Yukmouth (Da Luniz) conducted by Hugo Lunny  


October 2004

Having gained worldwide notoriety with Knumskull as the Luniz in the mid 90's with "I Got 5 On It," Yukmouth became one of the Bay Area's best known artists. He has continued making power moves and pouring out tracks throughout the following years. Now, with a new label (Smoke-A-Lot Records) under a sub-division of Rap-A-Lot, Yukmouth has recently released the second volume of "United Ghetto's Of America."

These are the transcripts of an interview conducted with Yukmouth by Hugo Lunny on October 14th, 2004.

MVRemix: How did the name Yukmouth originate?

Yukmouth: I got that shit from a cartoon. I think "Mighty Man" or something. They had a dog with a fuckin' dog house on his face and they called him "Yukmouth." His special power was when he takes his dog house off his face, he scares motherfuckers. So that was his power as "Yukmouth." I took that name. Not meaning that I scare niggas when I take off my hat or some shit like that, but back in the day (I mean in the 80's) it was always about being nasty and being raw. If a nigga was hot it was like, "Yo! He got a nasty flow!" So I started rapping in '88, '89. It was Yukmouth but really Nasty-mouth as in nasty flow, not like nasty-cathy mouth, but nasty flow. If you was "nasty" back in the day, you was hot.

MVRemix: In comparing your life now, to ten years back, what are the biggest changes you've witnessed?

Yukmouth: Hip Hop. Haha. Hip Hop changed man. It went from gold chains and dookie ropes to platinum chains, yellow diamonds, green diamonds... rose gold. It went from niggas barely going gold, to niggas going ten times platinum. I mean Hip Hop has changed big time. It went from people break-dancing and battling in parks to people doing real life battles on mixtapes, on albums, on all types of shit. It's wild; Hip Hop has grown and expanded.

MVRemix: A lot of people have been talking about it. What exactly happened with Game to start off the beef and is it over now? What's the current situation?

Yukmouth: I don't know man, shit. I just know that we had done a song supposedly squashing the motherfuckin' beef. So I know this nigga hops on the end of the song talkin' shit. I assume the beef is not squashed. How could it possibly be squashed if you hop on the end and talk that much shit about me and Gonzoe?

MVRemix: Yeah, it was weird. I mean I've got the quote here, he says; "Now back to Yukmouth / We cool for now / You can come outside, ain't nobody going shoot you down"

Yukmouth: Right, right, right! [chuckles] What the fuck is you talkin' about? I mean real, real talk though. When you sayin' that shit, I mean of course. I'ma reply. You'll hear my reply soon.

MVRemix: How did the whole thing initiate?

Yukmouth: After I put my reply out, then we can squash it for good. But nah, niggas gotta hear my side of the story and what's goin' down. This nigga crossed me and snaked me. But how'd the whole shit even start? I see this nigga at Jadakiss' album release party in Hollywood and shit, like four or five months ago. We dissin' the G-Unit. Me and C-Bo dissin' the shit out of 'em on our "Thuglordz" album so I know he in the G-Unit and he a Cali nigga, and I'm a Cali nigga. So I need to check his temperature. See if I'ma have to watch my back from this nigga.

So I walk up on him, I've got my braids and shit, lookin' like a dreadlocked nigga. So he don't know who Yukmouth is, I don't look like the average Yuk. I don't look like how I look on my album covers with the braids in the back and shit. I look like a totally different nigga. So I run up on him and you know, "I'm Yukmouth." He's like "Oh what up nigga, I'm diggin' your shit." I'm like "Yo I'm diggin' your shit too, what it do man? You know we fuck that beef with Stu, right?" "That's between y'all man. I'm over there gettin' my money, so I don't give a fuck about that." I said "You know what, I respect that my nig." I gave him a hand clap and I was gone. I left the club that night thinkin' that it was cool. From the conversation we just had, it sounded like he was neutral. It sounded like he didn't want no beef, he's gettin' his money. So I called all my niggas the next day "Yo, I seen the Game. We gon' hold on on that nigga 'cause he a West Coast nigga. He ain't got nothin' to do with it. It's between us. So don't even fuck with him. He cool."

A month later I start hearin' rumours and shit in the street. He got some mutual friends that know us and they comin' back tellin' us that he sayin' he checked me. I'm like "Hold on! I mean god damn, how did this happen? He checked me?" Then they said "Yeah man, he ran up on you in the club and said "This G-Unit" and you said you don't want no problems. You don't have no problems with G-Unit." I'm like "First of all man, how in the fuck are you gonna run up on someone when you don't even know how the fuck I look? Second of all, if you would have said this is G-Unit and all that and we would have had problems, I wouldn't have left that club." I wouldn't have left the scene.with no problems. If you checked me, there would've been a fight. We would have been fightin', your blood niggas would have jumped me or whatever the fuck would've happened. It would've been beef right then, that night. So I'm hearin' rumours, his side of the story. What he told 50 and them.

So I see my peoples in DC, they filmin' they DVD, so I put my side of the story on DVD like "Yo nigga. I seen you at the club, you was tryin' to play neutral and shit. Why's you sayin' you want beef now? Why's you tellin' niggas you check me? Nigga tell the truth!" So they put that up on a website. He seen that on a website instantly and started postin' up shit on his forum board. They talkin' 'bout how I can't come to LA, how it ain't safe for me no more. Watch my back. I'm like "What?" So I put my story up on a forum - what happened from beginning to end. "How's it beef because of this, nigga. If you checked me why wasn't there beef that night? Why's there beef four or five months later?" After I post my shit, I'm asleep.

Three days later, I done woke up out my sleep and this nigga put a song up called "I Got A Mill On It," on my beat! On "5 On It"! Talkin' shit about me, Domination and Bang 'Em (Smurf). Really shittin' on me. I wake up like "Nah, I can't believe this nigga because I was just cool with the nigga. So if it was beef, you should've let me know that night. Don't play games and shit with a nigga and say you cool and neutral, then surprise attack me man, 'cause that's not right. I mean shit, if you ride for 50, I could see. But Game had no reason to talk shit about Yukmouth at all. The streets is talkin' like he got checked and all that extra shit too. So of course, he gotta make a song that defends what he tellin' them. But that's gay shit because if you really did it, you wouldn't have to make a song nigga. You know. "My niggas was there, they seen me do it..." My niggas was there! Dru Down, everybody seen me walk up on this nigga and walk away peacefully. Nobody got checked. If I would've got checked, my niggas would've been like "What up? What's up my niggas? What's goin' down?" It wasn't nothin' like that. It was a peaceful conversation, so all this beef shit is crazy. It's strange to me, but he attacked me, so I've got to defend myself man. What he fails to realize is I'm built for this shit. Besides "5 On It," my whole career has been battlin' and annihilating emcees. Straight up. So, however you wanna rock nigga, I could end his career right now or he could peacefully bow down... on everything.

>>> continued...

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