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Swazy Baby - conducted by Terri-Ann Thomas  

Swazy Baby Interview

April 2010

MVRemix: Are you still touring right now?

Swazy Baby: The Yo Gotti tour? Nah, I got off that.

MVRemix: Why?

Swazy Baby: There was no money in it. [laughs]. I had to keep it 100. I want people to know Swazy Baby is real. I did the first show and I was like, ďWhere my cheque at?Ē I know it was Yo Gotti tour and I ainít no big major artist or whatever yet, but once I surface, 80 percent of these rappers? Iímma kill Ďem. So, I just took myself off of it. I called my CEO and let him know how I felt and he got me with another DJ, now Iím gonna do my own thing. Iím gonna go to these cities and do a little promo. The free stuff, I done did that. Itís time to get some money now. I canít just sit around making music and not making money.

MVRemix: So, when is that tour starting?

Swazy Baby: I think it starts next week, down in Florida. I gotta hit him up.

MVRemix: Whatís your favourite song to perform?

Swazy Baby: Awe man, I feel like the songs that I made now are better than the songs that I did then. So, Iím kinda waiting to perform these new songs that I done did. I feel like they got a better club vibe to Ďem, people can just rock with me. Iímma show out. The song that I performed the most was, Half Of It, my swagger song. I went to a high school one time and performed it and I didnít even really have to rap it, they was rapping the words for me. That was a good feeling. I always wanted to be on stage performing and be able to hold the mic out and then a whole bunch of people just saying the words. That felt real good.

MVRemix: Youíve successfully put out mixtapes and videos, your new video ďYeen 100,Ē was recently featured on Worldstarhiphop, what has the reception been like for that video?

Swazy Baby: I mean I got a lot of good responses, mostly. You know youíre gonna have somebody thatís gonna have something bad to say about it. Especially on Worldstarhiphop, I done went on peopleís [stuff] who had great music and theyíre like, ďMan you suck.Ē Iím like, man yaíll trippiní.

MVRemix: Yeah, theyíre always hating on there.

Swazy Baby: Yeah, they be haters. But overall, I had good responses.

MVRemix: What do you have to say to people comparing you to other artists?

Swazy Baby: [laughs] They gotta listen to my music, they canít just judge me off of one song. Like on my Yeen 100 video, they talking Ďbout Iímma old Jeezy and all that, I was like thatís just one song. First of all when Jeezy first came out, Jeezy wasnít rapping like this, Jeezy had a different type of style, you know what I mean? I feel like itís all about finding yourself. When Plies first came out, he wasnít rapping like how he rapping now. When T.I. first came out he wasnít rapping like how he rapping now. They find themselves, you know what I mean? They become more confident and when they get to that point, they be[come] great artists. The Yeen 100 song, I did that a minute ago, so if you listen to the music now and you listen to that, you be like, yeah I hear the growth. You gotta know how to rap different ways, you canít just rap the same way on every song. You gotta switch it up sometimes. Donít nobody really own no way of rapping, I mean, you got your word play of what you talking about, but a style of rapping, I donít believe that.

MVRemix: One thing about you, youíre always working, always in the studio. What other songs and videos can we look forward to you putting out?

Swazy Baby: I just did a video with a local artist from Duval, Jacksonville, Florida called ďGo Hard.Ē Itís mad super chill, it should be on youtube. Thatís ďGo Hard,Ē featuring me and Magazeen from Maybach music Group. I shot a video for a single off of The Young Bosses mixtape, with me Lilí Webbie and Lilí Phat. I shot a video for my very first single off my first mixtape before I got signed. Let me see, what else? I think thatís about it.

MVRemix: When can we expect a debut album from you?

Swazy Baby: Theyíre telling me the fourth quarter of this yeahr, probably like October or something like that. But me personally, I donít wanna drop a[n] album until I feel like everybody know[s] Swazy Baby. Not everybody, but at least a whole bunch of people. Right now Iím still building my fan base, so thatís why Iím doing these mixtapes and stuff, trying to get my name and my buzz up. I donít wanna set myself up for failure by dropping an album and donít nobody even know me like that. So thatís why I got like three or four mixtapes out, Iím still working on them and trying to get them heard across the world. Iím not really doing features now on my mixtape, cause I want people to like Swazy Baby as a[n] artist, not like, nobody else. I wanna gain loyal fans, so I just do a whole bunch of music by myself. So when I do drop and album I know itíll be a success and it wonít fail, or I wonít get dropped, like a lot of people do.

