Styles P (The LOX) conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Styles P: Keeps It Movin'

October 2005

Comprising of Sheek Louch, Jadakiss and Styles P, The LOX really began gaining their audience through their deal with Bad Boy and affiliation with the late Notorious B.I.G. After being disappointed with their treatment on Bad Boy, the group moved to Interscope.

They released another LP, but it wasn't until Jadakiss' second LP and Styles' "I Get High" success that the group really gained a significant worldwide audience.

Constantly working and furthering their joined enterprises (Ruff Ryders and D-Block), each member of the trio still remains as focused as they were prior to their accomplishments. I was able to catch Styles for a quick interview, Styles is set to release his sophomore solo album "Time Is Money" at the end of 2005/early 2006.

[The phone cuts in on Styles the middle of another conversation saying "Let me get a check." We interrupt the conversation, get past formalities and get into the interview]

MVRemix: How did the name Styles P come about?

Styles P: Styles is my real name, that's my last name. "P" is short for Peniro which is a spin off of Pacino and Deniro. Styles P The Ghost interview

"Nothing can affect our mixtape thing. We supplied the material for DJ's for years, we do our own mixtapes now. So there's no need for us to keep supplying everybody and not ourselves."

MVRemix: Will there ever be retail versions of older LOX tracks like "1,2,3,4," "Living Off Experience" or "Well, Well, Well" for example?

Styles P: I think so once we work out all the politics with the shit we gonna do.

MVRemix: Are there any updates as to which label the LOX will release their next album through?

Styles P: Depends on the paperwork.

MVRemix: So nothing's been confirmed yet?

Styles P: Nah...

MVRemix: Whatever happened to the rumoured "Fuck 50" Mixtape?

Styles P: We were really expectin' him to retaliate after we threw a few joints out. Since they didn't retaliate, we just decided to hold it and let it sprinkle out here and there. You'll notice you hear some of it all the time, but we didn't do the whole tape 'cause it'd be boring.

MVRemix: An Interscope A&R was on Hot 97*** yesterday and said your album is coming out in December. Is that true?

Styles P: Nah, I'm tryin' to make it for January.

MVRemix: What's the reason for the push-back?

Styles P: I think I need more promotion. Where was it that you heard that? What station?

MVRemix: I was told it was on Hot 97.

Styles P: On which interview?

MVRemix: I don't know, I was just told that an A&R from Interscope was being interviewed and he'd said that it was pushed back.

Styles P: Oh, okay.

***Correction: the A&R was on Star & Bucwild's show on Power 105

MVRemix: Tell me about "Time Is Money"

Styles P: It's incredible! I've got Havoc on there, Hi-Tek, Scott Stoch, Lil' Jon, Cocoa Channel, Dame Grease, Talib Kweli, Jagged Edge, Mario Winans, Levert, Marsha from Floetry... Just puttin' in that work.

MVRemix: Your lead single is with Lil Jon - was that your choice to go wtih that single or the labels?

Styles P: Nah, they asked me to go back and do some songs. So that's the song I came back with.

MVRemix: Has the tracklisting to the album been changed since its first intended release date?

Styles P: Nah, just a few added songs. The same album, a couple more songs.

MVRemix: If you could choose a classic year over the past ten to put out an album and work with those people who were doing their best at that time, which would it be and who would you work with?

Styles P: The old late 90's era that I was part of. Probably from '95 on.

MVRemix: A fan wanted to ask if you felt that the south doesn't have many talented lyricists due to an interview with Funk Flex in which you'd stated that you only consider New York your competition because you were "talking about the lyricists"...

Styles P: I mean there's not that many lyricists period no more. At least not in the major industry; underground yeah. But as far as major - there's not too many lyricists no more.

MVRemix: How did the relationship with Beanie Sigel get repaired?

Styles P: We had a mutual respect beforehand, so you know, we're men - we mature. We're businessmen now doing our own thing - the situation wasn't unfixable so we fixed it. He was cool with us beforehand and we knew he was going to jail [coughs]. He came out during a [Jada]kiss concert, right before he went in so it's all love.

MVRemix: There was recently an editorial written by TapeKingz saying that D-Block isn't getting as much mixtape love because Supa Mario refuses to supply the everyday street DJ with tracks. What is your opinion on the situation with mixtape and his decision there?

Styles P: Nothing can affect our mixtape thing. We supplied the material for DJ's for years, we do our own mixtapes now. So there's no need for us to keep supplying everybody and not ourselves. We sellin' ourselves now, so you're getting all D-Block not all... or any... or a bunch of artists or all of that, you hear exclusively D-Block. So why not come to us for it? We've did the most distributing to mixtape DJ's more than anybody you could possibly name, you can't even name anyone that's given more material to any mixtape DJ more than us.

MVRemix: Would you call yourself a weed connoisseur?

Styles P: Yes I would.

MVRemix: Which are your favourite varieties?

Styles P: Haze, Salad, Piff... I keep it right there mainly. Kush, Cali-Kush and I like Jamaican-Brown weed. So you know, right there.

MVRemix: Will we ever see a tour featuring D-Block?

Styles P: Probably in a couple years to come. There's a hood tour, we always do those.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Styles P: [laughs and regains composure] As a joke?

MVRemix: Yeah, I mean Sheek said Morgan Freeman.

Styles P: I'd fight Oprah.

MVRemix: Why would you fight Oprah?

Styles P: I would try and get some money at the end of the day.

MVRemix: Do you reckon you'd win though?

Styles P: No, I would lose so she could feel bad for me and give me some publicity out of beating me then I could get some money out of it. I would definitely not wanna win. I would throw the fight.

MVRemix: What do you think is the biggest mis-conception people have of you?

Styles P: [ponders] A lot of people are scared to approach me 'cause I look serious a lot of times, and I am serious, but I'm approachable.

MVRemix: Aside from "Time Is Money," do you have any other guest appearances or compilations you've been working on?

Styles P: I'm on M-1 from Dead Prez, he got a song comin' out. I'm on a few new artist's songs comin' out. I don't know, I always put in the work. You hear when you hear it, I get paid for 'em before I promote it too. I don't really wanna say.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Styles P: Sheek Louch "After Taxes" November 8th and cop "Time Is Money" when it come out.

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