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Time - conducted by Bill "Low-Key" Heinzelman  

Patiently Waiting

March 2005

MVRemix: What are some of the concepts, issues and topics you are dealing with on this album?

Time: The EGO is one of the main issues on this album. Since I am the best rapper to have ever rapped I chose to write a song about COCKY people. Thereís a song called ďCapitalvisionĒ, which has all the name brands fighting in it. Eventually I wake up from Adam Smithís wet dream only to find out that the world is one big monopoly. Universal Battle is an epic song where the Sun and the Moon battle. God then steps in and settles the score like a true thug.

MVRemix: Overall, what is your main goal with this album?

Time: My main goal of this album is to make people listen. Too many people take things too serious and if itís not socially conscious or politically correct they hate it. Hopefully Litterture inspires more art, gives someone something they can relate to, or maybe its just some straightedge high shit thatíll make you think.

MVRemix: For those who have never heard your music, how would you describe your style?

Time: If you havenít heard my music youíre lucky. My style is like Richard D. James on crunk acid. My style is POSER with a hint of wackness.

MVRemix: Would you say you are more introverted or extroverted?

Time: To a certain extent Iím an introvert. I love being by myself driving around pissing in dark neighborhoods yucking it up. I write introvertly (Ŗnot a word) and express myself extrovertly. I love being in solitude sometimes but I feed off of others energy. I love doing shows. The energy that comes back to you is numbing.

MVRemix: What has been the biggest headache you have had to deal with in this Hip Hop industry?

Time: The biggest headache with the Hip Hop industry is poverty. Guarantees donít come through sometimes; your show didnít get promoted due to an invisible marquee, all that fun indie shit. Doing independent music is hard. Booking shows can be a female dog. Out in LA we were scheduled to be on the radio but we got bumped off by Modest Mouse. Hip Hop has a lot of clicks. If you donít fit into the traditional Iím a Temple of Hip Hop dickrider then you lose a lot support and if you donít fit into the dopest rapper diss a MC type crowd then they call you an emo-pussy. Iím just trying to make good music that heals me and makes me happy.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the current status of the underground scene?

Time: The underground scene is doing wonderful. The Psychokinetics are blowing it up. Everywhere you go the underground crowd is super receptive. They are ready for new creative music that isnít just booty jiving scallywag BS. We went to Tempe, AZ and the crowd was crazy. It seems right now underground Hip Hop is blowing up along with Hardcore music. College radio has always been very supportive of underground music. The underground fans are always the most loyal, I just see independent music taking over toppling record companies from the inside.

MVRemix: I see you have done some shows with One Be Lo, as well as others. Tell us about that. What was it like? Best place you performed?

Time: OneBeLo is a good friend of AwareNess. Recently we have just been doing shows with the Psychokinetics and the Shapeshifters. Existereo is the homey!!! We have also been doing some shows with Psyche Origami. They have two vicious DJís and a crazy emcee. Itís always a fun time playing with other great acts. I listened to Binary Star before I even started rapping. Then when I got a chance to take the same stage and some of my inspirations it was crazy.

The best places we perform are usually the most packed places. We had a lot of fun in Tempe, I was down to my shorts, one sock and a mullet wig by the end of the night. The Temple bar in Santa Monica was damn nice. When we heard Jimi Hendrix had once played there that made it even more of a privilege.

MVRemix: What else do you have going on in the future?

Time: Right now I am working on like 5 albums.

CALM, which is me and AwareNess is coming out soon. That album is going to be called, Anti-Smiles.

The Grimies is Extra Kool and me is still in the works. DeeSkee is doing some very nice production on that.

The Cynthia Stout Recycling Production is going to be this live drummer Clint and Satyr. The Bobby Johnson Conspiracy is Passenger the Pumpkin Killer and I. This album isnít really involving much rapping except for subliminal purposes. Itís mostly weird melodic singing, funky crunky shit.

CALM is pretty much my new solo but I am also working on a new Time album, which will have a bunch of different producers. Main-Flow and Existereo might be on this one.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs or plugs?

Time: Shout outs to my emo-homies and L. Ron Hubbard, you can suck it. Get your prescription for Anti-Smiles and Stay CALM.

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