do I fuck with.

MVRemix: I heard Dre was meant to produce a track for the album, what's the situation there?

Slim Thug: Nah, I never made that happen man. He had so much shit goin' on. We was tryin' to hook it up but it didn't really work. We could never get together and really mix. But definitely, that's what I definitely want to do in this music game. I wanna do a record with Dre and I wanna do a record with 50.

MVRemix: What's are your thoughts on the way 50 handled the Game situation? Would you label that "Like a boss" or do you reckon he's handling it poorly?

Slim Thug: I don't really know. I don't really know the details on that shit. I just learned about that shit this morning. It's crazy, it's deep, but I don't really know the details.

MVRemix: How hands on were you when you started with your business?

Slim Thug: It wasn't just me by myself, but as far as saying what needs to be done and doing a lot of politicin' with a lot of different radio (stations). Puttin' mix show product out here and there. I had a lot of people helpin' me out with the shit.

MVRemix: What do you credit to the recent resurrection or explosion of the Houston underground scene?

Slim Thug: I think that Houston hasn't been heard; cats like myself, Mike Jones and Lil' Flip. We had a little high school buzz going. People just openin' their eyes to us right now so we can be recognized right now as doing something. That's what it is. It's about time we get our look or for everybody to kick us out. They've accepted us pretty good with that "Still Tippin" shit and "Like A Boss," so we good.

MVRemix: "Already Platinum" seems to have changed a lot since the bootleg leaked. Can you tell me a little about what has changed and the new additions that have been made?

Slim Thug: It's a whole new record. The only records really on there are the ones that been out; "Like A Boss," "Three Kings," "I Ain't Heard Of That" and "Incredible Feeling." But as far as the rest of the record, it's totally different. The bootlegged copy was just the first songs we did - the first two weeks me and Pharell got together and the records were what I had before I'd signed. The record's really not up to date. The only records I had when I had a deal were the records I had when I was rapping when I didn't have a deal. That really wasn't the record. It was just some records that I had that I'd recorded.

MVRemix: Will ESG be on the album?

Slim Thug: Nah, he ain't on the album. Recently while all this shit been goin' on, ESG been on some hatin'. He put a mixtape out kinda dissin' me - sayin' I left him and all that shit. So I ain't fuckin' with him.

MVRemix: Hmmm. What are your thoughts on the beef brewing between Paul Wall and Chamillionaire?

Slim Thug: Shit... I don't know exactly why they beefin'. They was doin' stuff together, they was established together. It's kind of fucked up them not bein' together no more, breakin' apart but I wish 'em both good luck.

MVRemix: Getting back to the album - do you feel the delay will help or hinder the album's success?

Slim Thug: I think the delay will help. The whole thing about it is me. I'm not in no mad hurry to drop it or whatever. With the bootleg comin' out, I think that helped because a lot of motherfuckers heard of Slim Thug and heard of these cats doin' their thing. But when they actually heard the record they was happy, they was impressed or whatever. So I've been gettin' a lot of good responses. I don't think it really just killed me, plus it wasn't the real record. It was kind of a promotional thing with the label. I'm not tryin' to drop the same week as 50. I'm not tryin' to drop with Game. I'm tryin' to drop by myself. Doin' my own little thing. I don't blame the label for what's going on.

MVRemix: If you had to compare the album to a designer label or car, which would you choose and why?

Slim Thug: I would compare it to the Phantom Rolls, 'cause that's what it's on. Real baller shit! Haha.

MVRemix: Your lead single is "Like A Boss", so what does it take to actually be a boss? What are the characteristics?

Slim Thug: You've got to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, however you want to do it. That's being the boss - the dude who calls the shots. You don't take orders, you give 'em.

MVRemix: What's the status with the Boyz N Blue?

Slim Thug: Boyz N Blue - we did that record independent. It just takes a long time to cross over to different markets. We been sellin' them shits - it started to take off about August (2004) but it's finally here and bout it for everyone to understand what it is. There's no promotion - we don't really promote that record because it's so old to us. We're trying to drop another one after Killa Kyleon.

MVRemix: What about the screwed and chopped version of your album, what's the status with that?

Slim Thug: That's my shit. I'ma put that out after the album. It ain't gonna be included with this album because my deal - I told them I had mixtapes. So that's my money right there. We gon' do it like that and I'ma have a DVD included with my album.

MVRemix: What sort of things are on the DVD?

Slim Thug: It's just me man, personally. On some of my songs I'm basically introducing myself to the world and lettin' motherfuckers know who I am and how I came up and what I was doing before the deal. The DVD is just the visual of it. Motherfuckers seein' how I was livin'. Motherfuckers seein' me do the shows - my everyday life and shit like that. Lettin' them know I was successful beforre the deal - I was "Already Platinum."

MVRemix: Are you working on anything aside from the album?

Slim Thug: Not much. I fuck with a few cuts, but I ain't really doin' much outside of the album.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Slim Thug: The album "Already Platinum" is comin' out this May. We're shootin' the video for "Incredible Feeling" right now and it's not the bootleg, it's a totally new record. You're gonna be happy with it, I promise you.

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