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The Crystal Method - conducted by Christian Amstutz  

The Crystal Method

September 2006

Legendary Electronica producers the Crystal Method have continued their trend setting ways by releasing an album solely through "I-Tunes" for download. The album, which has been been put out to accompany a new Nike shoe compaign is entitled "Drive" and is available now exclusively online.

Relying upon electronic devices never to fail isn't a sure thing. My interview was sliced in half because of technology, but never the less, the first quote I got from Scott of the Crystal Method served as a cool opener for the rest of the transcripts of the interview.

Scott: ...dictate the sound of the record and hopefully we'll get that together and have that out some time next year.

MVRemix: How is this MySpace craze treating you?

Scott: You know it's alright. We've hooked up with producers and remixers... Went to other countries like Italy and the UK also, and a couple more - people, photographers and such. We were over in Europe and in Spain, I mean it's huge. I'm quite sure that it's going to be here for quite a while. We've been able to do a lot of communicating directly to our fans through our MySpace page and there have been a lot of fans who have been able to find an audience through their MySpace page. Whether they're small unsigned unknown bands or large band that has a major record deal, there's always people on there who are looking to connect to bands who they're fans of, and MySpace allows that to happen. So it's a really ingenious sort of page that makes a community. Well done.

MVRemix: Does it help you to collaborate with bands like Evil Nine and stuff?

Scott: Well, we hooked up with them through normal channels. But it does help keep it connected to bands that you are fans of. Like I've said, there have been a couple artists that we've added as friends or have asked us to add them as friends and then that opens up a dialogue with them and we've been able to get music from them. It's a really neat way to make connections with fans and with other artists in your genre.

MVRemix: Who are you currently listening to?

Scott: I dont know how much they're influencing but I definitely have been listening to Bloc Party and Arcade Fire and bands that are that sort of junkie kind of old electronica dance music. But also like bands like Solex and like you mentioned Evil Nine, also an artist called Santos out of Italy and another artist called Maddax out of Italy. Plus Hyper who's out of the UK and Bleachboard. A lot of really great bands. Also, I really like listening to Indie 103.1 which we have our radio show on every Friday night from 10 to midnight. You can go to and listen live. Pete Jones and the Sex Pistols have a show during the day, and it just plays really good music from the Ramones to Arcade Fire and bands like that. It's a good station to just sit back and listen to and a lot of the bands on there inspire us.

MVRemix: Do you enjoy doing the radio show?

Scott: I do, yeah, it's fun doing that. I don't know what city you're in but yeah, it's 10 to midnight every Friday night.

MVRemix: I see you guys have a show coming up in Moscow. I'm just wondering how you're received in places where English isn't the primary language?

Scott: Well, we had a good show in Spain recently and we did some festivals over there with The Prodigy - one in Spain and one in Amsterdam. We're going to Poland and Moscow, Russia. It's gonna be... It's the first time we've ever been to either one of those places so we'll see what happens. They sound like they're really good festivals. The one in Warsaw, Poland we're playing with Peaches and Daft Punk. So it should be a lot of fun that one.

MVRemix: In regards to your new material, you say you're having a new setup for your new album. Last time we got you guys into a little bit of a debate about whether the 404 existed?

Scott: The 404?

MVRemix: Yeah, a drum machine I believe.

Scott: We got into a debate - like how the product worked? Or?

MVRemix: No, whether the 404 existed. You guys weren't sure if you ever owned one or not.

Scott: Oh the 40, the Roland 4... Wait... We had a 202 and we've never had a 303 no, a 404 we had a... Are you talking about Roland 404?

MVRemix: No actually, I don't know mostly you guys. You guys just going on.

Scott: Okay, sorry you know, I don't recall.

MVRemix: A la Fight club "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Scott: [laughs] Who would I fight? I don't... You know if I'm drunk I'll fight anybody but if I'm sober I'm a pretty peaceful guy. So, I don't know, I'll pass on that one. You'd have to catch me when I'm drunk and then I'll rattle off some names, but when I'm sober I'm a pretty peaceful guy.

MVRemix: "The Drive," it's not really a CD as it's only selling on I-Tunes. How has that been received?

Scott: Yeah, it's doing really well. It was #1 most downloaded album for about a week or so and it's still in the top 1 or 2 of the electronic albums.

MVRemix: Do you get any sales figures from that?

Scott: Yeah, I think they gotta do some accounting on that some time soon. But its only been out for about 2 months or so. I think that I-Tunes sales are a small percentage of what normal album sales are. So if an artist like Beyonce sells you know 300,000 CD's on I-Tunes, she'll get probably 10% of that or maybe even less. I'm not too sure actually.

MVRemix: The Chemical Brothers and DJ Shadow have brought out a lot of hip hop into their music, I was wondering if you guys have been exploring that direction at all?

Scott: I mean, we've... On our albums Tweekend and Legion Of Boom we've used some people in, some rappers and sort of encorporated that into our sound. The Chemical Brothers have had close relations with a lot of rappers over the years and they do collaborate like they did on this last album with Galvanize. It turned out to be a really amazing project and I'm a huge fan of the Chemical Brothers - have been since the beginning. Anything that they do inspires us to create because they're both really talented and create really amazing music. So yeah, everything they do inspires us to go into the studio and try to make some music ourselves. Wheather it's Leftfield or Daft Punk or Chemical Brothers or bands like I mentioned that are more underground. All those bands inspire each other to create great tracks, just like it is in the hip-hop world and the rock world, a great song inspires other artists to go and make an attempt to make great music themselves.

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"...dictate the sound of the record and hopefully we'll get that together and have that out some time next year."