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The Away Team - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

No Place Like Home

April 2005

If you haven't noticed already, the Justus League is one big ass family that keeps growing by the day. Sean Boog and Khrysis, also known as The Away Team, are the newest branch off of the family tree. Just like Little Brother, the duo incorporates the everyday struggles of life into their music. With their debut album National Anthem, you can expect to hear everything from true to life stories that touch on Sean Boog's troubled past, to fun filled party anthems that everyone can relate to. If you love that Justus League sound, than The Away Team's National Anthem is another album you need in your collection.

MVRemix: Sean Boog, I read that you moved around a lot as a teenager. So can you tell us a little about your childhood and teenager years. What it was like moving around so much and how did it affect you?

Sean Boog: Moving a lot had its positives and negatives. It was good in the fact that it taught me how to adjust to new experiences and how to deal with people all over. The bad was as a kid no one really wants to move away from their friends. It felt like every time I got adjusted somewhere we would move again. I was born in Bethlehem, PA, from there I moved to a small town called Clovis in New Mexico, then we moved back to PA, except this time we moved to Harrisburg. We stayed there for like a year and a half, and it was back to New Mexico. We moved to Albuquerque NM; that was actually when I began rapping. At the end of my sophomore year in high school we picked up and came to NC., that was in '96, and I've been here ever since. As a kid I guess I was your average kid. I was actually kind of a little bad ass. When I was ten I actually got arrested for breaking and entering. I used to get in trouble a lot back then vandalism, shit like that. I was the kid at 13 smoking weed and drinking (at 24 still drinking, ha-ha). All in all though I was much different then your average kid I would say.

MVRemix: Khrysis, I read you were born in New Jersey. What was that like, and why did you eventually move to North Carolina?

Khrysis: I was a baby at the time, living with my parents while they were finishing school. My father had a job opportunity when I was like 4, or something, so we moved on down here; so its safe to say I was raised in NC.

MVRemix: Sean Boog, how did you first get into rhyming?

Sean Boog: As a kid I would write little raps and crumble them up - no one has ever seen them shits, and no one ever will either. It was towards the end of middle school beginning of high school when I started going to parties and just meeting older cats through my brother and I just started freestyling. When I moved to N.C. I met my boy Kofi also known as Impakt, we started making little songs over other peoples beats on a karaoke machine. It was funny to cause, we would have like two blank tapes and just keep overdubbing to do our adlibs and shit so by the time the song was done you couldn't barely hear it cause we overdubbed it so much!

MVRemix: Khrysis, how did you get into producing?

Khrysis: It all started by me making loops with pause tapes when I was like 15. At 17 I was working at the radio station at North Carolina Central University where I met Chaundon; they had 2 editing programs. One called saw and a demo version of cool edit. That's when I started sneaking in my father's record collection and chopping samples and shit like that for real. In 2000, which was my freshman year at Winston-Salem State University, I met Novej of the A.L.L.I.E.S. and he put me on to Fruity Loops. That's when I started taking this beat shit seriously.

MVRemix: How did you guys meet and form The Away Team?

Khrysis-We met through 9th Wonder. Yeah that's basically it! We met in 2001 at missie ann, the next year we did a song on the album called "Let Off A Round". From there we did the "Blah" and "The Shining". The chemistry was just undeniable, so we formed the Away Team.

>> continued...

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