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The Longshots - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

The Longshots - Against All Odds

June 2005

MVRemix: I see the Beat Bandits are doing most of the production. Who are they, and how did you hook up with them? What attracts you to their music?

Crayon: The Beat Bandits are Metaphysic and Dane-Ja. We got hooked up with them through Brian" DJ 730" Kaiser and its a funny that the beat CD they first let me hear sounded hotter than the one me and Rock finally got. They held back their first beat CD because they was shopping their hottest beats at the time to labels and I'm glad that happened, because the beats they gave us which they thought wasn't their best beats turned out to be incredible songs so I got nothing but love for the Bandits.

Rock Shabazz: They're the real deal. They've worked with Krs-One, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, and AZ. My favorite moments from recording the album was hanging out at Dane-Ja's crib watching him chop up samples and work on beats or chilling at Meta's crib listening to all the samples he had that the Wu or Primo used. I'm humbled because not too many would let me inside their home just like that. They're real down to earth but lethal with the beats. They'll be a household name.

MVRemix: You have the track with Ayatollah "First Brick". How did you hook up with him?

Crayon: We never met Ayatollah. We got the beat through his man Sherwin from Queens. I tried to contact him so we could use the beat but dude hung up on me so I said fuck it. If he wants his money he'll come and get it.

Rock-S: I think that having an Ayatollah beat was the catalyst for the LP. It moved us out of the demo phase and ushered us into the rap scene because we were holding an official beat from a dope beat maker and it was like a free ticket to some type of recognition so that's a blessing.

MVRemix: Overall, what is it you want to accomplish with this album?

Crayon: We want to fulfill our dream of making a straight east coast Hip-Hop classic by our standards. Afterwards we will be open to do features and experiment with different types of production but first we had to get this joint off with straight east coast beats and no features. Make no mistakes about it: We are well connected and respected in the industry so the no-features part was just a creative choice.

MVRemix: What has been the biggest headache you have had to deal with in this Hip-Hop game?

Rock-S: A lot of dudes are delusional in this game. Hip-Hop sometimes empowers people in the wrong way so they get gassed. It gives a voice to the voiceless but some ain't got nothing to say when they get the chance. Plus disrespect is rampant so you have to intimidate and strong arm dudes just to get what you want.

Crayon: Fake industry heads, Liars, Name Droppers, Plagiarists, Con Artists, Blood Suckers you name it they got them somewhere in this industry

MVRemix: Just some random questions to have some fun. If you had to choose one Emcee or Hip-Hop figure to represent and show the Hip-Hop culture to someone who never heard it, who would it be?

Crayon: Rock Shabazz cause he's the best rapper in the game period. I'd bet my advance on it. But it's a lot easier to say that when you don't have an advance.

Rock-S: (Laughs) If it ain't one Longshot, it's the other cause ain't nobody coming realer. Or I would have to say Krs-One , but frozen in time circa 1995, around the time of his self-titled album. He was intelligent and street, a young elder in a younger culture, a walking contradiction which Hip-hop often is. Plus he was the rawest.

MVRemix: Who are your top 5 emcees of all time?

Crayon: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan. (Laughter) Nah ummNas, Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, and Ice Cube.

Rock-S: 1- Makaveli, 2 - Nas, 3 - Prodigy, 4 - Krs-One, 5 - Snoop. But it changes everyday aside from #1 and #2.

MVRemix: Top 5 producers of all time?

Crayon: DK Premier, Marley Marl, Dr Dre, Timbo, Havoc

Rock-S: 1 - The RZA, 2 - Primo, 3 - Havoc, 4 - Marley Marl, 5 - Q-Tip.

MVRemix: Most underrated or overlooked emcee or group of all time is...

Rock-S: .The Goodie Mob, just off Soul Food, and Bone Thugs as well. Emcee is G.Dep or Jeru, but I could go on forever. Hopefully we won't be on the list

Crayon: That's a hard one but I'll go with my man Bushwick Bill or Brotha Lynch Hung. As for a group I would say The Botany Boys they put it down in the south underground for years but only recently mainstream America started to notice real southern rappers.

MVRemix: Anything else you guys have going on in the future?

Rock Shabazz : Everything is going on in the future because we have no past. We're rookies so the road is ahead. We're currently working on a compilation called "the Jungle Book".

Crayon: Hell Yeah we working on an EP called The Jungle Book, which is a Survival Guide to the Concrete Jungle with our man White Shadow. Also a mixtape called "F*ck the Industry" and then the second album which we are collecting beats for now.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs, or plugs?

Crayon: To all the rappers trying to get on like us; make music with purpose, love your family, have a sense of humor and praise God. Keep striving and don't get mad that some things don't go your way. Sometimes the worst thing someone could do to you is give you control of your destiny. Just roll with the punches and keep on keepin' on.

Rock-S: Check us out at get that Hunger Music album. Also, shout outs to The LSC-Enot, Waggadager, DcDrake, TPot, Godz and Cutta

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"Rock Shabazz cause he's the best rapper in the game period. I'd bet my advance on it. But it's a lot easier to say that when you don't have an advance."