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Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks) - conducted by Juliana Lykins  

Vinnie Paz Interview

October 2006

What?! You've never been to Philly? You've only heard of South Philly?? Honestly that's your deal if you've got some preconceived notions about what life is like in somewhere that only rivals the living situations of 3rd world countries. You'd know that an artist like Vinnie Paz whose lyrics actually reflect the background where he grew up isn't anything like these kids who are paying to be on MTV.

MVRemix: First thing's first, Bush in 10 words or less?

Vinnie Paz: International terrorist.

MVRemix: Are you happy with the new album?

Vinnie Paz: Best thing we've ever done. We took our time and made the record the way we wanted to make it.

MVRemix: Is everyone going to love it?

Vinnie Paz: With us there is no gray area, people either love us or hate us. We make raw rare rap. We have die hard motherfucker -fans. Honestly I'd rather have tremendous love or tremendous hate than be a middle of the road motherfucker

MVRemix: Who did you like working with most on this album?

Vinnie Paz: Shara was great, all the other guests are my friends, but she made that song great. She writes all her own stuff, she's a real artist. JMT's trying to convey a little less business and more of a family vibe with in the gears of the music industry.

MVRemix: Is Razorblade salvation autobiographic?

Vinnie Paz: Yeah, you could say that. It's just really me talking to my mom. Everything in there's real. I guess it's best to articulate things that way. In any other way you could end up taking your hate out on somebody who doesn't deserve it. It feels like a weight's lifted off my shoulders.

MVRemix: Who would you like to work with in JMT's future?

Vinnie Paz: Kool G rap was who I idolized the most. I've worked with a lot of people I respect. In the rap game I've achieved all the artists I've wanted to work with. In the other spectrum of music, would like to work with Black Sabbath, Slayer, or System of a down.

MVRemix: With such revolutionary sounds, how do you feel about corporate music stores hustling your records?

Vinnie Paz: It's a necessary evil, I prefer that there wasn't change and big business wasn't involved. The problem is the CD's are being sold for $18 & $19, and mom and pop stores are dying because they're doing it for the love and not making a cent.

MVRemix: What's the craziest battle someone's approached you with on tour, I know on Visions of Ghandi had someone trying to battle?

Vinnie Paz: Usually too drunk to pay any attention to that. I'm 28 years old. My battling days are pretty much over. It's usually all love.

MVRemix: Where are the most loyal fans?

Vinnie Paz: In the states. They go wild in Colorado.

MVRemix: What's been the best out of country show so far?

Vinnie Paz: Switzerland, Zurich. 2,000 people - crazy! In Colombia we were attacked, and they chased the tour bus. In Bogota, kids were breaking through the barriers just to get close to us.

The DVD will be out Spring '07 -the Switzerland and Bogota shows will be on there.

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"With us there is no gray area, people either love us or hate us. We make raw rare rap."