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Strange Fruit Project - conducted by Crystal McMillian  

Strange Fruit Project

September 2006

MVRemix: Alright, I have a question specifically for you then. If you could produce for any artist alive or dead, who would it be?

S1: Ooh, man.

MVRemix: I mean, jazz, funk, hip hop...

S1: You'd probably have to call me tomorrow

MVRemix: Look now, was that an invitation? [laughter]

S1: Aye, that's crazy, uh... aw man. You know what? I'd say Marvin Gaye

MVRemix: Wow! Alright I fell that. Why would you say Marvin?

S1: That's my mans, 'cause he was just ahead of his time. His whole sound was like, crazy…

MVRemix: prolific?

S1: Yeah! Yeah man, He was seeing a picture, for real.

MVRemix: Are they finally feeling ya'll in Waco?

Myth: Actually, yeah, today. Yeah just today, it came out today. They had a nice feature on us. I guess it is. I mean, they do to a certain extent. They still don't really know about us as a group. As far as Strange Fruit Project, everyone is there. But they don't even know

S1: You gotta understand what the hip hop scene down here is doing and all of that. The scene in general

MVRemix: So do ya'll feel like you have to over come your own hype. I mean, you all had the BBC radio song of the year in 2004…and…

S1: Nominated!

MVRemix: Oh, Oh, Oh, I see. You were nominated for BBC radio song of the year.

S1: Really, as far as that question, we really don't get caught up in all that. We just kinda…like I say, we real low key. We kinda just… just work. Stay on the grind. Ok. Yeah, we're grateful for this opportunity or that situation, but you just grind. We really don't get caught up in all that.

MVRemix: Well that's what's up

S1: We're very appreciative in situations like that

MVRemix: Alright, I'm gonna switch gears a little bit. Why did you choose, if you're at liberty to talk about it, why did you change labels from the first two albums to the healing?

S1: Pretty much, the label that we released the first two albums, "Divine" and "Soul Travellin'" was our own: Black Son records. Pretty much our own entity. Like within our crew, on our label, we put the product out. And it just became a situation where Own presented the deal to us and we knew the deal was better, had more financial push to put us out there. Where we could do better.

MVRemix: Well those are good reasons. Glad it wasn't some crazy beef or business problems going on there.

S1: [Laughter]

MVRemix: So, what do you feel has been the progression from "Divine" to "Soul Travellin' to "The Healing"?

S1: I would definitely say maturity and subject matter also… just growth musically. One thing we did was expand our sound from the previous two albums. We're in different territory. A lot of people say the first two albums were like melodic smooth and jazzy. I I think with "The Healing" it's like, we got a little of everything on there. I mean it's still got our element

MVRemix: Right. Definitely. Definitely. Ok, so were you guys the cats on the play ground singing H-Town? 'Cause you don't run into a lot of rappers who can sing.

S1: Were we singing the H-Town joints?

MVRemix: Yeah, were you the cats known at school for being able to blow a little bit?

S1: (laughing) nah, nah, Nah. Yo, I used to uh…I was probably in high school. You only had a couple of cats attempting to do it. It wasn't even a big deal [laughing].

MVRemix: Chicks tend to dig the singers…so, you know, I wondered...

Myth: What the guy that's always tryin to sing gets the girls?

MVRemix: Exactly!

S1: Nah, we wasn't that. We wasn't that tho'. Did you used to listen to H-Town?

MVRemix: Oh we used to love H-town.

S1: Yeah, H-Town …they was that deal.

MVRemix: I even had the second album. Not too many people knew about that one

Myth: Actually, I don't think I knew about it

MVRemix: See...Alright. What was the last book you read?

Myth: Last book?

MVRemix: Last book, you read yes…

S1: They still make those things [laughing]?

Myth: I'm actually reading a book right now, its one of my pastor's books. Uh, uhm...dane, I forget the name of it…

MVRemix: Oooooo I'm tellin' him

S1: Tell on him, tell on him! The last book I read, and I'm still reading it, it's called"Black Voices".

MVRemix: Yeah, yeah…

S1: It's just an anthology of like… African Americans

MVRemix: Yeah, I have it in the library at home. That's hot.

Myth: That book I was thinking of, it's called "Let It Go'

MVRemix: Let it go?

Myth: It's talking about breaking free from like fear and anxiety

MVRemix: What is your favorite hip hop song of all time?

Myth: Aw man, she would say somethin' like that too [laughing] Throw a hard one in there. Uh, I'll go ahead give you mine and let S1 think about it. Mine is "I ain't no joke."

S1: Dane, I'ma have to say no comment on that. I don't have one favorite.

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"One thing we did was expand our sound from the previous two albums. We're in different territory."