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Storm Da Ghetto Mutant - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Storm Da Ghetto Mutant

July 1998

These are the transcripts of an interview with Storm Da Ghetto Mutant from the Soul Kid Klik, conducted by Hugo on July 2nd, 1998. Storm is the only female member of the Soul Kid Klik, and is best known for her verse in the group's undeground hit 'Mortal Combat.'

MVRemix: Where did you grow up?

Storm: New York

MVRemix: How long have you been into Hip Hop?

Storm: Forever.

MVRemix: Who are your idols and inspirations, and why?

Storm: As for females; Roxanne Shante, who held her own amongst a crew of real dope niggas and maintained. Rakim was the one that really hit me hardest because first you had him and the music fucking you up. Then when you listen to him lyrically it takes you to another level.

MVRemix: You're known as the black Sonya, are you a big fan of the Mortal Kombat video games?

Storm: Always loved video games, but my crew saw the science in the game and put me onto it.

MVRemix: Why do you call yourself Storm the Ghetto Mutant?

Storm: First of all, the name came about when me and G-Clef were "building." He was helping me truly find myself in this path here. Storm came about from the X-Men, the African princess growing up in new york city, and having to represent on the physical plane as a female, like I did. She had mad self respect, never just a piece of meat. The ghetto mutant part represents me being different than any others.

MVRemix: What are you working on at the moment?

Storm: Right now I got this joint where I am doing a rhyme on the G-Clef single, then I'm working on my own single; "DITCHES," which is almost done now. It's basically a wack female emcees funeral. Bitches need to put the mic down and it will all be cool. The most important thing about this shit is that we are healing souls. We are trying to help them heal themselves - see the future, etc.

MVRemix: How did you get into the SKK?

Storm: I met G-Clef through another producer and it was on from there.

MVRemix: G-Clef has a superb definition of the SKK, what are your feelings about the group and do you have a definition?

Storm: What I like about the crew is that we all represent different aspects and that's what gives us flavor. We all may hit it from different angles, but we all speak from the soul and then we meet in the center in unity.

MVRemix: Are you treated any differently being the groups only female member?

Storm: Not at all. G-Clef lets you know that he expects you to give perfection at all times. He will definitely let me know when my shit is not up to par.

MVRemix: Have you ever had any sexual relationships with anybody in the group?

Storm: No. I never had any sexual relations with any groups members. But, it really aint none of your business.

MVRemix: Where will you be on December 31st, 1999?

Storm: I'll probably be with Clef in an Ill monestary creating more unexpected shit.

MVRemix: Canibus Vs LL Cool J, Who won? Or isn't it finished yet?

Storm: Canibus won..and I dont really care....

MVRemix: Which artists are you feelng at the moment?

Storm: G-Clef Melchizedek and the rest of my peoples, and Gangstarr. Some Wu stuff too.

MVRemix: Do you have a favourite artist, song and album?

Storm: Gangstarr's current LP right now and of course Rakim.

MVRemix: What are your opinions surrounding Puff Daddy and Master P?

Storm: No feelings concerning Puffy. I'm into lyrics so don't even ask about that. Master P - I like how he's doing his thing, you gotta respect that. He is an artist.

MVRemix: Who have you most enjoyed working with and who would you like to (in the future) work with?

Storm: Melchizedek. Just the hedz in my klik. I cant get enough.

MVRemix: Define "Keeping It Real."

Storm: Being a master of your skill. Your true love. Rep who you are. Not giving a fuck to be yourself. Garbage is garbage.

MVRemix: Have you ever been on the internet? If so, what did you think?

Storm: Yes, I want to give mad love to all the heads that talk about our music, that's why I am doing this interview right now.

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