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Test Shot Starfish - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

The Electro-musical Pulse of Test Shot Starfish

October 2005

MVRemix: How is remixing hip-hop different than remixing rock music?

Kyle: Hip-hop has somewhat of a lazy beat. It’s not always in perfect time. With Snoop’s vocals, he rapped around the beat instead of on it. This is a very unique style that I admire, but it’s tricky to get some verses to work around a completely new song structure. Rock has s more straightforward 4 on the floor beat that you can pretty much do anything with much easier.

MVRemix: Which remix are you most proud of?

Kyle: Gus Gus’s ‘David’ the ambient mix.

MVRemix: Where were you during the September 11th terrorist attack? How did you handle the situation?

Kyle: No Comment.

MVRemix: What do you think about U.S. and the Middle East?

Kyle: No Comment.

MVRemix: Abortion. Pro-choice or pro-life?

Kyle: No Comment.

MVRemix: Euthanasia. For or against?

Kyle: Definitely For it.

Ryan: No Comment.

MVRemix: Word association. When I say a name, you say the first word that pops into your head. So, if I said, ‘The Beatles’, you may say ‘Revolution’ or ‘John Lennon’. Okay?

MVRemix: Severed Heads.

Kyle: Shine headlights on me.

MVRemix: Psychic T.V.

Kyle: Dionne Warwick.

MVRemix: Dead Can Dance.

Kyle: Hollywood Bowl.

Ryan: Favorite group and working in my darkroom.

MVRemix: Slowdive.

Kyle: Photo shoot.

MVRemix: The Telescopes.

Kyle: Space.

MVRemix: Public Enemy.

Kyle: N.W.A.

MVRemix: New Order.

Kyle: Angry bass player.

MVRemix: Joy Division.

Kyle: Love will tear us apart.

MVRemix: The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Kyle: 9th Grade.

MVRemix: Primal Scream.

Kyle: The Edge. Ryan is simply not playing along with this game!

MVRemix: The Stone Roses.

Kyle: The Palladium.

MVRemix: Felt.

Kyle: Lesbian bar.

MVRemix: Happy Mondays.

Kyle: Drugs.

MVRemix: The Orb.

Kyle: Amazing.

Ryan: Why I started this music.

MVRemix: Moby.

Kyle: Next to the E.

MVRemix: The Mountaineers.

Kyle: Canyonaro.

MVRemix: The Wolfgang Press.

Kyle: Books.

MVRemix: George Bush.

Kyle: Boring.

MVRemix: Who have been the biggest influences?

Kyle: Orbital, Aphex Twin, The Orb, Neil Diamond, Underworld, OMD, and Radiohead.” RYAN: “Plaid, Laurie Anderson, early Mouse on Mars, Boards of Canada, and Warp records, in general.

MVRemix: You are doing work on a film too. Tell us about it.

Kyle: We do a lot of sound design & mixing for various films. We do everything from documentaries to narrative features. We also have done some composing. We are currently searching for a project that fits our style of music. Something like, ‘Pi’, or another fantasy or science fiction script that our music really lends itself perfectly to.

MVRemix: When did you first begin making music? How old were you? How did it all begin?

Kyle: I started taking piano lessons in first grade, and have been involved in music in some fashion since then. My first band was called Stained Glass Rain when I was in junior high school. There have been many others between now and then.

MVRemix: How have your grown or evolved as an artist?

Kyle: Everyday, we find something new. Learning a new piece of gear, new software, and new plug-ins. It’s definitely a journey. Now that we are out doing live shows, we are meeting other artists and starting to want to do collaborations. For example, this weekend we’re doing a show in downtown LA and we are collaborating with a trumpet player who is going to play over our tracks.

MVRemix: Do you have any regrets?

Kyle: Musically, no.

MVRemix: The Beatles or The Stones?

Kyle: The Beatles.

MVRemix: Spectrum or Spiritualized?

Kyle: Spiritualized.

MVRemix: What are some of your favorite films?

Kyle: The Conformist, La Dolce Vita, Raising Arizona, LA Story.

MVRemix: These days, what is a typical day like for you?

Kyle: I wake up at 6. Sometimes, I exercise. Sometimes, I just get going. I head to the studio, answer email & get ready for a session. Then, later in the day, I usually try and do something creative or work on something in the studio. I leave the studio around 8 or 9 and either head out to a show or event, or head home to play a video game, have dinner, and watch a movie.

MVRemix: What are some major misconceptions do you think people have of you or the group?

Kyle: I think a lot of people have a hard time with the name. We had a very hard time coming up with a name. We wanted something with meaning that also was something all its own that people would not associate with another band or thing. It’s hard to pronounce. People also think that we are DJ’s and we’re really not. We can DJ, but there are so many other DJ’s that blow us away. That it’s hard to compare either of us to them. We’re producers & artists first and foremost.

MVRemix: Do you get along with your parents? What do they think about your music?

Kyle: I get along very well with my parents, and while they are supportive, I know they don’t have a firm understanding of underground music or why anyone does it.

MVRemix: Where are you from? Where do you live now?

Kyle: We live in Los Angeles, California. I am originally from Dallas, Texas.

MVRemix: What are some future releases fans should look out for?

Kyle: The second album will definitely be out in 2006. Watch for that!

MVRemix: Any final words?

Ryan: Thanks for checking us out!

Kyle: Thank you, Todd, for taking the time to write us up. We are so happy that even one person gets enjoyment out of our creations and we hope that we can continue to grow musically and produce things of consequence that add to the collective of artistic creation. Remember to love what you do day to day and be passionate in your own life and what you create with it.

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"I think a lot of people have a hard time with the name. We had a very hard time coming up with a name. We wanted something with meaning that also was something all its own that people would not associate with another band or thing."