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Wee Bee Foolish - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Wee Bee Foolish


These are the transcripts of an interview with the Wee Bee Foolish. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on December 14th, 2001. Wee Bee Foolish are a group from New York who provide a funky fix for the independent crowd. The group includes the renowned Yesh (formerly Yeshua Da poED), Ken Boogaloo and DJ Bless.

MVRemix: The name "Wee Bee Foolish" is an interesting one. I've got many ideas as to what it could represent, maybe that you act foolishly in a comedic manner. Or that you're small bee's who will sting anyone you feel deserves to be stung, or...well, I don't know, why don't you explain to me what the name represents.
Ken: Real simple...Wee Bee means everyone we chill with. And, foolish is for how we act when we're chillin' together.

MVRemix: What musical influences have made the "Wee Bee Foolish" what they are?
Ken: I've been influenced by many different music's. Mostly Native Tongues, Juice Crew, Gang Starr, and old school jams my parents used to listen to.

Bless: Growing up I listened to basically the same music that Ken has. As far as making beats...I am influenced by first and foremost Primo from Gang Starr, Large Pro, and A Tribe Called Quest.

MVRemix: How did the group form, what's the history behind you?
Bless: The group started off doing home jams on an 8 second sampler that my brother bought. If it wasn't for that first sampler we wouldn't be were we are at today.

Ken: We started doing jams in Bless' crib and, after a while, I asked Yesh if he wanted to form a group. Ever since then we have been rockin'.

Yesh: During this development period of the group I went out and did my first record with Siah on Fondle 'Em records and I also did quite a few solo records and collaborations on various labels.

MVRemix: Have you met many 'Chedda Chasers'?
Ken: In my time I have...some of the woman I encounter always want something and never want to give nothin'.

Bless: I never dealt with anything like that.

MVRemix: The Nuyorican is a well known NY spot for talented rappers/poets on the NY underground scene. For those who're unfamiliar with the place, can you give us some information on it and how it was to perform there?
Yesh: I started going to the Nuyorican to this event called "All That" which then provided a platform for upcoming MC's to rock a live setting with a band. The vibe has always been real good there, and it's the place where I came up. WBF has performed there as a group in the showcase called "Words." Peace to Rocky for holdin' us down for all those years.

MVRemix: On 'Whatcha Need' you mention about fans being caught up in the thug life clichs. Do you find this to be a factor which has "certain" heads more apprehensive to admitting to liking independent quality material and aspiring emcees to aspire to create original, quality material?
Ken: The reason I say that is because when I let the younger cats listen to music I am into, they don't respond because they are into that thug music that floods the radio waves. But, I understand because I'm an old school cat and the younger cats that are coming up now don't have the same type of hip hop that I used to listen to. To each his own because you can't make someone relate to something they don't know about.

MVRemix: Tell me about the relevance of Brighton Beach to the lives of the members of Wee Bee Foolish.
Ken: We all grew up there and the people that we knew have been into hip-hop since the beginning from break dancing and graff. But there wasn't any MCs and we wanted to be the first ones to put it down and leave our name on the map.

MVRemix: 'Brighton Beach Memoirs' has a beautifully relaxed vibe, with funky twists littered all the way along. To someone who hasn't heard it, how would you describe the vibe it provides?
Ken: It gives off the everyday vibe for the average joe that works a 9 to 5 and wants to listen to some hip hop that they can relax and relate to.

Yesh: The concentration of this album is tight production, well developed concepts, and showcasing different moods we experienced living in our small corner or the world.

MVRemix: Rappers and just everyday fans that are involved in the culture curse frequently without batting an eyelid. I'm no exception. However, I suppose it's actually a nice thing to hear an album where cursing isn't frequent. But, clever wordplay is abundant. Do you typically swear in your everyday talk and the lack thereof on this LP was a conscious decision or do you just not swear anyway?
Yesh: In an everyday conversation you will frequently find us cursing a lot but we don't think it is necessary to get our concepts across or to express ourselves in our music. At times you find it necessary to capture the right emotion so yes we are conscious of it.

MVRemix: What are your favourite books and movies of recent times?
Yesh: The last book I read was about a year ago called "Pimp: The story of Iceberg Slim." I really don't get to read as much as I would like to. I do watch a lot of movies and I would have to say that my favorite movie of recent times has to be 'The Score' with Robert Deniro.

Ken: I like to read a lot of magazines to stay informed on what's going on. I like MO Better Blues cause the jazz musicians were coming up and I can relate to that.

Bless: I really like comedy movies. I am also a fan of action movies as well.

MVRemix: What are you currently working on?
Ken: As a collective we are working on a new EP to be released in the new year.

Yesh: Besides working on the WBF projects I just finished up my solo EP to be released on Ill Boggie records in the new year entitled "IntoFreshThings."

Bless: I am always in the studio working on music. Besides the WBF project I am producing tracks for the compilation called 'Foundation' to be released in the New Year. I also am putting together my own album where MCs are rhyming over my beats. The title has yet to be worked out.

MVRemix: Do you have any non-musical aspirations?
Bless: I would really like to broaden my horizons and learn to be an engineer.

Ken: I want to meet a nice woman and start a family.

Yesh: I want to get into filmmaking. I have spent all my time concentrating on the audio side of things but I am also very interested in expressing myself creatively through visuals. I have always been interested in the art of films and already thought about producing my 1st independent film. Besides that, my concentration is to play the background of the label and development of artists.

MVRemix: What do you see going on in your career in 2002...and what do you actually know will happen?
Ken: I know we are puttin' out another WBF project and sky is the limit because we are on the grind.

Yesh: I think more people will be aware of the wee bee foolish, Head Bop Music and Yesh in general for the new year.

MVRemix: Any last words you'd like to put to your fans and potential fans?
Ken: Look out for the future projects and email 2way beep and call your friends and tell the about the Wee Bee Foolish album.

Yesh: I would like to direct all the fans to our website where you can find info on upcoming projects, shows etc.

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