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Triple Seis - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Starting Over


Triple Seis is starting over. It's tough for any artist to be back at square one, but its been especially rough for Seis. With the lose of his mentor and best friend Big Pun, Seis' life was turned upside down. After Pun's death, Seis felt as if part of him died as well. With Pun gone, Seis eventually decided to part ways with Fat Joe and the Terror Squad, stating that nobody left in the crew had his back. Since then, Triple Seis has laid low. He has made various guest appearances on DJ Honda's and The Beatnuts album, but a solo deal never came to fruition until now. With Madd Records stepping to the plate, Triple Seis released his debut album "Only Time 'Ll Tell" on July 20th.

MVRemix: Let's start by talking about the album, "Only Time 'LL Tell". So tell us the meaning behind the title.

Triple Seis: The reason why I chose "Only Time 'LL Tell" is because everything always falls into place for me like that. It always takes time for things to develop, so that was the main reason why.

MVRemix: Who do you have on the album as far as producers and guest appearances?

Triple Seis: I got a lot of up and coming producers, because when I was working on the album, I was doing it independently. And then I went and got an impendent deal from Madd Records. So I got people like Maya & Rich Kid, so there is a lot of producers you may have never heard of, but they have good quality beats, thatís why I chose them. It didn't really matter about the name, it just mattered about how the sound came out. As far as guest appearances, at the time I had got Ice T with Trigger, and I got Cuban all over my album, because thatís my brother right there. I also got the Beatnuts, plus local artists as well, who I feel have talent but all they need is a chance.

MVRemix: Overall, what are you looking to accomplish with this album?

Triple Seis: Basically, just to open more doors, where I can have more control over a project and be able to flood the gates with a lot of people from my hood, from the Bronx basically.

MVRemix: What do you want fans to take out of it?

Triple Seis: I just want them to take a listen to songs. There are certain songs on there that mean more than others. Others are just songs that you do because of the mood swing of this industry right now. So there are a couple of songs on there like "Love Put Me" and "Time 'LL Tell", which really touch people. So I want the fans just to grab it and understand my point of view. And also just to know that there is more music to come.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Madd Records?

Triple Seis: It was actually through a mutual friend. I was looking for a deal or a distribution deal, or someone to put the album out, cause the album was already done. And along came Madd Records, so here we are.

MVRemix: Are you worried that being on an independent label may not allow you to receive the correct promotion you deserve?

Triple Seis: Itís a thought, ya know. It crosses your mind and you wonder, cause the promotion is not the same as a major. A major's promotion is totally different, itís a whole different field. But if this does work out, cause with an independent you donít have to sell that much, but if you do enough numbers there will probably be a major out there that recognizes and gives me that big budget that I feel I deserve.

MVRemix: Let's talk about some of the tracks on the album. You got "Coast 2 Coast" with the legendary Ice T, so how did you hook up with him?

Triple Seis: Well, we were doing a Pun documentary called Big Pun Live, so we were doing that and we sat there and kicked it. And Ice remembered when I went with Pun to his house; me, him and Cuban. So we were just kicking it, the aura was good, and I told him "Yo, I got studio time, I'm working on an album, but there is no money". So he was like "I don't need no money from you dog". So he came through and was feeling the beat, so he laid down some vocals. Trigger was there also, that was his artist at the time. So I said let's all get on the track, cause I always respected Trigger from Smoothe Da Hustla. So everything just fell into place right there.

MVRemix: My favorite track is "Love Put Me", which is a real deep track. So for those that haven't heard it, explain to the fans what its about.

Triple Seis: That's actually my favorite track on the album too. That song is just deep. The second verse is me talking to my baby mom's, how things could have been different. And on the third verse its basically just me regaining my honor and respect back. Everything is to the point on that song, it is just so deep. I know there is a lot of people out there that have been through that issue, that love put them on the corner. Sometimes its not even the love from another person, its you yourself, that you fall into a denial because your chasing a dream or you feel your right. So you just end up on the corner.

