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written by Hugo Lunny    
Okay, whether you like this fact or not, Bad Boy Entertainment are very, very successful. With the death of their star attraction the late Christopher Wallace, the record label skyrocketed to amazing heights. Dumb isn't it, the world never noticed Biggie when he was alive but when they make 'I'll Be Missing You' all of a sudden the world knows about him. I did actually have a lot of respect for Puff Daddy before 'I'll Be Missing You.'

Even though I was always behind Suge Knight in their beef I believed that he had brought one of the best emcees to the centre stage and let the world take a peak. But 'I'll Be Missing You' was basically what ended my respect for him. Jacking beats, fine, do that, if it sounds good do it, don't rap well if people like that fine. But cash in on the death of a so-called-close friend. That's just plain sick. That's what happened, 'I'll Be Missing You' made millions. Now if it would have been that he just created this track and distributed it etc. fine. Respect would still be there, but putting it on his album? Advertising his album with "Featuring the smash hits: 'I'll Be Missing You' and 'Can't Nobody Hold Me Down' "? That's cashing in. Nobody can seriously tell me that if it weren't for 'I'll Be Missing You' 'No Way Out' would have been as big a hit as it was. So Puffy, the respect is gone - forever!

Ironically this CD ('Bad Boy's GREATEST Hits') doesn't contain 'I'll Be Missing You,' am I wrong in thinking that this was the labels single most successful track? Anyway, the CD isn't too bad if you don't have the track's already.

The intro, outro and interludes aren't anything special as they usually aren't and I don't mean just with Bad Boy with releases but period.

Then you take a look at the listing 11 so called greatest hits. One of which has only recently been released ('I Dare You' by Black Rob) and isn't actually a hit yet and another ('You're Too Old For Me' by Jerome) by an artist I haven't heard of and a track I haven't heard of now how can these be part of a greatest hits CD if they aren't what they're meant to be.

You do get some good stuff here; 'One More Chance'(remix) by Biggie, a dope track which I already own but still it is a selling point for the CD if you don't already own the track. Other honourable mentions include the rn'b cuts (none of which were that successful) by Total, 112, and Faith Evans. Another big track on this CD which you should already own is the 'Flava In Ya Ear' (remix) by Craig Mack, this joint I feel is an asset to hip hop collections.

The album also contains 'Feel So Good' by Ma$e, a track which I don't really like but still it was one of their big hits along with the 'It's All About The Benjamins'(remix) referring to the thought pattern of Sean Combs but really this CD is good if you don't have the Biggie/Craig Mack tracks plus if you want some unsuccessful rn'b.

Although this CD needs to check what the term 'greatest hits' refers to, it isn't too ghastly.

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