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Supernatural - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

A Freestyle, S.P.I.T. by Supernatural

March 2006

MVRemix: Jay-Z.

Supernatural: Revolutionary.

MVRemix: Big L.

Supernatural: Rest in peace.

MVRemix: Eminem.

Supernatural: Groundbreaking.

MVRemix: Prince Po.

Supernatural: Slept on.

MVRemix: Pharoahe Monch.

Supernatural: Incredible.

MVRemix: George Bush.

Supernatural: Dickhead.

MVRemix: What was the biggest mistake you have made in your career?

Supernatural: I donít think I made a mistake in my career. Everything that happened in my experience has been a blessing to me. Anything that happened in this beautiful journey that God has blessed me on, even anything bad, I donít think anything bad about this hip-hop shit. Iím having a beautiful run and Iím still having a great run. Iím glad to be part of it. I donít think I made a mistake in making decisions. If there was a mistake, Iíve always been smart enough to learn from it. I just look as them as learning experiences.

MVRemix: As an emcee, how have you evolved? As a freestyle rhymer?

Supernatural: I think that I evolved as a young man evolving into a grown man. The evolution has been beautiful. Iím glad that I was able to make it this far. I came a long way. Iím a single father now. I have a son who Iím raising. Heís 15 years old. For me, Iím involved because I lived by myself for so long, when I came to New York. There came a time where I thought it was time to step up, be a pops, and be there for him. Iíve always been there. I spend time. He would come stay with me during the summer. But being a full-time father is being all hands on deck, 24 hours a day. Itís serious business. I evolved in that way because it made me more responsible. It made me think more about him instead of thinking about myself everyday. He canít eat a microphone. I have to get out there and make sure that everything is proper for him. Thatís one of my most beautiful moments. That made me evolve as a man. Music is putting food on the table right now.

MVRemix: Has being a father changed your approach to hip-hop?

Supernatural: It didnít really change my approach. Being a father, having a son, and being in hip-hop are like winning the lottery. You know? (laughs). Heís into music so, for me, I get to re-live every moment in hip-hop with him and teach him at the same time. I can say, ĎCheck this out. Listen to this old school record. Listen to the way this guy raps.í Itís dope because we get to learn together. We get to enjoy music together. Itís like, weíre enjoying certain records and fishing for samples. Iíve been messing around with the production a little bit. Weíd be playing certain samples and heís like, ĎThatís the one! You should keep that!í Itís dope because we get to interact. Itís fun. Itís like having a little brother and a child at the same time.

MVRemix: Out of the various producers on ĎS.P.I.T.í (DJ Muggs, Evidence, Vitamin D), which one did you have the strongest chemistry?

Supernatural: Man, thatís hard. Everybody I worked with on this album, I had dope chemistry with. I really canít single out just one. Iím not just saying that. Everybody I worked with! I really loved Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a special cat. He has dope production. Dean One. Me and Dean had a dope vibe because we spent the most time together out of all of the producers. Not only did he help produce the album, he helped sequence it. We sat up late night in his basement, finding little sounds bites that we could use to enhance the album. That was probably the best chemistry I had. I love vibing in the studio with the producers. Those are some of the people I had the best chemistry with. Overall, everybody stepped up to the plate regardless.

MVRemix: When you say you are getting into production, are you working on a signature sound?

Supernatural: Iíve been working on beats for the past 8 months. I love music. Iím a fan of music. Iím listening to that special shit every time I jump on the mic. Iím loving it right now. Trust me, Iím in heaven. I think I have a few treats and tricks up my sleeve. The hip-hop world will be surprised.

MVRemix: On the song, ĎMoney, Power & Influenceí from Guruís ĎThe Street Scripturesí album, Talib Kweli mentions that Pro-Tools made producers lazy. Do you agree?

Supernatural: No. For some people, yeah, it may make you lazy. I donít really buy into that. Pro-tools is something that gives people the opportunity for those who donít have a bundle of money. Maybe, he canít afford to get Pro-tools. Itíll make you lazy if you want to be lazy. If you arenít trying to exercise the whole art of emceeing, yeah. It can make you lazy because you can sit there and punch all day. ĎYeah, punch me in! Edit all of this together!í Itís the bitter and the sweet. Personally, I like it. I just think that itís a great tool to be able to record. A lot of people canít afford major studios. I think Pro-Tools is beautiful especially when you meet somebody who knows how to use it!

MVRemix: How has your live show evolved?

Supernatural: Ah man, for me, going on stage and freestyling to create a freestyle skit is my bread and butter. Thatís what kept me afloat, my live show. If I didnít have my live show, I donít know if Iíd be okay. That definitely has been one of my saving graces. I can go on stage, perform, and do my thing.

MVRemix: Before performing live, how long do you usually work with a DJ for preparation?

Supernatural: Sometimes, 10 minutes before the show, to be honest. It all depends. My show is easy to learn. If you are skilled at DJ-ing, itís so simple. Itís really about following cues with me and listening close to what Iím saying.

MVRemix: What are you cooking right now?

Supernatural: Youíre missing out on a great dinner right now! A little bit of Red Snapper.

MVRemix: What country has the best trees?

Supernatural: Amsterdam, of course. England has some good stuff if you kind of know somebody.

MVRemix: Out of all of the other countries, which one showed the most love?

Supernatural: I got a lot of love when I went to England. The British people embraced my whole routine and what I did on a whole other level. I can honestly say that they showed a lot of love. When I went to Africa, I received a lot of love there. West Africa. Itís been about 4 years now. That was one of those mind-blowing trips. As an emcee, to be able to travel to the motherland through the vehicle of music was awesome. I fraternized with my fellow brothers and sisters. I saw how they marveled at me because I was from the United States and in their country. That was one of the best trips. I got a lot of love and experience. I got to see the slave castles. Serious business.

MVRemix: What is next?

Supernatural: Iím ready to handle this new project. Iím getting ready to go to Australia in the next week or so. Iím getting ready to tour and promote the record a little more. I have shows coming up in Boston. Iím going to Vegas. Iím going to be on tour with DJ Q-Bert. Iím going on tour with Z-Trip. Iím going to head out to Australia and have some fun.

MVRemix: Final words?

Supernatural: For everybody in 2006, just try to be peaceful. Spread the love. Stop the violence. Stop the hate. Letís start to build one another up and love the one youíre with because when theyíre gone, they are gone. Preserve hip-hop!

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"Pro-tools is something that gives people the opportunity for those who donít have a bundle of money. Maybe, he canít afford to get Pro-tools. Itíll make you lazy if you want to be lazy."