MVRemix: On "Time 'LL Tell" you state "things ain't never gonna change, everything in life will remain the same". So why do you feel that way?

Triple Seis: Because if you look at the world issues today, its like 360. As a young kid I could remember some things that happened before, that are going on now. Let me just say it like that. Its just revolving, things ain't never gonna change.

MVRemix: You got your man Cuban Link on a couple of joints, and you guys have a lot of chemistry together. So will we ever see the two of you hook up for an album together?

Triple Seis: That is something that is being worked on from Cuban's end. Because Cuban right now has a deal with a label called M.O.B., so they got his back 199 percent. So everything is going well with that, so he is trying to make that happen. I think there is going to be a Full-A-Clips album, and its going to be a big thing.

MVRemix: So do you think maybe next year that will happen?

Triple Seis: I'm not going to put a date on it, but I'm hoping as soon as possible.

MVRemix: Speaking of Cuban, I was reading an interview he recently did and in it he said that Fat Joe has had ghostwriters his entire career. Is that true and what are your thoughts on that?

Triple Seis: Well, I'm not really going to comment on that, cause the vibe I have is totally different. That's my brother and I love him to death, but his issue is his issue. I'm not really going to jump into that right there. I'm gonna fall back, or should I say lean back. (laughter) Cause there is people on that side that personally I still have and I went through issues with them. So the respect is there. I don't know about the love, but the respect is there. So I'm really not really going to jump into that.

MVRemix: Let's go back and talk about the fall out between you and the Terror Squad. How did that go down?

Triple Seis: Basically, it was a simple decision. Once Pun passed away I thought to myself, he was really the only one that had my back, Cuban and I. So when it happened, I just sat down with Joe and told him why I wanted out and I why I was gonna leave the Terror Squad. So he acknowledged my opinion and my reason or whatever, and he just gave me one simple quote. He said "If you gonna leave, just don't use your Terror Squad affiliation to try and make it. If you leave you gotta do it on your own". And that's basically what I did. A soon as I left I went to Fat Beats, I did a single through them. And the Fat Beats owner, he was still contacting Joe asking him what should he do with it (my single). And Fat Joe let the song come out, cause he had the power to stop it. But he let it come out because of the way it paned out. It's a different issue between him and my brother.

MVRemix: So there is no beef between you and Joe?

Triple Seis: There is no beef, but he knows what side I am on.

MVRemix: How come you didn't feel like Joe had your back once Pun passed?

Triple Seis: Because, he didn't promise me nothing, Pun did. Pun promised that once he got on, we was on, and thatís exactly what happened. Joe, in the beginning, all he was really focusing on was Pun. He was trying to uplift Pun's career.

MVRemix: How come Prospect decided to stick with Joe and not leave with you and Cuban? Especially considering you guys were originally together as the Full-A-Clips crew.

Triple Seis: My only opinion is that he was promised something that was more beneficiary to him. Cause when you leave, you know you got nothing, and you are starting from scratch. So all those years is wasted. Well, not wasted cause you still have a name for yourself. Because the fortunate thing that happened was that Pun kept me and Cuban's name alive. Every other verse was Cuban and Seis. Or I'm with Seis, or I'm with Cuban, put Cuban on a song. So Prospect didn't have that luxury, he was only on the Terror Squad album. So I don't blame him for making his decision, I still support his decision. That is what he had to do to support him and his family, but that wasn't what I had to.

MVRemix: So what do you think about Lean Back?

Triple Seis: I think the beat is hot, itís a real hot song. Itís a banger, its gonna do down, cause the beat is real catchy and the hook is catchy. So they put the juice on it. Remy definitely choreographed a good song.

MVRemix: Not to keep harping on Fat Joe, but I was reading XXL and Joe was talking about how he demands loyalty and how he doesn't trust anyone anymore. But do you feel that the loyalty doesn't go both ways, that he expects it but doesn't deliver it in return.

