Yukmouth (Da Luniz) conducted by Hugo Lunny  


October 2004

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the supposed MC Eiht/Lloyd Banks rivalry?

Yukmouth: I can't even talk about other niggas. All I can talk about is my beef, you feel me? Like I say, any nigga should be able to be smart. Any nigga should be able to come to the round table and holler. Discuss their differences, settle it and make some money together, period.

MVRemix: Tell me about "United Ghettos of America Vol. 2" DVD/soundtrack...

Yukmouth: The album features appearances by E-40, Crooked I, Noreaga, C-Bo, Richie Rich, Young Roscoe, Spice-1, The Regime, Tha Outlawz, The Realest, Eastwood, Dru Down, Knumskull, Bang 'Em Smurf, Bun B, Domination, Miss Toi, Planet Asia and many more. The DVD features Suge Knight, Eddie Griffin, Cedric The Entertainer, Big Tigger, Lil' Jon, David Banner, Kurupt, B-Legit, E-40, Ja Rule, Truth Hurts, The Luniz, JT Tha Bigga Figga, 3XKrazy, Mac Dre, Lisa Rae, Too $hort, Scarface, Mac Minister, Jim Jones & The Diplomats. I mean the shit is off the richter. I got everybody on that motherfucker, you feel me?

MVRemix: What's the current situation with The Luniz?

Yukmouth: Me and Knum about to get in the studio and start workin' on that right now. He been workin' on his solo album and shit. That'll give him a chance to get his feet wet and as soon as he done with that, we're gonna get back in the studio and work on the next album which is called "Operation Scrillion."

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on artists like the Living Legends and Hieroglyphics? I heard you mention working with Planet Asia...

Yukmouth: Basically I'm real good friends with the Hieroglyphics. I know Del the Funky Homosapien. I know A-Plus. I was roommates with A-Plus for a year during the "5 On It" craze. I go deep with them, we just got different styles of music. We come from different backgrounds. A-Plus and them, they do the real Hip Hop type freestyled type raps and shit and Yukmouth, I do the street shit because I'm really from the projects. If I was livin' in the hills, or the shit by the lake or whatever have it. Rich ass father or rich ass parents, I probably would be rappin' about some peaceful backpack shit but it still didn't stop us from clicking. We was close homies and it didn't interfere with nothin'. We all alike and everything was cool. I even met his wife at our house, at our apartment. Yeah, I fucks with the Hiero's. And Planet Aisa, that's my guy. We'll probably do a project with him on Smoke-A-Lot Records. So stay tuned for that. Take some work to get it right, but we'll probably do some shit with Asia. He's a hot cat

MVRemix: Your label's called Smoke-A-Lot. What would you define as smoking a lot?

Yukmouth: Shit, a pound a day - a pound and a half a day. 'Cause that's how I do it. You feel me? Smokin' the whole fifty pack of blunts, not just a box of blunts. The whole pack, the whole box. Dude, we smoke nothin' but Cush that's $500/$600 ounces. That's the best weed on the planet. You smoke that shit all day, your ass gon' be asleep somewhere in the foetal position. You're gonna catch the z's baby, 'cause I'm gon' keep it smokin'. I keep it smokin' like a broken stove.

MVRemix: Tell me about "Million Dollar Mouthpiece" (Yukmouth's next album)

Yukmouth: Wow. Haha. That's a secret man, I gotta keep that a secret. I can't reveal all of my tricks. It's gonna be a double album, I'm gonna let y'all know that. It's gonna more like "Thugged Out: The Albulation." It's gonna be more like that, I'ma take it back to the streets and basically show that I've got a million dollar mouthpiece. I use it for different voices, different characters, different styles. I could do my storytelling thing, I could get tricky with the flow; metaphors. It just depends on the music, so this album, I'm gonna bring out all my talent. I'm not gonna withhold anything. I'ma put it all on the table.

MVRemix: Aside from the album's you're working on yourself, are there any guest appearances or collaborations we've yet to hear about?

Yukmouth: Right now, I just got on Lil' Flip's new album called "I Gotta Get Mine." We did a song called "State Ballin," that's probably one of his first singles off the album. Also, I've just been working with my clique; The Regime. People have been waiting for that for a long, long, long, long time. So we about to drop The Regime mixtape with all the Game disses and all the exclusive undeground shit and a sneak preview of the songs we about to drop. The mixtape gon' come with a DVD which includes a video for what we did with the Game shit - the clean version and the dirty version with probably some behind the scenes shit. But it's gonna be a double mixtape. Then we comin' out with The Regime album. You gotta get the street power first. Then after that, we're comin' with my shit "Million Dollar Mouthpiece." Inbetween that we've got my artists E-Scrilla, Am Pacino, Gangsta Girl, Dru Down, Gonzoe. It's gon' go down. Probably do something with AP-9 from the Mobb Figgaz. Probably do something with Mac Mall. I'm just opening doors for people who've got the doors closed on them.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Yukmouth: Don't believe the hype. They have to really learn. Don't get up on those forum's readin' shit unless you really hear it from the horse's mouth. 'Cause I read some shit on a forum yesterday that somebody said it was me that I wrote. I'm lookin' at this shit like "I ain't write this." But the nigga talkin' like he me. He keeps makin' threats and all types of shit. Don't get caught up in the hype y'all 'cause there's a lot of motherfuckers tryin' to cause conflicts and want motherfuckers to kill each other. Probably a little ass nerd behind a motherfuckin' computer. Don't believe everything unless you hear it from the dude. Believe everything in this interview because this is from Yukmouth himself. The other shit, don't even believe the hype on everything. That shit is bullshit. Stay thugged out and free C-Bo. Make it Thuglordz for life! Yeah.

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