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Young Gunz conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Young Gunz: Appreciating Tough Love

March 2005

Philadelphia's Young Gunz composed of Young Chris and Neef have been heralded as Roc-A-Fella's future. Jay-Z has personally chosen Memphis Bleek and the duo to be the first releases he puts out after his Def Jam take-over.

After huge success with their debut "Tough Luv," on May 17th the duo will release "Brothers From Another," their sophomore record.

MVRemix: What's the difference between "Tough Luv" and "Brothers From Another"?

Neef: We matured. We recorded this album on tour while we was on the Jay-Z & Friends tour. I know y'all heard about the thing that was goin' on with the R. Kelly situation and we had stuff still goin' on back home - bodies still droppin' and the split between Roc-A-Fella. There was just a lot goin' on so we had a lot to talk about.

MVRemix: Can you give me some details on the album? Guest appearances, production credits... that sort of thing.

Neef: We got my man Chad West, that's our album's producer. He got about six joints on the album. We got Swizz, Swizz got two joints. He got the first single, "Set It Off" and we ready to shoot the video for that soon. We got the second single with Slim from 112 - it's called "Don't Keep Me Waitin'" with a Luther Vandross sample; it's crazy. We got our own artists; Pooda Brown, Will Giest - we got our label G.I.F.I.; Get In Where You Fit In. We got Jay on the album, we got Memph Bleek on the album.Young Gunz interviews

Young Chris: We got Foxy.

Neef: Yeah, we got Foxy on the album.

Young Chris: Production - we got Red Spyda, Boola, who's up and coming, Bangladesh, Just Blaze... that's about it.

MVRemix: What's going on with the "Set It Off" video? When's that gonna be shot and is there anything in mind for it?

Young Chris: It's gonna be on the 4th and the 5th of April out in Cali.

Neef: Concept's gonna be crazy - we up in the studio... I don't wanna give you too much but we up in the studio. We doin' it track-wise; we makin' a track in the video.

MVRemix: Is it true that you assemble your tracks like Jay and Biggie were famous for - the no-paper, no pen track creation?

Young Chris: Yeah!

MVRemix: Are you planning to do solo LPs after this or just more group stuff?

Neef: Yeah, we gon' do it all. We gonna give it to you raw.

MVRemix: On "Home of Philly," you and Beanie (Sigel) seemed really close. What's the situation with the current relationship and the Roc-A-Fella split?

Neef: That's the only thing. We feel, you know... that's so funny to me that Beans ain't over here with Roc-A-Fella or whatever. But you know we was all free agents; it was up to us, man. The decision was wherever we feel comfortable at. We did what's best for us and he did what's best for him.

MVRemix: Dame Dash avoided answering the question on 106th and Park - in your minds, what's the current standing with State Property?

Neef: I don't know. I see 'em as all chiefs and pawns so... to me that was crazy. You've gotta keep the same game face. Don't tell me you ain't gonna be mad and then act mad on TV.

MVRemix: Is there any knowledge amongst yourselves with regards to the clothing line and the new movie?

Young Chris: Yeah, we in the new movie ("State Property 2"). We doin' our thing in the new movie. They still send me Roc-A-Wear. It's all good.

MVRemix: On "Tough Luv," how did you end up dissing each other on your own debut because few groups air out their own public business, and you basically took it a step further and blatantly threw shots at each other. What's the story behind that?

(Young Chris called Neef a pussy on "North of Death" and Neef threatens Chris' life towards the end of the "Tough Luv" album)

Neef: We ain't really diss each other.

MVRemix: So it was just sort of a playful thing?

Neef: That's just how we live, so...

Young Chris: That's the motto we go by.

MVRemix: What's the situation with the R&B singer who had the song "Scarz" on their last mixtape?

Neef: He workin', he's doin' his thing. That's the boy who did "Bad Girl" for Usher. He on our album right now, that's where we told you we got the label G.I.F.I. He down with us. He and my brother, he on the album too (Pooda Brown). That's our first two artists out the label we got.

MVRemix: I've heard a lot about Pooda Brown from being your brother and such, is there anything as far as his solo venture being in the works?

Neef: Yeah, no doubt. Soon as we pop off with this thing or whatever, he on the album twice.

Young Chris: Gotta have the right set up before we just throw him out there.

MVRemix: Chris, how did you hook up with Play N Skillz and Lil Flip for the "Call Me" remix?

Young Chris: Yeah, 'cause I think we had a show out there with Flip n' 'em. It wasn't with them, but we was on the same show. We was in the same hotel or whatever. So I was hollerin' at Flip and his people was in there (Play N Skillz) his in-house producers and they cookin' up for him. So I met them right there and I knocked somethin' out right there in the room, right there on the spot. And I had linked up with them again on the road 'cause I get they numbers and whatever. They did some more heat for me and we been keepin' each touch ever since.

MVRemix: Any opinions on the supposed fight between him and T.I. the other day?

Young Chris: [chuckling] Nah!

Neef: We mess with both of 'em!

Young Chris: In Atlanta...

>> continued...

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