Triple Seis: I would say, you would have to go through an experience with him to judge that one. My experience with him would be yes and no. Cause itís a mood swing. People get money and people change. Then they get defensive, then they get vulnerable. So it depends, itís a mood swing. Its all about being at the right place at the right time, thatís what I would say. Now as far as loyalty goes, you know who is loyal to you and who is not. So obviously he knows who he is talking about. He can't be talking about me and Cuban in that article, cause we not around him anymore. So we would have no reason to be loyal to him anymore. But when we was in TS, we was loyal, especially to Pun. We always kept it thorough. So I know, when I read the issue, he wasn't talking about me. So people around him, maybe. But really I donít know.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the Big Pun DVD "Still Not A Player", in which Pun's wife came out and discussed how he mistreated her?

Triple Seis: It was bound to come to the light, because it was an issue that was there even before the music. Before we even had a deal, it was an issue that him and his family went through. So it had nothing to do with him being rich, or him being angry, or anything like that. It was just a certain way that he went through his life. He went through certain situations that people don't even know about. And people shouldn't know about it. It's not on me to put it out there either. She did what she did, and it was out there. Some people disagreed, some people took it in. I'm not gonna say they agreed, but they took it in. That was the only way for her to speak at that moment. Maybe if she had a chance to do it over again today, she would edit some of that movie. Cause itís the people around you that hype you up, and they make you do things that you are not really clear minded of. But I got a lot of love for Liza, I'm still in contact with her, I still go see her kids. So thatís my big thing, he did what he did and he can't take that back. But I know in his heart he was sorry.

MVRemix: Are you going to be voting in this November's Presidential Election?

Triple Seis: That's right.

MVRemix: So what are your thoughts on the current state of our country?

Triple Seis: We in trouble! Cause if you've seen Fahrenheit 9/11, you know. And I'm sorry to say, Bush is gonna win the election. And he's gonna win by a landslide.

MVRemix: I donít' think he will win by a landslide, if he does win I think it will be close.

Triple Seis: He's gonna win by a landslide, mark my words.

MVRemix: What makes you feel that way?

Triple Seis: Because the war and the oil is way bigger than the people itself right now. And the ties that they have with each other is for years. Its something thatÖ.its big man. Its even bigger than politics.

MVRemix: It's definitely scary. You hear rumors all the time about things like reinstating the draft.

Triple Seis: Yeah, all these young kidsÖ.you got a lot of young kids these days that are not even going to school. So those are the first ones that are going to go.

MVRemix: Well, on a much lighter note, if you could fight any celebrity who would it be? It's just a joke question I like to ask.

Triple Seis: Any celebrity? Wow. Does it have to be an actor?

MVRemix: Nah, whoever, doesn't matter, anybody you want to fight.

Triple Seis: I wanna fight Ali's daughter. (laughter) I wanna fight Laila Ali, thatís right! I want her to knock me out. (laughter)

MVRemix: What was the first Hip Hop CD you fell in love with?

Triple Seis: Wow, that has to be Rakim "Paid In Full".

MVRemix: So bedside's the album, what else do you have going on in the immediate future?

Triple Seis: After the album, hopefully some shows will generate. And after that I will start working on my second album. Hopefully I will get a bigger deal and a bigger budget, where I can have more features. Like a Jadakiss, Ghostface, certain artists that I know personally that would do it on my second album. I just gotta get my budget right.

MVRemix: And are you looking for a different record label for the second album?

Triple Seis: I really donít know, I gotta see how this label pans out. Madd Records is trying to do things to the best of their ability, but of course, if there is a bigger budget out there, I am going to have to weigh my options. Cause I'm trying to do this big. This is not an industry where you can take a step back. And from where we came from, touring around the world for four years, starting all over is a major step back.

MVRemix: What about guest appearances, you gonna be on anybody's album?

Triple Seis: I'm gonna be on Cuban's album, and Cuban's tour. Everything is Cuban, cause thatís my brother, and he got me just like I got him.

MVRemix: Last words?

Triple Seis: Stay focus, donít give up. It's easy to quit, but don't give up, stay focus.

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