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Supernatural - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

A Freestyle, S.P.I.T. by Supernatural

March 2006

A talented hip-hop emcee possesses a natural energy that connects the mind, body, and spirit in rhythmic flows. The art of free styling is a perfect example of the intrinsic integration. Without pre-written lyrics, an astute freestyle emcee can use the surrounding stimuli and weave thoughts into magnificent rhymes. This action moves the emcee as well as the listener. This natural phenomenon of music creates a durable bond.

Supernatural is regarded as one of the most talented freestyle emcees in hip-hop. He has traveled the entire globe, reigned victorious in countless battles, won 1st place in competitions, and rocked every microphone he held. The respect and admiration for Supernatural has been constantly growing since the early days of battling other emcees. Supernatural made a name for himself within the hip-hop nation. Listeners experienced his talent on “Supernatural Lost Freestyle Files” LP (released on Third Earth Records). Although the CD was a collection of amazing freestyles, the album did not fully showcase his talent as a well-rounded emcee. In 2006, Supernatural finally got a chance to show the world that he is much more than just a man who can rhyme off the top of his head. Released on Up Above Records, “S.P.I.T.: Spiritual Poetry Ignites Thought” is a comprehensive LP with diverse styles, production, and themes. The album features respected guest artists like Charlie 2na of Jurassic 5, Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan, and others. Production is handled by Muggs, Vitamin D, Jake One, Marco Polo, DJ Noise, Beanone, DJ Khalil, DJ Rhettmatic, and Evidence (of Dilated Peoples). His freestyle capabilities are showcased on the opening track, “Battles With Self (100% Freestyle)”. Other songs like “I’m A Fighter” and “Not That Way” are anthems that inspire listeners to keep strong.

Supernatural is an emcee who personifies hip-hop. The fitting moniker captures his ability as a wordsmith. His natural emcee ability surpasses the typical rhyme enthusiast. Supernatural is a true phenomenon. Straight from his spirit, his poetry ignites the listener’s thought!

MVRemix: Tell us about your new album ‘S.P.I.T.’, which was just released on Up Above Records. This is your first official solo album, right?

Supernatural: Basically. I had another album that I finished, but never came out. This is my official full-length project. It’s basically a body of work that identifies where I am in my life right now. You know, I was lucky enough to galvanize some of the finer names in hip-hop to help me out with the record, as well as do some really good production. This time around, I brought out an album that actually brings out what I do even more. ‘S.P.I.T.: Spiritual Poetry Ignites Thought’. It’s pretty self-explanatory, as far as the name.

MVRemix: Do you have a favorite song on ‘S.P.I.T.’?

Supernatural: I have a lot of favorite songs on the album, definitely. I love ‘Not That Way’. I love ‘Rise’. I love ‘Guess Who’s Back’. I’ve got a lot of them. ‘I’m A Fighter’ is one of my favorites.

MVRemix: I think the songs on the album have a power which gives the listener an inner-strength. These songs can help people maintain through hard times. Was this intentional?

Supernatural: That’s a beautiful thing. I’m glad to hear that! I’m glad that my music can be like that. For me, that’s what music is for! I was just saying that to my sister, earlier. When I’m going through stuff, music is one of the best and soothing things you can have in your life.

MVRemix: Music does have an infinite power.

Supernatural: Yes, it does.

MVRemix: What song took the longest to do? Why?

Supernatural: None of the songs took a real long time to do. I’m pretty efficient in the studio. Once I get down and lay down the lyrics, I don’t try to stress out the process of recording. Sometimes, when you over-think it, the music does not come out as natural. I try to just get in there and knock it out in one riff.

MVRemix: Obviously, you are known for your free styling talent. How different is your approach to the songs which are planned-out?

Supernatural: It wasn’t really different. I’ve always written rhymes. This is just the first batch that people may hear, as far as putting out an album. The process of writing is just like freestyling. You sit there and freestyle, basically, until you come up with a bomb line. Then, you just try to capture that on paper. As far as going to the studio with a paper, the opposite of freestyling is a good thing for me. I had to show some type of discipline. Freestyle, for me, is running free, running wild. With writing, there is just more discipline.

MVRemix: What song on ‘S.P.I.T.’ took the shortest amount of time to complete?

Supernatural: ‘Battles With Self’.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Raekwon for ‘Black Opera’? What was it like working with him?

Supernatural: Raekwon, kind of, came into the project. Initially, I was supposed to have Ghostface with me. Due to circumstances and different time schedules, we weren’t able to get up. My manager, Chang Weisberg, got in touch with one of the Wu-Tang Clan’s managers. He just hooked it up. I know Rae. He lives in New York too. I know him from going out and also, from being a fan of The Wu-Tang. He was like, ‘Don’t worry. I got you, I got you’. He came out and held me down.

MVRemix: So, Raekwon recorded the track with you, in the studio?

Supernatural: Yeah, we did the whole session together. The whole session was incredible. It was just dope being in there with a legendary emcee like Raekwon The Chef, and knowing the legacy he entails. To have somebody like that, saying he wants to get on my album with me, says a lot about his integrity and his character. Just being in the studio with him was awesome. It was almost like hearing a Wu skit, but non-stop. It’s because the way he talks. We sat around and connected the rhymes together. It was dope. It was like a party, basically. We had drinks. We smoked some good trees. We kicked it. We even made that song, which came out nice, on top of everything else. It was one session. We didn’t have to come back. It wasn’t a week long thing. We did it and it was done.

MVRemix: How did you get involved with Up Above Records?

Supernatural: Basically, KeyKool is the Vice President of Up Above. He is also a member of The Visionaries. I did a lot of shows with them from my traveling days. I was just bumping into those guys from time to time. I told them that I was working on an album and they were interested in hearing how it sounded. I started turning in songs. The next thing you know, they offered me a deal. The rest is history.

MVRemix: Is your next album going to be released on Up Above Records?

Supernatural: Maybe, maybe not. I don’t really know yet for sure. Time will tell with that whole situation. I’m hoping that this record generates enough hype and puts me back in a direction where I can get back on a major. Originally, I was on a major label. I wouldn’t mind getting back in that arena.

MVRemix: What happened with that major label deal?

Supernatural: Basically, it didn’t work out. There were some conflicts of interest on a lot of levels.

MVRemix: What advice would you give to an emcee who just signed to a major label?

Supernatural: Make sure you have a good manager and a great lawyer. Have a team that is willing to go in and fight for you. If you don’t have anyone to fight for you, you can’t make it. They’ll let you rot. You have to show them that you have people who are for the preservation and the elevation of your career.

MVRemix: How have you maintained all of these years?

Supernatural: For me, number one, to put it bluntly, it’s been a blessing. Number two, I’ve always been sharp with my craft. I keep my bars up. Continue to love it. Have a true love for it! Hold on, Mad Skillz is on the phone.

>> continued...

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"None of the songs took a real long time to do. I’m pretty efficient in the studio. Once I get down and lay down the lyrics, I don’t try to stress out the process of recording. Sometimes, when you over-think it, the music does not come out as natural."