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Don P. (Trillville) - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Trillville - Completely Crunked

August 2005

No matter which corner of the globe you're in, there are a thousand rappers. All of them are trying to be the next big thing. Some manage to get a break and flourish, others get their break and... Trillville began doing their thing on the underground circuit down south before being discovered by Lil' Jon. From then on, there was no stopping them. The BME clique which Jon is responsible for has become one of the wealthiest and most famous in rap.

The trio known as Trillville, composed of Don P., Dirty Mouth and Lil' LA are set to release their sophmore album "Reloaded" in October and according to Don. P, it's a full night's guide.

MVRemix: With the success of "Some Cut," are you going to be doing more songs for the ladies as opposed to the crunk songs you started out with?

Don P.: Man, you smart as hell! Damn right! You damn right. Matter of fact, on the new album "Trillville: Reloaded," we got a couple songs for the ladies. You know we don't call it songs for the ladies anymore; we call it bedroom crunk. We got a couple of songs on there for the ladies because they love us and I look good. We're not some bad looking guys. [chuckles]

MVRemix: Tell me about "Reloaded."

Don P.: It's like a smash. It's actually gonna be the best album of this year, especially from what I've done heard so far. Lil' Jon did a lot of production on there, of course - the king of crunk himself. I did a couple of tracks on there as well, Don P., the super-producer. [ribbets "Ye"] It's really up. There's a lot of up-tempo songs on there and then we bring in the bedroom crunk. 'Cause you know, once you leave the club, you know, gettin' crunk. Once you leave the club and get back to the house, you do your bedroom crunk thing. So it's kind of like going to the club, at the club, leavin' the club with ya girl, in the bedroom with your girl and the next morning. That's how I would describe the album as far as the songs and stuff. We got a couple of features on the album of course. The BME clique is on the album, you know E-40 part of the BME clique now, so we got a song with him called "I'm Pimpin" with him and 8ball. We got Lloyd from Murder Inc., of course Lil' Jon... We have Three 6 Mafia on the album and the rest of it is just us. Just lettin' you know what we about, what we doin'. It's a real crunk album.

MVRemix: How would you say it differs from the last album?

Don P.: Well you know the last album we had to share with Scrappy. So we had to split the album. This album is all us. We got a chance to do everything that we wanted to do that we couldn't do on the last album, so we got a chance to do everything. This album right here is all 400%, two hundred fifty million percent, all Trillville. It's just really establishing our identity and letting everybody know that we like the hottest shit.

MVRemix: What's the current situation between yourselves and Lil' Scrappy?

Don P.: Current situation is he workin' on his album, it's comin' out in November. As far as the current... We just workin' on our separate projects and gettin' ready to roll wit 'em. We kinda got a friendly competition goin' to see who gon' sell the most.

MVRemix: Do you feel that Lil' Jon catered more towards Lil' Scrappy than you seeing as Scrappy had more success although both albums were released together?

Don P.: [pauses] Nah, not really 'cause Trillville, we're a group. We can hold our own. There's already three of us and we do our thing on our own 'cause that's how we started out. We started out independent, doin' a lot of things on our own. So we really didn't need Jon to have to baby-sit us at all. He don't have to be in the studio with us every time we do a song. We'll do a song and he'll come in and say he likes it or he'll change something if he feel he need to. But he don't have to be there the whole time. When we go on the road, we can hold it down or whatever. So not really. 'Cause he (Scrappy) was a solo artist, he was really young - he was like eighteen so he needed a lot of guidance, which was real cool 'cause we all ended up having a hit record. At the end of the day it took the record to another level.

MVRemix: What's your creative process? How do you assemble your hooks and chants and such?

Don P.: Man, I come up with damn near every hook. I came up with 95% of the hooks on this album. I did "Get On My Level" ("Neva Eva")... On this record, the hooks... In the studio it's like a party atmosphere. It's like we at the club. It's like the club/studio is Trillville. So we have all our people gettin' crunk, we even have a DJ in there. We just be listenin' to music, doin' our thing and it just comes out. That's how the club loves our music and that's how the ladies love our music. We have ladies in there, we have dudes in there. If they not feelin' it, if the party stops and we're recordin' - that means it's not a hit record. If nothin' changes and everybody feel hype and gettin' crunk and feelin' everything then we keep recording. That's how we know when it's a hit song or not.

