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written by Philip Oliver    
RZA's often described this project as a 'Twist of lime' to rap music, a refreshing new sound. Yeah its different and in some ways refreshing, except hes not really broken any new ground like he has in the past with Bobby Digital. If you don't know his new digital orchestra is created from RZA hooking up his favourite sounding keyboards in his studio. I can only describe this new sound as west coast synths over digital beats, with Rza practically freestyling over the tracks, its meant to sound raw but in places it sounds clumsy, we were given a taste of it on 'The Swarm' which didn't really impress but I had to check the album anyway.

'BOBBY' kicks things off where he just spells out 'Bobby digital' in the chorus, but its gets more sinister as things progress, and he's left the end of this track open so we can enjoy the instrumental for the last minute. Things pick up on the 'Unspoken Word' a frantic vocal loop kicks in and RZA hits us with some off beat lyrics.

'Airwaves' is far too short, like 'Handwriting on the Wall' with the excellent Ras Kass finishes at a crucial point leaving you want more. Guests flood this album, whether its Wu-fam (Killarmy, Tekitha, Royal Fam,), Wu-Tang core members (Meth, Ghost, ODB, ) or new Wu, such as the promising new emcees Dr Doom and Holocaust on 'Holocaust' with its thumping beat Dr Doom comes off with "You cannot escape from the Dr Doom/My lyrics zoom on buffoons/And take flight like witches brooms at full moon". INS blesses the production on the ODB featuring 'Kiss of a Black Widow' one of my favourite tracks with that Portishead sample of 'Over,' but you gotta admit that with Big Baby Jesus' rare appearances on Wu stuff these days its kinda spoiled with a recycled verses from BDK's 'Show and Prove'.

'Domestic Violence', another strong track brings things to a close for Bobby Digital but Rza has included 4 bonus tracks from himself and to be honest you can't tell the difference between these and the Bobby tracks. More recycled material comes in the form of 'Project Talk' where RZA and Beretta 9 kick a verse over the 'Projects international remix' from 'Wu-Tang Forever'.

In all fairness 'Lab Drunk' and 'F**k what you think' display the typical rawness on this album that we're used to.

'The Cure' is coming soon, well hopefully because you know what the Wu are like with release dates, I just hope it will live up to the expectations that I originally had for this album, don't get me wrong its a good album but when you consider what the RZA has given us before in terms of lyrics and beats its seems he got more potential.

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