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Teeter Sperber (LadybiRdS) - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

LadybirRdS of Regional Community Theater

July 2007

MVRemix: Tell me about how and why you named the band, LadybiRdS.

Teeter Sperber: Tyler and I used to be in a fake-not-fake mall emo band called Ley Royal Scam. That time in our lives was amazing and volatile. Although it ended somewhat abruptly, it was worth every second of time invested in it for all of the memories made. In perfect tune with my gratuitous letting go issues, primary targets we aforementioned ex-boyfriend, indie rock from 1995 to 1998, and the memory of my former band, I think about Ley Royal Scam every single day. I miss it so much and I'm so glad we did it even though it was insanely humbling and made me cry more times than I can count on one hand. Side note, Ty tells me I shouldn't talk about it so much cause this is a new musical chapter for us, but I can't even for one second help it! Shhhhh! When Ty and I started LadybiRdS, it seemed fitting, because Ley Royal Scam was how we met and fell musically and plutonically in love, to pay homage to the legacy of it through the band name. That's why whenever the band name is written out, in a perfect world at least; the L, the R, and the S will always be capitalized. Very recently kids started picking up on the full circle band to band capitalize connection, which I think is rad. I will always capitalize it as long as this band exists. I encourage everyone else to do the same, so I don't spaz out, because I am bananas.

MVRemix: What is the meaning behind the title of the album, 'Regional Community Theater'?

Teeter Sperber: The title, 'Regional Community Theater' is an ode to how dramatic both Tyler and I are. Oh wait, Tyler's not dramatic at all. He's super mellow. I guess it's an ode to how dramatic I am. Can't even help it, I was born this way! More specifically, when we were writing the vocal patterns to this song in the guest bedroom of the Creep House during pre-production, I sang one of the lines from the chorus, 'How can we be the best, yet be failing all the time?' with just an impossible amount of gusto, emphasizing the word 'best' like I was the star of some small town musical. Ty started hysterically laughing and then once I composed myself I apologized for getting all 'Regional Community Theater' on his ass. He said instantly that that phrase needed to be the title of our record and I completely agreed.

MVRemix: What is the biggest misconception do you think that people have about you?

Teeter Sperber: I am like ridiculously high energy. I can't be sure why, but I always, always have been. I'm spunky and somewhat out of control and my personality is oft described as 'bubbly', which is kind of whatever, but such is life. The most important thing in my life is to be sure that I'm laughing and being silly and having fun at pretty much all times. Since this is the bulk of who I am, people think I'm happy and bananas all the time, you know, cartoon character style. And if I'm not, it kind of cracks a hole in their universe because they don't recognize the black and white of me. It's not all grey, all party zone all the time. I get totally stampy sometimes, like wanting to beat my pillow with a tennis racket. I guess that would be the biggest thing. Or, that I'm rich because of my company. This couldn't be farther from the truth, cause all sisters live pretty hand to mouth trying to make it work.

MVRemix: Where did you grow up? What kind of kid were you?

Teeter Sperber: I grew up in suburban New Jersey, Exit 109 on the Garden State Parkway, as the youngest kid of the coolest family ever. I was a total spaz and I had wily blonde ponytails and talked like a chipmunk, very much like I do today. I loved choreographing dramatic dance routines in my backyard to sweeping Top 40 hits, in anticipation of someday performing them for whatever boy I loved at the time. I also sent love notes to dudes sprayed heavily in perfume.

MVRemix: What was the last dream you remember?

Teeter Sperber: I just had this awful dream recently that my sister Amy died in a plane crash on the way to her wedding. I have 3 sisters, 2 are identical twins. I woke up sweating and freaking out. I called my sister right away and was like. 'Oh my God! I just had the most terrible dream that that you died!' and she was all teets. I'm totally okay, but I did have this equally terrifying dream that the accessories buyers from Urban Outfitters were chasing me. It was funny, sort of. At least the Urban Outfitters part was cause they steal designs from young designers all the time, so we are always paranoid that they are going to yank one of our styles. This fear totally manifested itself in Sis Aims dreams. Amazing!

MVRemix: What was the last incident of sexism you experienced?

Teeter Sperber: I can't really remember. I suspect because I don't let anything or anyone tell me what to do or get in my way.

MVRemix: Tell us about the last time a guy or a girl tried to hit on you.

Teeter Sperber: Swear to the Lord the Jesus the Christ, - dudes never hit on meever, ever. I've often been told that I send out a real air of indifference in terms of joining any kind of romantic force. Not that I'm distant or anything, I'm super duper friendly, but I am never really looking to build a life with anyone - primarily because my 'picker is broken', i.e. 'picker of dudes'. So, I think the energy I emanate is more like, 'Oh My God! You are all my buds! Let's go play guitar hero!' As a result, they never hit on me, either because I'm indifferent and broken, or because I'm totally gross. Can't be sure which.

MVRemix: What was the worst date you ever had?

Teeter Sperber: I've never been on a date. No lie!

MVRemix: Tell me about Ley Royal Scam.

Teeter Sperber: Not a proper album, no. We had 11 awesome songs. They're all on our website and then we recorded a mall punk version of a Lucinda Williams song. I worry that it might make her cringe, if she ever heard it, but never commercially released. Our demo is so funny though, the packaging. I have to get you one for sure.

MVRemix: So Ley Royal Scam is totally over?

Teeter Sperber: Yes, totally over. But, I am still obsessed with it. I think about it everyday. I loved those songs, or at least some of them, so much.

MVRemix: Did you ever hear of the group Lady & Bird with Keren Ann? Was there any confusion between your band and the band, Lady & Bird?

Teeter Sperber: No. No confusion, but people sometimes forget that were Ladybirds, plural style. She is incredible I've heard her isn't she also some crazy like fashion icon super babe? I've seen photos of her and she's total babe alert style.

MVRemix: Do you think success and credibility are mutually exclusive?

Teeter Sperber: No. Case in point, Prince.

MVRemix: What have you been listening to in the last couple of days?

Teeter Sperber: I've been listening to Okkervil River 'Black Sheep Boy' non-stop and Ratatat 'Classics'. Also, Brett Smiley and Milk N Cookies.

MVRemix: What else do you do besides music?

Teeter Sperber: My bag design company that I have with my sisters. We make tote bags and accessories for sassy young girls.

MVRemix: Will there be another LadybiRdS album?

Teeter Sperber: I definitely want there to be another LadybiRdS album. I know Ty does too. He's already started writing new tunes. It's really just a matter of time, as long as Gym Class Heroes keeps blowing it out the framework, 'Cupids Chokehold' top-of-the-charts, word! Ty will be stuck squarely in the Gym Class Heroes vortex. And as long as I stay attention deficit and solo sojourner style, I will continue traveling non-stop so I can see the world while I'm not attached to anything or anyone. It's Teeter time!

MVRemix: What's next?

Teeter Sperber: Oh My God, in a perfect world, a spot on the 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' soundtrack!" Then, and only then could Ty and I could die truly happy.

MVRemix: Final words?

Teeter Sperber: Okkervil River is the best band of the last 10 years! Also, I love Superchunk and Jawbreaker and Archers of Loaf with all my heart and I will into perpetuity and beyond. Also, Terry Sperber, my mom, is a really classy lady.

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"I grew up in suburban New Jersey, Exit 109 on the Garden State Parkway, as the youngest kid of the coolest family ever. I was a total spaz and I had wily blonde ponytails and talked like a chipmunk, very much like I do today."