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The Away Team - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

No Place Like Home

April 2005

MVRemix: Why the name The Away Team? What is the personal significance behind it?

Khrysis: We are the black sheep of the hip hop scene. We don't look the part of the typical rap group and for a while people wasn't expecting us to be able to put an album together, but we did it and did it well. Phonte actually came up with the name and it just fit so well we ran with it.

MVRemix: How did you guys start to make a name for yourself locally?

Sean Boog: Basically just doing shows locally. We used to try to get on any show we possibly could. We used to hit up the local college radio stations (WKNC 88.1, WXDU 88.7 etc.) just anything we could do to get the name out there. Build with other local cats. The Justus League had just together started a movement in N.C. We hit the Internet, just anything to get heard really.

MVRemix: For those who have not heard your music, how would you describe your sound or style?

Khrysis: We like to have fun, we get drunk and get ignorant from time to time. All the silly shit that goes on, we put into the form of some boom bap bang your head type shit.

MVRemix: Little Brother and the Justus League's rise to fame has been pretty amazing. Just looking back at how fast Little Brother and 9th Wonder blew up, I can't remember an underground act rising so fast in such a short time. So when LB and 9th were making all of those waves, what did you two think? Were you shocked or surprised?

Khrysis: With the grind and hustle niggas have around here, its more inspirational than anything! They opening the doors for us and I'm more then grateful for that.

Sean Boog: Yeah we definitely owe all we have to them and our manager Big Dho. They really taught us how to grind. We had the music they showed us the way out. It's good to see where they've gone, now we just want to make it happen for ourselves.

MVRemix: Is it tough or irritating that fans may look at you two as living in the shadows of Little Brother?

Sean Boog: To me it's a double-edged sword, like I said if it wasn't for them we would not be where we are now. The problem with it is when people hear you, they expect you to sound like Little Brother, instead of listening to what you do. It's a blessing to be where we are and I wouldn't change it for the world.

MVRemix: Let's move onto your debut album National Anthem. What was your mind set going into this album?

Khrysis: We just wanted to make an album that you could have fun to. I don't see too many albums that cater to the "lets get fucked up and have a good time" type of crowd. So I figured that we should be the ones to do it. We also wanted to speak to the underdogs of the world.

Sean Boog: Yeah what he said, haha.

MVRemix: Sean Boog, what types of concepts, issues, and topics can fans expect to hear?

Sean Boog: Like Khrysis said, getting fucked up and having fun, aside from that we reach out to the ladies with songs like "One N Only" and "End Of The Day". I also talk about our position in hip hop and the state of hip hop as well. In addition, you'll hear songs about everyday life, such as "Always Be Around", which is the most personal song to me. It's about my dad and the fact he left me when I was around seven years old. So we touch on a lot of shit, but the overall felling of the album is just fun!

MVRemix: Take us through the creative process of how you guys usually link up and produce tracks together? What is the chemistry like?

Khrysis: It depends, sometimes I'll have the beat and be like "Yo I gotta idea" or he'll have an idea. Sometimes its right on the spot, when we did "The Blah", we were working at a smoothie shop and we were just running around the store saying "blah, blah blah" and I was like, "yo what if there was a song with "blah, blah, blah" in the hook?" Next thing you know I picked out the beat for it and we were in the studio recording the song.

MVRemix: The track you guys did with Smif N Wesson , "Come On Down", is crazy. How did you hook up with them?

Sean Boog: They (Sean P., Buckshot and Dru Ha) actually came down to work with 9th to record some material - Buckshot and 9th laid the beginning stages for the Chemistry LP at that time. We just built with them and did it. The relationship the League as with the Boot Camp is really on some family shit, so it was really nothing to do the song with them. Now as far as the feeling of doing it, it was a dream, I mean that's one of the groups I came up on, so its going to be hard to top that for me.

MVRemix: What is the main goal you want to accomplish with this album?

Sean Boog: Get the Away Team known to the world. Put our name in peoples mouths. You know, just begin our careers, we don't want to be in and out. Oh and get some money while we are doing that. Yeah!

MVRemix: What else do you have going on in the future?

Khrysis: I have a side project I just did wit this cat named Skyzoo. I did some new joints with Jean Grae, Sean Price, Smif N Wessun, and some surprises that I can't name right now. I also been in the studio working with Joe Scudda and Chaundon with their projects. And I can't forget about the song I did on the new Little Brother album called "The Minstrel Show."

Sean Boog: For me, I have a couple things in the works, the main thing right now is I have a joint on 9th's Dream Merchant Vol. 2 (his upcoming solo LP) with Buckshot called "Backlash" that's crazy. Other then just building with cats I'm open to anything right now.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs, or plugs?

Khrysis: L.E.G.A.C.Y.'s National Mayhem drops the same day as our LP (National Anthem) on May 17th 2005. Don't forget to go get Rapper Big Pooh: Sleepers if you haven't already, 9th Wonder: Dream Merchant V.2; Little Brother: The Minstrel Show, Joe Scudda: The Authentic, and Chaundon Tha Back Twista: No Excuses.

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"We just built with them and did it. The relationship the League as with the Boot Camp is really on some family shit, so it was really nothing to do the song with them. Now as far as the feeling of doing it, it was a dream"