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Young L (The Pack) - conducted by DJ Ty  

The Pack: Hyphy Movement

February 2007

MVRemix: For those who don't know; what is "Slumper" or the "Hyphy" movement?

Young L: I guess, it's a hit record. "Hyphy" was a term a lot of Bay area artists, like E-40 use to use. But I don't hear too many people using it no more.

MVRemix: I've been mackin' these white chicks and always knew about "vans" but let these cats know what "vans" are?

Young L: They're slip-ons, low tops and skater footwear.

MVRemix: How did you guys create a buzz and meet Too Short?

Young L: Purely off of the mixtapes, malls, schools and selling our music out the trunk. Being in school really helped a lot. We had relationships in school that helped us to promote our music. He (Too Short) didn't sign us right away. It took him a year. What was funny about it was we were signed to Jive and Up all Nite so it was a lot of paperwork involved. Too Short was finishing up his contract with Jive and had a good relationship with Chris Lighty, so everything worked out.

MVRemix: Was touring everything you imagined it to be?

Young L: I always wanted to go out of the country. We went to the Dominican Republic for Jive Power Summit. We got to stay on hotels with a lot of stars we admired and ripped shows. I loved it.

MVRemix: Are you in school and what kind of student were/are you?

Young L: School is very important to me, I was in college for a year but had to quit when the music took off. I always had "all right" grades. My Mom wouldn't settle for less than a B, so I had to keep my grades up. Some of the members (the Pack) had to repeat grades because they were not focused, but never did I. After this music thing, I'm definitely finishing my education.

MVRemix: How has fame affected the group?

Young L: I noticed some people's attitude in group has changed towards people outside the group but we're still brothers with each other.

MVRemix: How has it affected your Mom?

Young L: My mom makes sure I'm safe. She calls me while I'm on tour to check up on me and make sure I'm safe; she keeps me grounded.

MVRemix: Did jealousy rear its ugly head yet?

Young L: I'm very quiet and keep to myself then all of a sudden, people are coming up to me sayin', "Yo I hear this person don't like you" "that person don't like you" for whatever reason. Enemies start poppin' out of know where. This group from South of Oakland made this song "Fuck vans" to diss us.

MVRemix: You would think that they would be proud that you got a break and a chance to make some money but, unfortunately it doesn't work that way in the hood. So, how are the girls treatin' you, now that you have a hit record?

Young L: It's way too easy to get girls nowadays.

MVRemix: What is your ultimate goal in this game?

Young L: To have my family financially set and to establish a name for my beats. Where people hear my beats and know it's me by the sound.

MVRemix: What do you use to produce your beats?

Young L: I use reason 3.0 with a midi keyboard. I've been using reason for a while. I use to use fruity loops 3.5 but somethin' about reason…..

MVRemix: Any solo projects coming?

Young L: To be honest…. No, 100% group work.

MVRemix: Besides Too Short, who else inspired you?

Young L: Definitely, Lil' Wayne and the whole Cash Money click. Especially in the early days when they dominated the music game. That's what we wanna do with our music.

MVRemix: The video "Vans" had classic Cali-low rider imagery, dirty south gold fronts with old school graffiti and skateboards. Was that intentional and whose idea was it?

Young L: Malcolm Jones, the director. He also directed our next video. We were gonna shoot it at Berkeley college but we had too many people so our license got revoked. So, we shot it somewhere in San Fran.

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