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Subtitle - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

The Young Dangerous Heart Of Subtitle

May 2005

MVRemix: Do you have a favorite drum machine or sampler?

Subtitle: The EPS-16 plus. It's the best of every world. The MPC too for it's clock and easiness.

MVRemix: Can you expand on the song ‘Con-Contrived’? What does the title mean?

Subtitle: Made up. It's about being a fake while talking about not being a fake. The human contradiction referred to as life.

MVRemix: What is your favorite part of your live show?

Subtitle: The unpredictability. That, and the odd line-ups.

MVRemix: How has your live show evolved?

Subtitle: It was me trying to find my place while destroying myself along with everything onstage. Now it's me playing, ‘fu*k with the crowd for 25 minutes and try not to get booed’. All the feedback in Europe has been incredible, so I have to rethink that one.

MVRemix: When did you first begin rhyming?

Subtitle: 1991. Seriously in 1993 after hearing ‘Burnt’ by Hieroglyphics.

MVRemix: What song made you fall in love with hip-hop?

Subtitle: ‘(We've Got The) Jazz’ by A Tribe Called Quest. Nuff Said.

MVRemix: Can you explain the song ‘Palm Fronds’? What is the meaning?

Subtitle: I'd rather stay in than go out. Take that in whatever way. Also, it means the new stuff isn't necessarily better.

MVRemix: How did you get the name Subtitle? What does it mean?

Subtitle: Name-on-the-under. I picked it in 10th grade after buying the Raekwon tape and an anime film.

MVRemix: What emcee or group would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Subtitle: Sonic Youth, Death From Above 1979, Wiley, Big Justoleum, and Elzhi.

MVRemix: What producer would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Subtitle: Brian Eno, Jammer, Autechre, Waajeed, and J. Dilla

MVRemix: The song ‘Crew Cut’ is a gigantic posse cut with 12 other emcees. How did you get all these emcees on the same song? Were their parts recorded separately?

Subtitle: Yes, they were separated and I asked them all. They were good enough to say, ‘Yes’ with little problems.

MVRemix: What was your childhood like? What kid of kid were you?

Subtitle: I was a calculator headed kid.

MVRemix: What was the lowest or dirtiest thing you ever did for money?

Subtitle: Get head from a reverend for $10 and a pack of sunflower seeds.

MVRemix: What has been in your CD player or on your turntable recently?

Subtitle: ‘Death From Above 1979’. That's the album for sure!

MVRemix: What was the last incident of racism you experienced?

Subtitle: What day is it again?

MVRemix: Abortion – pro-choice or pro-life?

Subtitle: It's the woman's choice!

MVRemix: Death Penalty – For or against?

Subtitle: It depends on the situation. Mostly against. T.JONES "Where were you on Sept. 11th (The World Trade Center Terrorist Attack)? How did you deal with it? How do you think it has affected music?

Subtitle: It bankrupted music. It was my day off from work and I was asleep when the first plane hit.

MVRemix: What collaboration are you most proud of?

Subtitle: The one with Thavius Beck. Lab Waste Rockers.

MVRemix: Some people label you as odd. How do you feel about that?

Subtitle: They're not that wrong. Listen to the people.

MVRemix: Word association time. I’m going to say a name of a group or emcee and you say the first word that pops in your head. So, if I say ‘Chuck D’, you may say ‘Revolution’. Okay?

MVRemix: Declaime.

Subtitle: Oxnard Party.

MVRemix: Grand Agent.

Subtitle: Philly's angry.

MVRemix: Eminem.

Subtitle: Iconic blonde?

MVRemix: Jay-Z.

Subtitle: Rich.

MVRemix: Atmosphere.

Subtitle: Pals.

MVRemix: The Stone Roses.

Subtitle: Adored.

MVRemix: Happy Mondays.

Subtitle: Drugs.

MVRemix: Dead Prez.

Subtitle: Blaque.

MVRemix: Jurassic 5.

Subtitle: Antiquity.

MVRemix: C Rayz Walz.

Subtitle: Loud.

MVRemix: Del The Funky Homosapian.

Subtitle: Heroic Template.

MVRemix: Common.

Subtitle: Lazarus.

MVRemix: George Bush.

Subtitle: Who?

MVRemix: What do you think hip-hop needs these days?

Subtitle: A music sense. That, and a sense of humor and adventure.

MVRemix: What is the biggest mistake that you made in your career?

Subtitle: Getting high.

MVRemix: How are European audiences different from U.S. audiences?

Subtitle: They actually listen to the words.

MVRemix: What are some major misconceptions people have of you?

Subtitle: That I don't rap nor know how to rap.

MVRemix: If you could re-make any classic hip-hop song, what would it be?

Subtitle: ‘Take It From The Top’ by Biz Markie.

MVRemix: Do you want to be cremated or buried?

Subtitle: Blaze it slow and sprinkle me, mang.

MVRemix: What do you want on your epitaph?

Subtitle: He tried hard.

MVRemix: What is in the future for Subtitle?

Subtitle: A new record with Daddy Kev at the helm, a new Lab Waste record one day, a new Giovanni Marks record, my label b.e.a.r.

MVRemix: What collaborations should we look out for?

Subtitle: Still a surprise. You'll know soon enough (laughs).

MVRemix: Any final words for the people who are reading this?

Subtitle: I hope I didn't bore you to tears. L.A. L.A. that and I'm moving to Berlin or Rotterdam.

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"It was me trying to find my place while destroying myself along with everything onstage. Now it's me playing, ‘fu*k with the crowd for 25 minutes and try not to get booed’."