Tony Yayo (G-Unit) conducted by James Johnson  

Tony Yayo (G-Unit)

November 2005

Despite the fact that 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck kept the world on the up and up about Tony Yayo during his incarceration, not many people really saw him coming when he finally got released. I don't think anyone really knew what to expect of him.

Since his release, he has taken the hip-hop game into a choke hold, and there's no plan of letting go anytime soon. Besides his debut album, "Thought Of A Predicate Felon," which debuted at number two on the Billboard charts, he's been into so much other stuff along with his G-Unit cohorts. More recently, he has taken part in the new video game being offered by 50 Cent, titled "50 Cent: Bulletproof". We recently had a moment to talk with Yayo about the game and the part he play in its entire conception. Plus, he went on to discuss his upcoming business ventures.

MVRemix: I see you been out there makin' them moves and takin' care of business...what's been going down with you?

Tony Yayo: Oh man, I just came back from the movie premiere in Vegas. It was real big! A lot of people were out there!

MVRemix: Man, I knew it was going to be a big thing. I can't wait to get out and see it.... Tony Yayo G-Unit Interview

Tony Yayo: Yeah, and then I had a chance to check out the Mayweather mansion. That's his town out there!

MVRemix: Now you weren't in the movie at all, were you?

Tony Yayo: No, because actually, I was out working and promoting for my album while it was being shot, so I'm not in this one. I was basically handling all the mixing, mastering, magazines, and stuff like that.

MVRemix: Your album has been doing very well. How does it feel to see that the fans of G-Unit have embraced you now, and even when you first came back home?

Tony Yayo: Oh man, it feels good. But you know what; G-Unit always has high end expectations. I'm not mad at how it's doing, because it's doing well. It came out the exact same day that Kanye came out, so it didn't do what I expected. Then also, there's so much going down with the Katrina situation, that it was just bad timing. That's not to use it as an excuse or publicity, but you know... That's the thing with G-Unit though, we always have high expectations.

MVRemix: But I think that what you've said was legit though. It has a lot to do with it. One thing is for sure though... a lot of people try to count you guys out, but everybody in the camp has shown and proved with their releases though.

Tony Yayo: Oh yea, definitely.

MVRemix: So tell me what's going on with the game, "50 Cent: Bulletproof!"

Tony Yayo: I had a chance to sit down and play the game for like two hours, and it stands out more than any other game because of who it was written by. That's what makes it stand out. It features songs by G-Unit that ain't never been heard. Buck, Banks, and I are all on it. Buck is on there, shootin everybody!

MVRemix: I've got to admit man, it's crazy, but I kinda grew out of video games as I turned 18, so I haven't played in quite a while. I think the last system I had was the Playstation. What's the entire premise of this game?

Tony Yayo: The game is like a revenge plot. Everything in life to me is based on a plot of revenge. You go through stages to get to a certain level. I think it also stands out because it's so much life real life. That's why I really like playing it.

MVRemix: So the game will drop when?

Tony Yayo: It should be in stores in early November.

MVRemix: Are there plans for any of you to venture out with more video games?

Tony Yayo: Actually, I have my own game coming out called "Free Yayo", which is a deal I have through Zingy. So the game will be available on your handheld cellular phones. You might be on the train or bus, and you'll be able to play it.

MVRemix: Yeha man, that's real slick.

Tony Yayo: Yeah man! You should really get back onto playing the video games. They've upgraded and changed so much over the years, and they seem so real now.

MVRemix: It's funny you say that man, because ironically, seeing cousins playing lately, I'm starting to get the urge here and there. I was just telling my girl the other day that I wanted an X-Box.

Tony Yayo: Yeah, and now, it's like that's all we do in our spare time, is play Madden. Once you start again, you'll be hooked. I've been waiting for Bulletproof for so long that I went out and bought Warriors. I loved the movie, so I got the game now.

MVRemix: What systems should "Bulletproof" be available on?

Tony Yayo: It's going to be out on all of em, you know, X-Box, Playstation 2, and so forth...

MVRemix: So I see I'm going to have to go out and scoop this game up.

Tony Yayo: Yeah, it's going to be serious man!

MVRemix: What else is going on now that the album is out?

Tony Yayo: Right now, I'm just killing these shows. Just working.

MVRemix: Are you in the studio at all doing new material?

Tony Yayo: I actually wrote three songs yesterday. I have a full album complete already for the next release. I just want my albums to get better and better.

MVRemix: Are there any final comments at all?

Tony Yayo: Look out for "Get Rich or Die Trying," the movie, look out for the soundtrack - it's got Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, 50 of course, myself, Olivia, and a lot more!

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