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Soso - conducted by Logan  



These are the transcripts of an interview with Soso. The interview was conducted by Logan, early 2002.

MVRemix: Why the name Soso?

Soso: Back when I was getting my rap feet wet, I used to fancy myself a graf writer. I came up with the uninspiring name "sol" and painted murals in memory of Eazy-E. After maturing a bit I decided I needed a name change. On a camping trip about four summers ago, I came up with the name soso (much to Chaps' dismay) and it stuck. I like the idea of keeping everyone's expectations low. It keeps me honest.

MVRemix: What are the upcoming plans with Clothes Horse Records?

Soso: I have completed the groundwork for a soso project, tentatively titled "Birthday Songs." The beats and rhymes are there, I'm now working on some extra content for an enhanced CD. It should be out in a couple of months. I'm also working with epic on another full length CD, perhaps a split 12" and one of those knock-on-wood projects with two of Canada's rap-elite (knock on wood).

MVRemix: Pray tell do these 2 elitists watch hockey?

Soso: I think they're big CFL fans. Go Riders.

MVRemix: Do you prefer rhyming or producing?

Soso: I get the most satisfaction out of creating a good song and performing it live. It's incredible.

MVRemix: Are touring anytime soon so I may possibly see this incredibleness?

Soso: I'm trying to line something up for August...Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Kamloops, Vancouver...(knock on wood a whole bunch of times)

MVRemix: Do you play any instruments?

Soso: I've fooled around with bass and guitar, but it would be insulting to any competent musician to qualify myself as one. I did bust out the kazoo at a fugazi show though. I played "thought process" and epic did the "yo's."

MVRemix: Who are some fellow producers who you respect and admire their work?

Soso: mcenroe is almost above reproach. He's so consistent...and prolific. And I think every contemporary hip-hop producer who chops up drum kits should send DJ Shadow a dollar. I always hear good beats, but why is it so hard to come up with names...

MVRemix: Was there any type of motive behind recording "Blessed" and did any situations lead to the surprise ending?

Soso: Originally, me, epic and this incredible rapper John (originally Utah) planned on writing the sappiest song humanly possible. I wrote this totally melodramic-mock-literary-bit but ditched it. Blessed just happened... it was a song to recognize the contributions of my dad to my upbringing...everything I do has been made possible by my mom and dad and the rest of my family... the last verse was added to complicate things a bit.

MVRemix: Did "Loss" get left on a girlfriend's answering machine?

Soso: Yes and then I killed myself.

MVRemix: What's the new happenings in the case described in "Midnight Run"?

Soso: Two cops got fired and were found guilty of unlawful confinement. The chief of police was fired, although the two events were not officially linked. There was also an inquiry, but there was no satisfactory resolution.

MVRemix: When was the last time you grabbed life by its teat and suckled it?

Soso: Last night... I hosted a piss up to celebrate the completion of my liberal college education.

MVRemix: Favorite cereal?

Soso: I grew up eating only the healthy stuff -- Shreddies and cheerios. My partner, Jenn, introduced my to Captain Crunch. I haven't bought a box of Cheerios since.

MVRemix: Have you ever tried Trix, Corn Pops, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch? And does Canada have Krogers? And if so, when you say the word, do you say "Kroger" or "Kroger's"?

Soso: Corn pops are hype but Cinnamon Toast Crunch is too strange of a concept for me...that's like making bacon and eggs breakfast cereal. ugh. I've never heard of that Kroger stuff. It sounds like German granola.

MVRemix: Does you yourself "Drink"?

Soso: I'm genetically predisposed to problems with alcohol. I'm a binge drinker... it keeps me nice and complicit. I can't decide if that's a good thing.

MVRemix: How did you and Epic get together?

Soso: I think this is the perfect Saskatchewan hip hop story, the first part sounds like a country song... I met Epic and J Soul (check him out on mp3, he's got the good shit) through an old girlfriend. I had crashed my pick up truck (I hit a semi on the highway) and spent the insurance money (a thousand bucks) on dj equipment. I bought a 1200 from an old banquet dj and picked up a second hand radio shack mixer that was like 3 feet wide. Anyway, I had equipment but no good records. Epic had a crate of good records but no equipment. I was renting a suite with my brother in this little house. It was so small I set my equipment up on the floor. Epic and I would get together and practice mixing records all hunched over and shit.

MVRemix: Would you rather be the Hunchback of Notre Dame or Pocahontas?

Soso: The one with super human strength and the good record collection.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with the Break Breaders?

Soso: Another friend and local hip hop radio pioneer, Knowski, knew roddy somehow. I think it might have something to do with same the record man and the fact they were both in engineering. Anyway, when farm fresh and crew came to town we'd hang out a bit. Once I started to get my shit together, me and M.Phasis would open up for those guys. They're a great bunch of rappers and good people.

MVRemix: Any emcee's you hope to work with in the future?

Soso: Hmmm. does Fesu still rap?

MVRemix: What's your classification of a Gongoozer?

Soso: Sounds like another European breakfast cereal.

MVRemix: ...and end her for me

Soso: Check out for a whole bunch of free mp3s and other goodies. Wait for the sign. Work on a suntan. Send me something in the mail. Say word up.

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