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Sneakersuite - AG and Ian - conducted by Dale Coachman  

Sneakersuite - AG and Ian

September 2006

MVRemix: Do you have anything upcoming I heard you were doing a basketball documentary with Nike?

AG: Life is good I do a lot of consulting with Nike and January 07 is the 25th Anniversary of the Air Force One, the original came out in 1982 and Nike is the number 1 basketball brand if not the number 1 brand, and their putting their money in efforts to create stories around things that have made them great. The people that did the movie just for kicks they got them behind it. So they did a three city tour of New York, Philly, and Baltimore and they tell the basketball, sneakers culture, and the Air Force One perspective. It comes out in September and Nike is going to have an Air Force One creative space.

MVRemix: At the end of the day what do you hope your work and catalogue will represent?

AG: I work to be something people can use as a reference. I want my work to represent life through the eyes if Americana but not through your everyday story. I just want to tell our story. And I want to do it where its not third page in the news about such in such had a shoot out, but such and such got accepted into medical school.

MVRemix: How do you feel about how the sneaker industry is charging kids and families in the neighborhood 100- 150 dollars for kicks?

AG: It's a gift and a curse it's a gift because it's main stream when we were younger we used to draw on our sneaker but now there are things like Nike ID, it's a curse because its like how can a company sell you to you and then sell it for an exorbitant price but its just the times. When people were buying Converse for thirteen dollars people were like it's getting out of hand. I'm a realist and at the end of the day if you are going to supply to the culture you have to give back. Through my website I want to give back. If I don't give back you can call me a sucker.

MVRemix: What were you doing before you started this whole Sneakersuite movement?

Ian: The first thing that probably got me involved with sneakers was probably like 1999 my freshman year of college. You know I always wanted to be different and I use to peruse the clearance rack Foot Action and Foot Locker and nobody would look at any clearance items. So that kind of peaked it off right there, but when I was in college I used to be on all the international websites and I used to check out the latest sneakers because the U.S. was late and then I came across this website called and I saw a pair of Flight Posit 1's Silver Black European edition and I said I have to get those I don't care what it takes I've never seen it nobody else hear has seen it, so I went ahead and bought it and that kind of started it all. So then I started walking around campus and people were like, "Yo!!!" From that point on I became a true collector.

MVRemix: So how many pairs do you actually own right now?

Ian: Right now probably like at 200 which really isn't a lot, you know there are individuals that have like 2,000 out there but I had an accident around 2002-2003 and I had to practically sell all my items I had at the time. It was a single care accident and I was on the beltway, spun around a couple of times and it was raining just like it is now and I crashed the back of my truck and my insurance was already jacked up so I kind of didn't report it, so I was like let me just take this L and pay for the damages straight out. So I think I sold about 80 pair. Yeah 80 pair man

MVRemix: What was that like how did you feel to have to do that?

Ian: It hurt, I cried I'm not gonna lie to you because I was always tryin to be a frontrunner as far as fashion and footwear was concerned. But I left 2 pairs of shoes in my closet. A pair of Jordan trainers and that Flight Posit 1 shoe because that was my first and foremost love…but yeah man that hurt.

MVRemix: How do you feel about the fashion hip-hop industry now compared to the old school or when you were in college what majors changes have you seen…?

Ian: Honestly like and that's a big issue for me now at least, because I kind of feel that the media is taking this particular culture and runnin with it. You know it's creating its own fasadd if that's the correct word and creating its own image assuming that every individual in the world is just going to pick up on that. Back in college it was a form of expression, and it really wasn't nothin more than that. Now it' just a fad and everybody thinks they can pick up on it by watching or kind of by learning from someone else instead of being that true individual that everyone is supposed to be. So the hip-hop culture it' just weird I see a lot of marketing coming out of the hip-hop culture back then it was really all about the music but now if you drop Petrone in a line or Chrysler or Navigator now everybody is looking for a check.

MVRemix: Yeah you got Snoop doing these T-mobile commercials and swinging golf clubs…

Ian: Yeah, before it was just regular folk. You even looking at trying to segway into TV on reality shows you don't see regular folk on reality shows you see celebrities on reality shows.

MVRemix: So how do you feel about hip-hop music in general, what is your take on it being as that your not really fashion and where it's going I would guess that hip-hop music is something your not too thrilled about?

Ian: Well it is because there are different genres, I'm all for the underground hip-hop market with people like Asheru and Unspoken Heard a lot of folks don't really get that lime light because that limelight is really just word of mouth in my opinion. You know you have a lot of folks that have their crews like you can look at Dipset you know you got Juelz and Jim Jones and now you got J.R. Writer. J.R. Writer is a good rapper but because of his association with Dipset a lot of folks don't really decide to side with it. As far as me I would love to see a live band for a hip-hop artist. I love to see Mos with his band backing him up and have it not be all about DJ's.

MVRemix: So who are listening to right now besides Asheru and people of that genre?

Ian: Right now I have a little bit of Talib in there because his words are true to form.

>> continued...

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"I'm a realist and at the end of the day if you are going to supply to the culture you have to give back. Through my website I want to give back. If I don't give back you can call me a sucker."