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Ying Yang Twins - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Ying Yang Twins - Whispering Lullabies

June 2005

As the turn of the millennium took place, the crunk wave really kicked off. Lil' Jon, The East Side Boyz and the Ying Yang Twins went from being condescendingly looked upon to become multi-platinum selling superstars. With their simplistic hooks, the clique grew larger and larger and their club anthems received heavy amounts of spins on a nightly basis.

With their third album "U.S.A. (United State of Atlanta)," the Ying Yang Twins aim to present not only a different impression of themselves but also of their beloved state. The album drops on June 28th with guests ranging from the typical line up (Lil' Jon for example) to that you wouldn't necessarily expect (Maroon 5).

MVRemix: Tell me about how the group's name came about.

Kaine: D-Roc and myself, we're totally opposite. You know, at a time where he might wanna bring peace. I want war. You know what I'm sayin'? Anytime he gon' say "Yay!" I'ma say "Nay!" But once we get together on wax, it always comes out to be perfect. There was no other route to go but to say that we was the Ying Yang Twins 'cause any time one of us is up, the other is usually down.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the current standing of The Source magazine and your feelings on being awarded group of the year last year?

Kaine: The Source? You know, it's a great magazine. It's good exploitation what the game has to offer from a lot of rappers and other artists as well. Bein' awarded group of the year? That was somethin' that we never thought would've happened to us. The people made that possible. We figure the people would be better able to answer that on our behalf than we would.

MVRemix: Tell me about "U.S.A." ("United State Of Atlanta").

D-Roc: "United State of Altanta," it's to let people understand Atlanta on the whole other than just bein' crunk. Like you see Atlanta right now, everybody just bein' crunk and don't really know Atlanta as bein' a united state. We do everything that everybody else do - "United State of Atlanta" gon' be able to get that across so people can understand Atlanta on the whole, other than just bein' crunk. We got a bunch of cool features on there too. As far as features we got Anthony Hamilton, Maroon 5, Jacki-O...

Kaine: Lil' Jon, Bun B of UGK...

D-Roc: Yeah Bun...

Kaine: Teedra Mosley.

D-Roc: We just tryin' to get everybody as a whole so everybody can understand Atlanta for what Atlanta's worth. Not just bein' crunk.

MVRemix: Which song took you the longest to do on the album?

Kaine: Most of the feature songs. All of the other songs we did and then most of the featured songs we already had, we just had to wait on the features.

MVRemix: If you had to compare the album to a designer label or car, which would you choose and why?

Kaine: Designer label or a car! Sean John and a Bentley because Ying Yang has stiffened up. We 'bout to show the world all we capable of. Not just what they know us for 'cause they don't know the group on the whole yet that way.

MVRemix: Why the choice for "Wait" as the first single?

D-Roc: Actually "Wait" wasn't supposed to be the first single but it got leaked. Somebody leaked it - somebody broke it and we had to fix it. They broke it, we fixed it, they broke it - we fixed it. Just had to take it from there... it was a blessing that God sent us, that's what I think.

MVRemix: How did the idea come about?

Kaine: When you in the club it's very unpractical to be yellin' at her things, but you whisper in her ear - it kind of attracts her and it turns her on.

D-Roc: It sends a sense of erotica - it's like bein' grown and sexy. It's like comin' a whole 'nother way other than what we known for. It's more like an adult approach.

MVRemix: Who came up with the idea for the video?

Kaine: Lil X took our vision and ran with it.

D-Roc: All respect to X on the video! He did his thing.

MVRemix: Do you two believe that you'd still have this success without the success of Lil Jon? Or do you believe that you would, it would just have come at a later point?

Kaine: We would have still had the same success.

MVRemix: Any crazy stories about touring and/or groupies?

Kaine: Nah man, just bein' on the road is a wonderful thing you know. The most crazy stories I can tell you is fights... that's real.

MVRemix: You've made various film cameos, any plans to act in a larger role?

Kaine: We're tryin' to do a little TV now. We gon' through with MTV tryin' to get that handled, so... We tryin' to get on in there.

MVRemix: Have fun with this one, a la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Kaine: [ponders] Ummm....

MVRemix: Who annoys you?

Kaine: Who annoys me? Damn... That's a good question 'cause we annoy most people. [chuckles]

D-Roc: I know a lot of people probably wanna fight us.

MVRemix: What is the biggest misconception people have of you?

Kaine: Thinkin' that we're not grown just by what they hear on lyrics or some of the songs they hear us produce.

MVRemix: Do you believe you'll ever be appreciated for your songwriting skills?

Kaine: We done stayed in the game this far from them callin' us a novelty group or a one-hit wonder group. So what you think?

MVRemix: Aside from the album, have you been working on any other projects?

Kaine: We got somethin' comin' up on the future Mike Jones album, the new artist that just dropped. We weren't album to make this album ("Who is Mike Jones?"). We gonna guest on Jacki-O's album "Po Little Rich Girl." We do what we can do when people wanna deal with us.

MVRemix: Aside from your music, do you have any other projects in the works? Business endeavours or whatnot?

Kaine: We got some stuff brewin'. We got some stuff brewin'...

D-Roc: We ain't got it all in order yet, but we workin' on it. Tryin' to get the album out there first.

MVRemix: Any last words?

D-Roc: Yeah, we our fans' number one fans.

Kaine: We love our fans very much. Without them there would be no such thing as the Ying Yang Twins.

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"It sends a sense of erotica - it's like bein' grown and sexy. It's like comin' a whole 'nother way other than what we known for. It's more like an adult approach."

(regarding "Wait")