MVRemix: Tell me about Trilltown Entertainment.

Don P.: Trilltown Entertainment... Trilltown Entertainment is a label between me, my manager Topcat and TL. We workin' on some things right now with Trilltown Entertainment. Trilltown Mafia is a group that's signed to Trillville Inc. which is my label. The group is called Trilltown Mafia. I'm actually with them right now in Houston. They're signed to Rap-A-Lot/Asylum. That's gonna be the first group to come out under my wing, under my production. We just keepin' it rollin'. But Trilltown Mafia will be out in November and they first single is called "Twinkle, Twinkle."

MVRemix: What about the "Welcome To Trillville" soundtrack and DVD? Tell me about those...

Don P.: Oh yeah, oh yeah. That's the stuff we did a long time ago. Actually Trillville was my label, Trillville is my label. Then we met with BME and changed it into a group. But "Welcome To Trillville" was our first independent record. We were doing shows, packin' high schools and clubs - 3,000 kids every Friday and Saturday. If it was a holiday, Sunday. That album right there was the one that put us on, it really put us on. We never did the movie, but we did start shootin' the movie actually...

MVRemix: But it never finished?

Don P.: Nah, we called it the soundtrack to the movie to get everybody's attention on the streets and stuff. But now there's really one comin'. It's actually gonna be called "Welcome To Trilltown."

MVRemix: Describe your rowdiest audience for me.

Don P.: Oh man, the rowdiest audience had to have been and it's so surprising, but the rowdiest audience actually came in New York. That was the most surprising thing to me. I would think it would come from down south, maybe Atlanta or Memphis... They be rowdy too. But the rowdiest that I can remember super well was in New York. We was expectin' like, "Man, they not gonna get crunk. You know New York, they don't know about this." Man, we went in there and did "Get On My Level" - when we got off stage, I literally had no clothes. I was in my boxers. Pants was to my ankles. The girls was pulling all over, the dudes was goin' crazy - water was going everywhere. It was one big party. It was the craziest thing you've ever seen. It looked like the end of the world party or somethin', for real. They done tore all our clothes off. I didn't have nothin'. No hat, no nothin', no shirt...

MVRemix: Did you happen to see "Hustle & Flow"?

Don P.: Yeah, I loved that movie. I really liked that movie. I think it really explained and let people see what's really goin' on out there in the streets with this rap music. I think it was the most realistic movie I've seen in a long time, since "Fahrenheit 9/11."

MVRemix: Aside from the album and movie, is there anything else you're working on?

Don P.: I'm workin' on the Trilltown Mafia album right now, with Warner Brothers, Asylum and Rap-A-Lot. They have a side DVD movie which is gonna be kind of like on "Usual Suspects," that of course features Trilltown Mafia and Trillville, we gonna be playing the cops and shit. It's gonna be real cool. I'm workin' on producing for a lot of other artists. I produced E-40, Killer Mike, Crime Mob, 112, Pretty Willy - he just signed to Warner Brothers. So I got a lot of stuff I'm producing. I know Lil' Atlanta, he's another guy in the group... He's out in L.A. doin' his pimpin' thing. He do all the pimpin' stuff, he's goin' for Pimp of the Year and all that type of stuff so he does the pimping thing a lot. Then you've got Dirty Mouth who's workin' on his label called Still Ballin' Entertainment, and me and him gonna do a joined venture through Trilltown. We all just workin' man. Workin', workin', workin'...

Everybody get Trillville Reloaded, it comes out at the beginning of September. It's gonna be off the chains. We got two singles out; one with E-40 called "I'm Pimpin" and one that I produced called "Nothin' Left." So y'all make sure y'all go and get it, it's off the chains. Oh, I forgot, Mya's on the album too! Mya's on the album and 112's on the album too. So y'all make sure y'all get it, aight! [ribbets "Ye"]

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"'s kind of like going to the club, at the club, leavin' the club with ya girl, in the bedroom with your girl and the next morning. That's how I would describe the album as far as the songs..."