Xxxchange conducted by Todd E. Jones  

XXXChange Says, 'YoYoYo!' to Spank Rock

July 2006

MVRemix: On the song, 'Power, Money And Influence' from Guru's 'Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures' album, Talib Kweli states that Pro-Tools made producers lazy. Do you agree?

Xxxchange: I think Talib Kweli is working with the wrong guys. Computers are just tools, same as tape machines. It's up to the artist to make something happen. They shouldn't blame the tool if it's not happening.

MVRemix: Around what time in your career did you start financially surviving form music?

Xxxchange: Not yet.

MVRemix: Do you think that success and credibility are mutually exclusive? Xxxchange interview

Xxxchange: Maybe not. It's hard to say. I mean there's a lot of art music that was never successful, which is certainly credible. There's a lot of bullshit that was never successful too. It all depends on what you want to achieve. I think me and Naeem both really want to make music that people like, and can connect with. Artists like Stevie Wonder or Prince never sacrificed their artistic ideals to get success. You have to be very good at what you do to have massive hits. I don't think it is really a credibility issue, unless the artist is invented by the record company.

MVRemix: Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Xxxchange: I want to keep working with Naeem and our other friends for a while, just to see how the whole thing is going to develop. I'd love to work with Missy or Busta Rhymes though. They always seem to pick really good beats.

MVRemix: Who are some producers you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Xxxchange: Maybe David Byrne or Brian Eno. I love the records they made back in the day. Quincy Jones.

MVRemix: How has being on a European-based label been an obstacle in hip-hop?

Xxxchange: They think that hype alone will sell records. They've skimped on the marketing budget and on buying ads. This is shit that I don't like to talk about or even think about. It's a no-brainer. I feel let down.

MVRemix: What LPs have you been listening to in the last couple of days?

Xxxchange: Remix request stuff, Para One from France, and Miami pirate radio stations, which are really great by the way.

MVRemix: How has your live show evolved?

Xxxchange: We freestyle every show. We have never rehearsed, but people always seem to have fun at our shows. We put a lot of effort in, when on stage. The audience usually shows their appreciation. Our DJ's, now, are really great. We're going to continue to work together, as a team, to improve the quality of our shows.

MVRemix: How are American audiences different from European audiences?

Xxxchange: Not that different, but you can't play Doobie Brothers or Creedence to a European audience. They won't get it. You have to play them Daft Punk or something that they understand better. We usually mix in more classic rock and stuff like that in America. Still, you never know what people might like until you try.

MVRemix: What do you think about current situation between the United States and the Middle East?

Xxxchange: I think that invading Iraq was a really stupid idea. It's time for a regime change over here too. I don't really know too much about politics, but it seems like the guys in power over here are really, really bad.

MVRemix: There are a myriad of drug references in the 'YoYoYoYoYo' LP. What kind of drugs do you enjoy? What drugs have you done? Which drugs don't you do anymore? Why?

Xxxchange: I'm not going to endorse any drugs to anybody.

MVRemix: What is your opinion on MySpace?

Xxxchange: I think it's great for musicians as a networking tool. It sucks that Rupert Murdock has everybody's personal information though.

MVRemix: What was the last incident of racism you experienced?

Xxxchange: Getting called 'Beastie Boy' and 'Eminem' in a Baltimore record store. Is that racist? It felt like it.

MVRemix: Word association. When I say the name, you say the first word that pops into your head. So, if I said, 'Public Enemy', you may say 'Revolution' or 'Chuck D'. Okay?

MVRemix: Mos Def.

Xxxchange: Black Star.

MVRemix: Five Deez.

Xxxchange: Pase Rock.

MVRemix: Dead Prez. X

Xxxchange: That song where they tell you what to eat.

MVRemix: Atmosphere.

Xxxchange: Metro area.

MVRemix: Happy Mondays.

Xxxchange: Joy Division.

MVRemix: Kool Keith.

Xxxchange: Dr. Octagon.

MVRemix: Coldcut.

Xxxchange: True Skool.

MVRemix: Wu-Tang Clan.

Xxxchange: Rza.

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