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It really hasn't been too long since we last saw Busta on the scene with an album. In September of this year he contributed in a big way to his group the Flipmode Squad's album 'The Imperial' and his last solo was just released around October time 1997. Now he's out with a new CD. Why? Because he thinks the year 2000 is the year in which the world will end. Those who are fans of Busta will by now have noticed that he is deeply convinced that something big and bad will happen in the not too distant future. His first solo CD; 'The Coming' was on about the coming of the end. His second CD; 'When Disaster Strikes' was, well I really don't need to explain that one and his latest album; 'E.L.E' could possibly be the last in the saga.

The album kicks off with a not too uplifting intro ("There's Only One Year Left!"), a little girl asks her father "Daddy, what's it gonna be like in the year 2000?" and he replies "Well sweetheart for your sake I hope it will be all peaches and cream, but I'm afraid the end-time is near..." he continues for a further two minutes explaining how the world will end.

'E.L.E.' has a few guest spots, featured artists include; Janet Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Mystikal and Busta's very own Flipmode Squad. All the featured artists put forth really good contributions to the tracks on which they feature.

'What's It Gonna Be' is really good, probably one of my favourite cuts if not my favourite. Busta rhymes slightly more softly than his usual style due to the mellow beats. He sounds like he did in the track 'It's All Good' (a cut from 'When Disaster Strikes' which was too controversial to make the US version) which is a good thing and Janet adds a lovely hook.

As per usual there are some funny interludes on here. One of which is a white hip hop fans parents criticizing their son for listening to Busta and saying "If you insist on listening to black music I have Sammy Davis Junior records downstairs" trust me you'll crack up at that. Another one includes a playa. A guy trying to get a girl by saying how rich he is, using lines like "I drive a hummer to the end of my drive-way just to get the mail." "I got a penthouse with a helicopter pad on the roof and snipers in the other building to make sure no-one steals my helicopter."

Those who've heard the pre-album's single tracks 'Gimme Some More'/'Tear The Roof Off' will roughly know what the style of this album is like. But there are some different styles from Busta on this, like when he goes over the track 'Iz They Wildin' Wit Us' featuring Mystikal (dope track) he becomes really live instead of his sometimes crazy-relaxed style. Another track in which I've never heard Busta go over (beat wise) is 'This Means War' featuring Ozzy Osbourne. It has electric guitar incorporated beats. It seems that since 'Rip Rock' I've heard a lot of rappers experimenting with rock n' roll music; Mack 10, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill and now Busta. The sad thing is though that they all worked apart from Canibus' attempt.

On the whole this album is above average but not at the level of 'When Disaster Strikes.' As I've stated many times lyrically Busta will never be the best but his appeal lies within his enthusiasm and attempts to make people enjoy themselves. Still Busta fans have to pick this up for the simple reason that it has some truly energetic signature Busta tracks on here.

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