MVRemix: When that time comes, what artists would you like to see featured on your album, besides your label mates?

Swazy Baby: I want some R&B cats on my album. I donít really want no rappers on my first album. Probably like Trey Songz, Pleasure P. Well, as a rapper, probably Nicki Minaj.

MVRemix: My favourite song of yours is "I sang," [which is now available on ITunes], are we going to hear more melodies like that from you?

Swazy Baby: Oh Yeah, you can expect a whole bunch of melodies like that. Thatís my main style. I told you Iím versatile, I got different styles, but thatís my main style. To tell you the truth, that song came up because [laughs] a DJ I know from around my way, he was picking at me on twitter talking Ďbout, ďIím bout to release Swazy R&B album on twitter.Ē Cause when I was local, I did a half R&B mixtape and a half rap mixtape and my buzz really got big Ďround my area, especially when I dropped the R&B stuff. Thatís where the [name] Baby really came from, like when I dropped that R&B mixtape, man them girls went crazy. All I heard was baby this, baby that. So I just threw it on Swazy. Next thing I know, everybody was like Swazy Baby. So like I said, I was in the studio and my cousin sent me a beat, I was already singing, so then when it came out, it was like, Yeah, I sang. I kinda kept it G, you know? Even though I was with the melodic style and singing, I was knda like saying some G stuff, I wasnít so soft with it. I gave it both at the same time.

MVRemix: Now that you have your foot in the door and doing so well, what advice would you give another artist on the come up?

Swazy Baby: Donít forget the ones that helped you get where youíre trying to go. Keep it 100 with yourself before anybody else. Donít let anybody tell you to fake this and do that. You will feel better, believe me.

MVRemix: Youíre young, just 19 right? Or are you 20 now?

Swazy Baby: Yeah, just turned 20 in February.

MVRemix: Ok, so are you single? You know the ladies wanna know that.

Swazy Baby: [laughs] Yeah Iím single.

MVRemix: Any celebrity crushes?

Swazy Baby: I like a couple people, as celebrities [go]. I donít think Iíd date a celebrity. Iíd probably just let them know I like them or whatever. I like Hannah Montana [laughs]. I like Demi Lovato, I like Nicki Minaj, I like, who else? Hmm, Meagan Good.

MVRemix: And this is just crush-wise, right? Why wouldnít you date a celebrity?

Swazy Baby: Yeah, just crush-wise, I wouldnít date a celebrity. I mean, first of all, they rich already. I donít feel like they would date me if I wasnít signed or if I wasnít on the come up, if I was a regular person. I donít think they would pay too much attention to me, if I was just to say, yeah I got a crush on you, I wanna date you. So thatís how I feel about the situation with the celebrities and stuff. Iíd just be cool with a hood chick, [just] a regular girl.

MVRemix: I think the regular girls will be happy to hear that. So remember, if the regular girls come up to you, you gotta give them a chance.

Swazy Baby: Yeah, fo sho. [laughs]

MVRemix: Before you go, letís play a quick little game. Tell me the first word that comes to mind when I say a phrase or word. You ready?

Swazy Baby: [laughs] Alright.

MVRemix: First one, ďSwazy Baby.Ē

Swazy Baby: Sex, sex, sex. S-E-X, sex.

MVRemix: Music.

Swazy Baby: Great.

MVRemix: Family.

Swazy Baby: First.

MVRemix: Women.

Swazy Baby: Awe man, I love Ďem.

MVRemix: Ok, the word, love

Swazy Baby: Hmm, damn Iím thinking too long huh? Umm, I donít believe it all the time. MXRemix: Last one, future.

Swazy Baby: [laughs] Damn, Iím not good at this game.

MVRemix: You should have said bright, your future is bright, címon.

Swazy Baby: Yeah, I had that on the tip of my tongue [laughs], but Yeah, bright, Iíll say bright.

MVRemix: Ok, weíre gonna make sure I get credit for telling you that one though.

Swazy Baby: [laughs] Alright then.

MVRemix: Nice, you did good. Where can people hear more music from you? The best place they can follow your career?

Swazy Baby: The best place? I gotta say Slip N Slide World, first of all. They got all my updates, and where Iím gonna be at and the newest music. My MySpace page, Twitter too. My Facebook, and my YouTube. Of course you can find me on more websites.

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