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Way back when God was thinking about creating mankind, and music, when his son would be put upon the earth etc. he made some very, precise plans. He thought that in the twentieth century after his son was born, there would be an epic occurrence. He allocated a sacred date and time in history (earlier in the century he had his plans to create hip hop and that happened). The date would be September 29th, 1998 and that date would go down in the books as the day when originality and creativity shined. The creativity would come from two African-American male duos. Guess what? That happened. If you haven't understood yet, I'm saying that Outkast and Black Star both will be released on September 29th, 1998 and it'll be going down into the history books.

Now, I talked about ratings within my Outkast 'Aquemini' review and I'm going to do so here too. Now this album has been way too underrated. Yes it's a short CD, it clocks in at just over 50 minutes, which is brilliant if you consider that every track is quality. In all honesty I can't find why this got just above average reviews because above average is a very light way of rating this.

Very little profanity and a lot of intelligent lyrics. I remember a while ago I reviewed a bootleg 12" so-called promo of 'Third Eye Vision' which is actually 'Astronomy (8th Light).' The majority of the tracks are produced by the superb DJ Hi-Tek, we have a track produced by Shawn J. Period, some Beatminerz, some from 88 Keys, I could keep dropping names...

12 tracks are what 'Black Star' has to offer. This includes the previously released single 'Definition'/'Twice Inna Lifetime' now if this single wouldn't have been as successful as it was you wouldn't be reading a review of an album by Black Star but just an EP. A little bit of knowledge there in case you didn't know. Also, there is what some people call the sequel to 'Definition' but in reality all it has is a chorus and a title of a similar nature, 'RE:Definition' is a totally different track. DJ Hi-Tek supplies some beats, which I am feeling more than the ones in 'Definition' and the chorus is sung in a different style.

The track 'B Boys Will B Boys' has the intention of being break danced to, and if I could I would be break dancing to it too, there are some great instances of deejaying within it, the scratching is done smoothly and fits into the background as if it was meant to be.

'Hater Players' is dope. It's basically what everyone keeps raving about summed up in one smoothly flowing track. Kweli continually does what he does best and that is to impress all listeners. The track if you didn't already know is about 'emcees keeping it real.' It praises the underground and with clever wording disses the industry. I could talk about each track in depth but that would mean you wouldn't have to investigate the CD for yourself. So I'll start my closing paragraph.... I'm eagerly awaiting Mos Def's solo, Reflection Eternals album and I'm waiting for Rawkus to deliver me my record bag, I'ma be rocking one of those soon, f*ck having a Levis, Nike etc. I'm getting a Rawkus bag, those who were intelligent enough to purchase the album will know what I mean.

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